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Become a Full Stack Web Developer from scratch

30 Reviews

Jayanagar, Bangalore

Course ID: 21263

Jayanagar, Bangalore

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30 Reviews

About the Course

The course content and material is as per the industry requirements. In training, we'll be taking a project-based approach. This will help students in understanding how web applications are built. We'll be building a project management tool with the knowledge we gain through the training. The other applications you will learn to build is an e-commerce store, a booking application, blog and a course tracker. 

Javascript Master Course

Section 1 - Core Javascript Fundamentals

  1. Installation & Introduction

  2. Getting Started

  3. Variables - var, let, const

  4. Data Types - Primitive

    1. Numbers

    2. Strings

    3. Boolean

    4. null & undefined

    5. Exercises

  5. Object Types

    1. Array

    2. Object

    3. Date

    4. Exercises

  6. Conditional Statements

    1. If

    2. If else

    3. If else if else

    4. Switch Case

    5. Ternary Operator

    6. Exercises

  7. Loops & Iterators

    1. While

    2. For

    3. ForEach

    4. For in

    5. Exercises

  8. Functions

    1. Function Declaration

    2. Function Expression

    3. Anonymous Function

    4. Function Arguments

    5. Variable Scopes

    6. Object Prototype

    7. Exercises

Section 2 -  JavaScript in Browser

  1. DOM Events & Event Listeners

    1. Form Events

    2. Mouse Events

    3. Click Events

    4. Load Events

  2. Document Object Model

  3. DOM Manipulation

    1. DOM Methods

    2. DOM Nodes

    3. DOM Collection

    4. Node List

  4. Window Object - Timers

    1. setTimeout

    2. setInterval

  5. HTML5 - Local Storage

  6. HTML5 - Video / Audio / Location

  7. Exercises

Section 3 - JSON, API & AJAX

  1. JSON Introduction

  2. JSON Parse

  3. JSON Stringify

  4. JSON Object

  5. HTTP Methods - REST API

  6. XMLHttpRequest Object

  7. XHR Methods

  8. XHR Properties

  9. Exercises

Section 4 - ES6 & ES7

  1. Transpiling ECMAScript with Babel and Babel-node

  2. Using the let and const keywords

  3. Creating strings with template strings

  4. Helper Methods

    1. Map

    2. forEach

    3. Find

    4. Filter

    5. Reduce

    6. Every / Some

  5. Enhancing object literals

  6. Working with ES6 classes and class inheritance

  7. The arrow function

  8. Arrow function variations

  9. Closures and explicit blocks

  10. Default values

  11. Using the gather and spread operators

  12. Concise properties and methods

  13. Module System - Common Js, Require Js

Section 5 - Asynchronous JavaScript

  1. Callbacks

  2. Promises

  3. Async / Await

  4. Fetch API

Section 6 - Refactoring Code

React Front End Master Course

Section 1 - Introduction

  1. Introduction to React Js

  2. Getting Started With React

  3. Front-end development

  4. Installation

Section 2  - Setting Up React  

  1. Babel - Babel Core - Babel Loader

  2. Web Pack

Section 3 - Building App With React

  1. JSX

  2. JSX Expressions

  3. Conditional Rendering

  4. Manual Data Binding

Section 4 - React Building Blocks

  1. Class Components

    1. Thinking in React

    2. Create Component

    3. Nesting Component

    4. Component Props

    5. Component State

    6. Events &  Methods

    7. Forms - Inputs

    8. Life Cycle Methods

  2. Stateless Functional Component

    1. Props

    2. Default Props

Section 4 - React Router

  1. Understanding Client-Side Routing

  2. Identifying and Organizing Routes

  3. Query Strings & URL Parameters

  4. Matching URI to Components

Section 5 - Using 3rd Party Components

Section 6 - React with Redux

Node Js Backend Master Course

Section 1 - Introduction

  1. Introduction to Node JS + EXPRESS JS + Mongo DB

  2. Getting Started With Node

  3. Back-end development

  4. Installation

Section 2 - Node JS Fundamentals

  1. Understanding Call Stack & Event Loop

  2. Callbacks & Promises

  3. Working with built-in modules

  4. Working with JSON

  5. Working with 3rd Party Modules - axios / request

Section 3 - Application Development with Express

  1. Hello Express

  2. Creating Web Server

  3. Rendering Data as JSON

  4. Express Middleware

  5. Express Routing


  7. MVC Architecture

  8. Server-Side Rendering - using EJS

  9. Essential Express Middleware - compression, morgan, body-parser,  cookie-parser etc

Section 4 - Data Modeling With MongoDB Mongoose

  1. NoSQL Vocabulary

  2. Working with MongoDB

  3. Creating Data

  4. Reading Data

  5. Updating Data

  6. Destroying Data

  7. Setting Up Schema & Validations

  8. REST API Endpoints

Section 5 - Security & Authentication

  1. JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

  2. Hashing

  3. Auth Tokens

  4. Safeguarding from Mass Assignment

  5. Authenticating User - Setting Up - Register, Login & Logout Functionality

  6. 3rd Party module for authentication - Passport

Section 6 - Web Sockets

Introduction to HTML & CSS

1: Structure

2: Text

3: Lists

4: Links

5: Images

6: Tables

7: Forms

8: Extra Markup

9: Flash, Audio, and Video

10: Introducing CSS

11: Color

12: Text

13: Boxes

14: Tables, Lists, & Forms

15: Layout

16: Images

17: HTML5 Layout

 Twitter Bootstrap 4

Topics Covered

Front End Technologies 1) HTML 2) CSS 3) JAVASCRIPT 4) AJAX FRAMEWORKS 1) JQUERY 2) TWITTER BOOTSTRAP Back End Technologies 1) Ruby Programming 2) Ruby on Rails Framework Database 1) Sqlite3 2) Postgres 3) Mysql Deployment 1) Heroku Version Control 1) Git & Git Hub

Who should attend

People interested in learning Web development.


Basic Knowledge of computers

What you need to bring

Laptop, scribbling pad and pen"

Key Takeaways

Knowledge of building web sites and web application

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Aniruddha SG picture

4.97 Avg Rating

120 Reviews

126 Students

2 Courses

Aniruddha SG

Full Stack JavaScript Trainer - Angular - React - Node - Express - Ruby - Python

6 Years of Experience

I've conduct training sessions for freshers at several startups and mentored passionate developers in making it big in IT.

I bring knowledge and experience. I've gained over several years being a developer where I worked on various applications ranging from a billing software to a comprehensive facility management software currently used in MNC's.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Prashanth k

The best teacher, Instructor, and adviser. Learning is always fun and interesting with Aniruddha sir, Everyday we will find new concept along with examples explained. He will make us do work on programs stated with related concepts. Even non-programmer can get a grip on programming.


Vivek Ravindra

It's stunning to see some unbelievable genuineness in delivering what they had promised. Of course, after pushing myself into various wrong places. It's a place which I found as a last ray of hope. And a man who could make me understand what is what, influencing both professionally and personally. Ani Sir, It's Only You. The interactions with him made me feel motivated and his thoughts of never giving up made me feel confident on what I was doing. To sit in his class is a huge privilege, for such an opportunity to learn with a mentor who makes one understand every bit of what he's conveying, is an experience which I treasure forever. When it comes to someone to whom you can go to. It's Ani Sir. He's naive and always open to having a discussion to guide us through anything. He just channels everyone in the right direction with all his might that he can. I strongly believe, Ani Sir is the man under whom one should learn how to code. His philosophy of teaching and the way he explains them, makes us visualize the scenarios and implement every single bit of code is truly wonderful. And he's someone who'll always stand by his students. If you're someone who can put your hard work, dedication, and determination at one place and wants to learn something which makes you feel confident of yourself. Then it's anything under this one man. It's an opportunity many would seek. I'm glad that I had that opportunity. I'll forever be thankful to you, Ani Sir.


Shiva kumara M

I have taken full stack web development course from scratch at DCT academy , it is an excellent training institute for web development. Before training I did not have proper idea about web development, How to start learning new things ? Where to start ? How to work with back end and front-end? These are the questions which was coming to my mind at time. But one day with help of my friend(sanjay halyal) , I connected to Aniruddha Sir. That day he checked my background profile, where I was struggling and where I need to improve. And he suggested me to start learning basic programming with Ruby and he suggested some books to learn Ruby on rails. From that day when I met aniruddha sir, I started following the instructions which he gave to me and I became full stack web developer. Aniruddha sir teaching is excellent , he will teach with the real time senarious and examples. He brings latest technologies which have high scope in IT filed. He gives the innovative teaching methodologies and quality of education is blended together to create unique learning along with the practical experience. It was my great opportunity to learn full stack web development course at DCT academy. One thing I want to share is "daily practice is required". Without putting proper effort we can not learn anything. Thanks to Aniruddha sir and DCT academy.



I am an electronics & communication engineer, I joined the class on the next day of my exams, joining DCT Academy was one of the best decision I made. Aniruddha started off with the basics of language & oops, as I was from a non-programming background Aniruddha was the trainer I was needed for me to guide through. He then introduced Rails, he does a good job of showing you visually what it means to code an app from start to finish with real-world examples, he taught us in a very convenient way, and I was able to pick up things very easily. He provides a good info about programming concepts. Would definitely recommend him to any student who wants to learn to programme.


Rahul Pattanshetty

After searching job for a year, I had given up of becoming a developer than I got to know about Aniruddha sir from my friend, he explained all the course content and also got to know about the importance of the Ruby language. Best academy for web development course. Superb way of teaching, personal attention to each and every student. Hands-on projects. He takes up the concept by giving real-time scenarios. Frankly speaking, you will not feel him as a tutor but as a friend, clearing your doubts at any time. He also helped me by providing online and recorded classes when I was not able to attend the class. One thing I regret myself that why I didn't meet sir after completion of the BE. Guys give 3 months to the course and live as a developer.


Sharath kumar nagalikar

Before joining to the dct i was not having the confidence of learning the programming language and implementing in the real time project since coming from cse branch and not knowing a single programming language i had given up that i will not getting any Job in the software sector , but after joining the dct i gained the confidence and interest in learning the ruby language because of aniruddha sir the way he teaches is excellent and makes the concepts easy to understand by taking the real time scenarios. He also gives individual attention which makes the dct very special and different from the others. Best place to start your career as a developer.


Siddharth Setlur

Taking the web development course at DCT was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had some programming experience but had never worked with databases and the web, which were quite intimidating for me. Aniruddha guided me throughout the process and was always available to answer any questions or solve bugs. Also as a 10th grader, most trainers were unwilling to accept me. This really speaks to the flexibility and open-mindedness of Aniruddha. My main goal in signing up for this course was building a website idea that I had and I definitely achieved that. Aniruddha helped me wherever I faced problems and was accommodating of my school schedule which permitted me to only take about 2 months of the 5 month course. Within 3 months I had a basic app and after 6 months the first users were on the platform. Overall I would say that DCT is easily the best training centers in Bangalore.


Kalyan Rao Ponugoti

I was attended Full Stack Web Developer course (Ruby on Rails). I mostly liked in the training was the way his training approach(from different methods of writing code to the best practice which a developer should follow). The content of the Course was above expected. I have fully enjoyed the learning at DCT academy under Aniruddha. I would strongly recommend joining the academy if you are passionate about coding or looking for a Job or enhance your coding skills. Overall, extremely talented, Professional and Amazing training skills.


Urvashi Raj

I had some prior experience with coding but was not very proficient in it. The Course was very well organised which covered almost all the topics required for full stack development.The Delivery of the course was upto the mark as speed of delivery was just appropriate and not very fast or slow. The learning curve was surely very high,higher than compared to any other training I had undergone till now. I would say that the key takeaways are many but to list a few , confidence in coding and problem solving is above all. The training has taught me the right approach to take before solving a problem. The DCT Academy stands as a very few of those academies which pays attention to the quality of teaching instead of only quantity. Attention is given to each and every student and individual assignments are a proof to support the statement. Aniruddha is a very enthusiastic trainer whose enthusiasm is contagious. He energizes the whole classroom with his energy. His way of teaching with laptops and not notebooks is what needed for the coding students.



I am Manager, IT-Operations in VMware India. I enjoyed getting back to a classroom learning experience in this Full-stack Web-Development course delivered by Ani. His style of delivery and the commitment with which it's done is very inspiring, and made me connect back to the best teachers I have experienced in my school and college. Me and my team underwent this course in order to achieve the DevOps automation requirements we had for our organization but ended up becoming passionate full-stack Web-Developers using Ruby-on-Rails with Java Script. I recommend anyone looking to the world of programming and especially the Full-stack web-development, to join DCT Academy and Aniruddha is the best choice.


Sugama Suhasini K

I work as a Linux System Administrator at VMware. We manage the the the virtual infra along with the core services. There was a lot of scope of automating various services at work for which we were in search of a good trainer who would be able to help us think through in those lines. Our manager happened to enroll me and few of my other team members into the course. I was always reluctant to code. But, i must tell, coding was made such a joy at DCT Academy. The trainer always had the clarity of what needs to be delivered at each session and did an excellent job at getting it to work. Course content was organised in a way that we could assimilate concepts the better way! Everyday assignments helped us gain confidence over the concepts that we learnt. Aniruddha Sir also helped us give few tips and online tools that we can use as a developer. Key takeaway of the course would be a lot of learning and better skills at approaching at the solution. DCT Academy is one stop solution for anybody who's aspiring to be a full stack web developer. The trainer is very knowledgeable, punctual and the course content delivery is great. Be it sessions, activities, assignments - all are planned well in advance to make sure it is effectively reaching the audience.


Sushma D S

I work as a Linux system administrator in VMware from last 1.5 years. Initially I was very reluctant to start with programming (development) as I was more comfortable with operational tasks. Joined this training program with an intent to automate certain tasks at my workplace. This training program has helped me gain more clarity on programming concepts, and also has provided me the confidence to develop an app all by myself. The program included clear explanation on all concepts, more practical exposure, hands on practice on all areas of web development and exposure to recently used technologies. I have enjoyed the different methods that were discussed at arriving before a solution. The trainer was very helpful in attending to all my doubts and clarifying them with practical examples. I would continue to implement the technologies that I have learnt here, at my workplace. Would like to attend more courses at The DCT Academy.



I am BE Mechanical Engineering Graduate and was working in core field. With entrepreneurial mindset my interest fell to web development/coding. When i approached Aniruddha sir with my ideas and interest, he gave me good insight about this field. I took up full stack development course from scratch. He teaches Ruby from basics before starting Ruby on Rails, which is very helpful for those who are new to coding, like me. He explains each and every concepts comprehensively & makes sure you have understood. He encourages to ask questions. Keeps track of each individual and makes sure you are getting best of the course. He supports and guides you to achieve your goal( He is a passionate teacher, Inspiring Entrepreneur). It was easy for me to understand and learn to code & i have learnt a lot from this course and Ani sir. Thanks a ton sir for guiding & inspiring.


I have 7 years of IT experience and below is my review after attending Ror and JavaScript with him for 3 months. A. The best place for fresher's to groom themselves programmatically and get into a job, typically web development with Ruby on Rails as backend and plain JavaScript as front end. B. Best place for any experienced guys who wants to get back into programming world( like me) C. Extremely patient and very serious about his work D. He'll take interest in your dreams and try to make it happen E. He's the only trainer who delivers the course and hence no issue of quality. F If you are serious about what you want to achieve, please make it there else it will waste both of you'rs and his time G. Call him up and you will get to know what I am talking about.



Coming from a non-technical background, I wouldn't have believed 3 months back that I could be a web developer. It is only because of Aniruddha's amazing teaching skills and the activities, assignments and tasks that he assigned that I have reached this far. I cannot appreciate or thank Aniruddha enough for showing the faith in me when I myself wouldn't. His detailed Ruby on Rails course has given me tremendous confidence to pursue a career in web development. I would very highly recommend anyone who aspires to be a web developer to join DCT Academy.


Meghal Bulsara

I knew a bit about Ruby/Ruby on Rails but my knowledge was scattered and there was no clear guidance on how to do something or what to do. I got to know about Anirudh Sir and I must say it has been wonderful experience learning Ruby/RoR from him. It does not matter what your background is, Sir gives personal attention to each and every student. Sir knows strength and weakness of every student and sometimes even homework is given keeping this in mind to improve upon a particular topic.


Lokhi Das

In college i have learnt coding, programming concepts and lot of theory but i never tried practical implementations of that. In my college academic project i have worked on I was interested in web development but very upset with my coding skills that is the reason i enroll to DCT academy to learn web development from the scratch with better language and framework. I learnt ruby on rails , i have worked on 4 projects which gave me better understanding of flow of the application, deep ruby diving i say. Whatever things that i was feeling bad, this course helped me to get a strong grip over it. I would say, the time when i joined the course i was nothing but now things got changed, now i am feeling confident too that i can do anything because i know the concepts all credits goes to Aniruddha sir. Apart from learning i got very good environment, very good friends to work with, i believe its not just an academy, for me its like my second family which makes my ROR journey full of joy and fruitful, i never felt stress, i actually enjoyed my ROR training.



I am a electrical student. I came to DCT academy with nil knowledge.He starts from the very basic level to in-depth concepts. He is the best trainer i have ever seen. I am not from cs background but today am able to work on project. My level of coding increased after joining in this institute



I was interested in web development, and later I got to know about DTC Academy by one of my friends. Where I met Aniruddha Sir, got a complete overview of the curriculum. The way he teaches is excellent, He gives individual attention to each person, helps in building logic thinking ability and assignments given are in such a manner that you as a developer would gain knowledge and improve our coding skills. Finding a job made it easy.


Harshitha Malva

I am working as a Web developer, As i am working as a web developer, we had concentrated completely on front end part and later we got to know the importance of back end frame works, and later i got to know about DTC Academy by one of my friend. where i met Anirudh Sir and from him i got to know the complete overview and the importance of "RUBY ON RAILS FRAMEWORK" and the motivation he given to all the students made everyone to concentrate on their career they chosen.While coming to the class, we learned a lot many things. Whenever he use to explain any coding part, he used to correlate it with any real time example, and it made us understood the concepts so quickly. He used to explain the topics in a descriptive way which made me understand the things very quickly and made me so many improvements in my coding knowledge.

Vishnu Vinayan

I was working as a web developer and looking for a course to learn a back end frame work. And later i got to know about Aniruddha sir and DCT Academy. As I got excellent reviews from the students, I decided to join the ruby on rails course. The peculiarities what i felt about the classes are like we could easily understand the concepts since he is explaining each and every topics in a descriptive way. The way of talking and the support he giving will give us more confidence to do. The daily assignments made me stronger in coding. The classes are been recorded and so I could refresh the things by watching the video. Later I joined for web development and JavaScript course since I need to be strong in both front end and back end. Now I am feeling like I gained the position of a full stack developer. Also I got a chance for a two day workshop. Now my company is getting rails projects and so I am getting more time to be in touch with rails. I will 100% recommend you all for joining in dct academy since it is the best ever place you will get the exposure to learn all the programming aspects in an innovative way. All the best.


Pavan Kumar

The course carried out and finished was more than what the curriculum said. The best part of the course was the way Ani sir used to deliver the required detail in a much interactive way.Even as a person sir is the best by lending an helping hand for everyone who is interested. The hands-on experience we were able to obtain in the class is by far i believe is priceless and is i guess is of the best use for us in future. The way the class is kept interactive the plus point for the course.The assignments given are in such a manner that you as a developer would gain both knowledge and improve your coding skills.



The good thing about joining DCT academy was learning RoR but the best thing is to learn from Aniruddha sir. He spends time on everyone to make sure they got the concept clearly. He is the best trainer i have seen. About the course it makes your life easier.


Achyuth Morab

Aniruddha sir at the start of the course says it is the best ruby on rails course in Bangalore, but we can go ahead and say that this is the best one in the country. In a place where Institutes market themselves in the name of fetching a job DCT academy stands out at the top for focusing on Individual skill development. The real time experiences shared by the alumni network on their journey from an idea to a real time product , working on live examples in the class, allowing individuals to work on their own projects with a constant feedback and monitoring makes this is place unique. we are being nourished to grow as a better professional in DCT. Thanks a lot Aniruddha sir and DCT.


Mahesh Bablu

The way he teaches makes you love Coding. He is gifted with analyzing which level we are at and teaching from that level. Ani is one of the best trainer which I've ever seen. He teaches in a way that everyone can understand the concepts well. I can Surely say, my level of coding increased a lot in this course. Finally, Ani is the man to turn my passion into coding.



The man with a passion for teaching. Well, it was not just the teaching he did, much about life as a programmer. Ani had transformed me into a programmer I never was. Simple and calm nature of a human being, pretty much what you want these days, who will be there when you need him. Any teacher would have taught me this programming language, what made this man the best was his sophistication that he possessed throughout. Were there any negative things about him? Never ever occurred to me in the span of 2-3 months. All he ever asked for were punctuality and honesty. And the rest, he will take care. Thanks man!


Rakesh Appaji

Hello, Myself, Rakesh from Civil discipline as a structural engineer Started ROR class with Anirudha. I was completely new to software development i had a feeling that i'll be the one odd student in the batch coz all other batch students were familiar to the word Programming. Believe me or not i didnt even feel that feeling for a minute also, all that credit goes to Anirudha. His way of teaching is so impressive i'am sure that even school students can start writing Programmes with his guidance and training. i gained confidence from class to class, my typing speed was slow, i was new to development but the fact is i'am able to Write Web applications now with confidence and all skills needed for that just within 60 days (Journey started from '0' background). Many thanks to my Guru for making this dream come true This is kinda magic for me, i just added software development as a weapon in my skill set and feels wow. This is one example for "Impossible is nothing" and "Anyone can learn Software development without computer science background"

Veeru Sirsi

one word he is #{awesome} in teaching.



First thing to mention, he is the best trainer I have ever met in my life. He trained me on RUBY on rails, helped me complete my project, he did support me even after completing the training schedule.The best thing about him is the knowledge transfer what he does will help anyone at any point of there journey in programming. He makes sure he will teach you all his best practices not just the ones on the book.



One of the best trainers and career consultant(He does not charge for this if you are his student). He made sure he taught every single thing from scratch. His classes were always interactive and interesting. He always answered our questions in detail. Any person with zero programming knowledge can become an expert in a month if he/she is trained by Aniruddha.


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