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Embedded System Projects for Final Year BE with the Working Model

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Girinagar, Bangalore

Course ID: 40733

Girinagar, Bangalore

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About the Course

We will work on various Controllers Like Raspberry Pi, ARM7, PIC16, Arduino and 8051 etc and Projects Based on Internet of things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicle Tracking etc in Embedded Systems Based Projects.

Once the Project Domain is finalized, you will do the Project with hands on.

  • Abstract, Datasheets

  • Project report in PDF format and in doc (word) format

  • Circuit diagram, PCB layout

  • Microcontroller program (software code)

  • Sample power point presentation.

  • Hex file of the microcontroller code

  • Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project

  • Photos & video file on entire project if required



  1. GSM based Energy Meter Billing with Load Control using Arduino

  2. IoT Based Child Monitor with Live Streaming

  3. V380 Wireles Camera - WiFi Monitoring - Remote Intelligent Baby care with Home Security

  4. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance System Based on CAN Bus

  5. IoT Healthcare | Remote Patient Monitoring on Web Apps

  6. Hand Talk Using Flex Sensor With Voice Output

  7. IoT and Cloud Server Based Wearable Health Sensor's Monitoring System

  8. Green House Monitoring and Controlling System using GSM and Zigbee Technologies


  10. IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things Monitoring Of Sensor'S Data on Android App

  11. Smart E Agriculture Monitoring Web App

  12. An IOT Based Remote Patient Monitoring System

  13. IOT Based Smart E Agriculture Monitoring on Webpage Motor Controling with Android App

  14. Smart Embedded and Android Based Health Monitoring Using WIFI - ESP8266 & ARM7LPC2148

  15. Automatic Driverless Train Shuttle between Two Stations Using Arduino Uno

  16. IOT Based Temp, HeartBeat Monitoring System Using RaspberryPi

  17. Accident Detection and Messaging System Using MEMS, GSM, GPS and Raspberry Pi3

  18. IoT Based Integrated Smart Health Care Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi 3

  19. Automatic Accident Detection and Rescue with Ambulance

  20. IOT Based Air Pollution & Water Quality Monitoring System using Arduino

  21. Sign Language to Speech Conversion using Arduino with 4 flux Sensors

  22. arduino interfacing with 4 flex sensors

  23. arduino interfacing with 2 flex sensors

  24. arduino interfacing with flex sensor

  25. IoT Garbage Monitoring Location of Dustbin on Google Maps

  26. Smart Garbage Collecting Truck Using Arduino, GSM, GPS and Internet of Things (IOT)

  27. Arduino Project: Display Text On P10 LED module With Arduino Nano

  28. A Smart System connecting E-Health Sensor’s and the Cloud

  29. Smart Trolley using RFID

  30. Smart E-Agriculture Monitoring Using Internet Of Things

  31. IOT based Garbage Management System

  32. Cisa Lock High Security Electric Gate Door Lock using Arduino,Wi Fi, Bluetooth,Android App

  33. iot projects | Smart Home Automation using IOT

  34. Arduino Based Door Open Close System Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM-SMS, Android App

  35. Arduino Based Door Open Close System Using Wi Fi,Bluetooth and Android App

  36. Bluetooth Based Door Open / Close System Using Arduino, Android App

  37. WIFI Based Door Open / Close System Using Arduino,Android App

  38. Vehicle Accident Detection and Tracking System Using GSM,GPS and ARM7 LPC2148

  39. Smart Drip Irrigation System using ARM7 LPC2148

  40. Secured Parking Space Detection and Tracking for Underground and Indoor Environments

  41. Arduino based Street Lights Control Using LDR and Counting Vehicles

  42. Sign Language to Speech Translation System Using PIC Microcontroller

  43. Automatic Plant Watering System


  45. Multi Sensor Based Energy Conservation System For Corporate intelligent Robot

  46. Smart Blind Stick Using Arduino With Ultrasonic Sensor and IR Sensor

  47. Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Alert System using GSM, GPS and MEMS Accelerometer

  48. Android Based College Guide System With RFID Technology

  49. Embedded webserver sensors monitoring on IOT Webpage

  50. Industrial Device Switching through RF & Arduino

  51. electronic touch home automation using android bluetooth

  52. Temperature ,Humidity Indicator Control using Arduino

  53. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System Using Arduino

  54. Automatic Door Opening and Room Illumination Control System Using IR and PIR Sensors

  55. Fire Detection and Water Sprinkler Robot using Arduino

  56. Bus Detection Device for the Blind Using RFID Application

  57. Temperature Based Fan Speed Control And Monitoring Using Arduino

  58. Development Of Electronic Shopping Trolley in Super Market

  59. Human Detection Robot Using PIR Sensor

  60. Automatic Public Tap Control System Using IR Sensor to Prevent Wastage Of Water

  61. Embedded Password Based Door Lock System

  62. ARM7 LP2148 and Android Based Smart Home Automation Using Wifi Esp8266

  63. IOT Based LPG GAS Booking & Sensor Alert System [ SMS / E - MAIL ]

  64. SMS Based Multi Color LED Scrolling Display Using APP

  65. IOT Based Industrial Water Quality Monitoring System using Temperature, Ph and Turbidity Sensors

  66. IoT Based Health Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi


  68. Digital Code Lock Using Arduino Uno

  69. IOT Based Electronic Door Opener

  70. IOT Based Garbage Monitoring

  71. Microcontroller Based Toxic Liquid Level Monitoring Control System

  72. Monitoring of Highway Hybrid Parameter & Controlling Highway Light Through IOT

  73. Aadhar Card Enabled Automatic Ration Distribution using RFID,GSM AND FINGERPRINT

  74. Iot Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System

  75. Pendrive to pendrive data transfer without pc

  76. IOT Based Agriculture Crop - Field Monitoring System and Irrigation Automation

  77. An IoT Based Patient Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi

  78. ESP8266 WIFI Based Home Automation

  79. Underground Cable Fault Detection Over Internet Of Things (Iot) Google Map

  80. Voice Recognition Based Home Automation Using Zigbee

  81. Water Level Detection For Overhead Tank Using Arduino

  82. IOT Air & Water Quality Monitoring System

  83. Two way + Touch + Zigbee + Restaurant + Menu + Ordering System

  84. Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System


  86. Alcohol Detection system with Vehicle Engine Locking Project

  87. Dolby Sound Music System Stop at School Zone & Hospitals Zone

  88. Arduino based Obstacle Avoidance Robot using ultrasonic sensor

  89. Smart Parking Guidance System Using Wireless Sensor Network

  90. Vehicle control system implementation Using CAN protocol

  91. ARM7 Based Smart Monitor and Control on Bus Stand

  92. Automatic Ration Material Distributions Based on GSM and RFID

  93. Automatic Metro train Shuttle Between two Stations Without a Driver

  94. Air Pollution Monitoring System using LabVIEW

  95. GSM Based Interactive Voice Response System Through Mobile Commands

  96. RaspberryPi Based Patient Health Status Observing Based On IOT and Email Alert

  97. Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM

  98. Zigbee based E-Menu Ordering system

  99. Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling using Mq3 sensor with GSM and GPS

  100. IoT Based Vehicle Accident Detection and Tracking System on google map webpage

  101. Metro Train Tracking System Using GSM, GPS, ARM7 With Webpage on Google Maps

  102. Arduino Based LPG GAS Monitoring & Automatic Cylinder booking with Alert System Using IoT

  103. Water Boiler Temperature Monitor and Control using LABView

  104. wifi based agricultural sensor monitoring system

  105. IoT based Data Logger System for weather monitoring using WSN

  106. GSM Mobile Phone Based LED Scrolling Message Display System

  107. Design and Implementation of Security Systems for Smart Home based on Raspberry Pi & GSM


  109. Design of an Intelligent Voice Controlled Home Automation System Using IOT


  111. Building Automation System Using GRPS IOT


  113. A Wi Fi Based Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Agricultural Environment

  114. Industrial Monitoring System using LabVIEW and GSM

  115. Hand Talk Assistive Technology for Deaf & Dumb People Using Flex Sensor

  116. Raspberry PI And Wifi Based Home Automation

  117. Android Based Home Appliance Control By Using GSM

  118. Patient Parameter Monitoring System using RaspberryPi

  119. Implementation of Novel Vehicle Theft Detection Using GPS, GSM and RasbperryPi

  120. Implementation of Industrial Data Acquisition, management and Guiding using IoT

  121. Design of Medical Data Monitoring by Using Raspberry Pi and LABVIEW

  122. Design of Medical Data Monitoring by Using Raspberry Pi3 and LABVIEW - part2

  123. Distance based Accident Avoidance System using CAN protocol & Tracking through IoT

  124. Underground Cable Fault Detection Based On Arduino, GSM and GPS

  125. Industrial Automation and Control System Using CAN BUS

  126. College Bus Information to student through GSM,GPS & IR Sensor’s

  127. Home Automation Using Accelecrometer

  128. Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication

  129. Design and Implementation of a WiFi Based Home Automation System

  130. GSM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board Display through ARM7 and LED

  131. Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Detection With Vibration, Alcohol, Speed sensors’s, GSM & GPS

  132. A Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

  133. Bluetooth controlled robot using Android mobile

  134. Android SMS App Based Device Switching using Arduino

  135. Monitoring of Physiological Parameters Of Patients Using LABVIEW

  136. Voice Recognition Wireless Home Automation & Sensors Monitoring System Based On Bluetooth

  137. Interfacing of RFID RC522 with Arduino

  138. SMS Based Wireless Home Appliance Control System

  139. Smart Home Automation & Security System Using Arduino, PIR Sensor and Camera with SMS Alert

  140. Smart Surveillance System Using PIR Sensor Camera and GSM ( SMS Alert )

  141. Automatic Irrigation system using Dual Sensor's with Microcontroller AT89S52

  142. Automatic Drunken Drive Prevention in Automobiles

  143. Vehicle Theft Detection Notification And Remote Engine Locking Using Raspberry Pi

  144. 2 load cells using arduino & hx711

  145. load cell using arduino

  146. IOT - Based Multiple Garbage Box Monitoring & Collection system

  147. Vehicle Theft Intimation Using GSM & GPS Technology

  148. Arduino Based Home Automation Using Wifi & Android Smart Phone

  149. Automatic Garbage Collecting Truck Using Arduino, GSM and GPS

  150. IOT Based Garbage Monitoring System Using Arduino - GPRS

  151. Swachh Bharat Waste Collection Management System using IOT

  152. RFID and GSM based Automatic Rationing System using LPC2148

  153. Automation in Rationing System Using ARM7 LPC2148

  154. Women Safety Device and Application

  155. IOT: Display of Underground Cable Fault Locator To Find Exact Location over Internet

  156. GPS Based Voice & Vibration Alert System for the Blind using ARM7 LPC2148

  157. Wireless Industrial Parameter Monitoring Using Raspberry PI 3

  158. Arduino Based Vehicle accident detection using MEMS,GSM & GPS

  159. Arduino Based Alcohol Sensing Alert System Using GPS and GSM


  161. Wireless Fingerprint Attendance System For School / Offices with image display on VB application

  162. MSP430G2553 Based Security System Using PIR sensor

  163. Collision Avoidance System Using MSP430G2553

  164. Mobile Motor Controller

  165. Smart Car Parking Lot Management System Using Wireless Sensor Network

  166. A Low Power Wireless Sensor for Online Ambient Monitoring

  167. Liquor Detection through Automatic Motor Locking System Using Arduino

  168. Android Bluetooth Home Automation Using Arduino Uno R3

  169. Alcohol Detection Systems Using Arduino Uno R3

  170. Smart Dustbin An Efficient Garbage Monitoring System

  171. Android Based Home Automation System Using Bluetooth & Voice Command

  172. PC Based LCD Scrolling Message Display

  173. IoT Based Women Safety Using AT89S52

  174. Travolution - An embedded system in a passenger car for road safety

  175. IOT based industrial automation using AT89S52


  177. Real Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming Using Wireless Sensor Network

  178. GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins overflow indicator


  180. One Touch Alarm System For Women's Safety Security System

  181. Automatic Accident Detection and Ambulance Rescue System

  182. Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring

  183. IoT: Smart Home / Home Automation Using Internet of Things (IoT)

  184. CAN Based Safety Distance Calculation for Collision Avoidance in Vehicle

  185. Emergency Alert For Women Safety With Location Tracking Using Arduino

  186. Fingerprint Based Attendance System Using GSM with ARM7

  187. ARM7 Based Smart ATM Access & Security System Using Fingerprint Recognition & GSM

  188. GPS And GSM Based Real Time Human Health Monitoring And Alert System For Cardiac Patients

  189. Smart Security Solution for Women based on Internet Of Things - IOT

  190. A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network using Arduino GPRS

  191. Remote Temperature | GAS | FIRE | LDR | PIR | Sensor's Monitoring on Internet with Arduino GPRS

  192. WSN Based Patient Health Monitoring and Fall Detection Using 3 AXIS Accelerometer Sensors

  193. Vehicle Speed Control and Accident Avoidance System using CAN

  194. Microcontroller based automatic engine locking system for drunken drivers

  195. Zigbee based wireless electronic notice board

  196. Bluetooth Based wireless Notice Display using Android Application

  197. LED Scrolling message Display using 8051

  198. heart beat monitoring system using microcontroller


  200. Women Safety Security System using 8051 and GPRS

  201. Intelligent Interface Based Voice Activity Detector and Automatic Speech Recognition for Home

  202. Industrial Parameter Monitoring System Using CAN Bus

  203. Mobile Starter For Pumps And Motors For Agriculture Purpose

  204. Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller

  205. Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller

  206. Control home appliances using MEMS Accelerometer

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