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Practices & Strategies For Test Automation
Q)What are the Best Practices and Strategies for Test Automation? A)Below are some best practices & strategies for Test Automation: 1.Hire a Dedicated Automation Engineer or Team:This is a basic thing...

Icreative Solution | 17/12/2016

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What Points Determines A Candidate Is Fit For A QA Job Or Not?
Following are some(base) Points Which Determine a Candidate is Fit for the QA Job or Not: 1.On Curiosity and passion: Being a software tester means being curious for everything. You need to mirror a child...

Icreative Solution | 17/12/2016

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Short introduction about Appium
“Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS,...

Mahesh Patil | 13/12/2016

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Atul Bansal | 22/12/2016

The BIOS an acronym for Basic Input/Output System and also known as the System BIOS, ROM BIOS or PC BIOS, is a type of firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process (power-on start up) on IBM PC compatible computers, and to provide run-time services for operating systems and programs.

Shobin Parameswaran | 02 Jan

BIOS in simple English is a firmware (a software controlling a hardware) which starts up the computer till the OS can handle the basic operations. It's embedded on the motherboard and is the first thing that fires up when you push the power button, it first checks if all the hardware is connected properly and then loads the OS with the help of the boot loader and then the OS takes control of the PC.


How to do Test Automation development using C#, XUNIT Framework Objectives: Testing a Window Application/Web Application. Automate test cases and developing new keywords as per standard Validate the functionality as per the test cases Deliver Automated test cases , test results

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Mahesh | 07/09/2016

Hello Pritam, As per my knowledge to solve your objective you need to do 1. Develop the Hybrid framework (Combination of Data driven and Keyword Driven) 2. You can add Object repository and Data repository for the same 3. You can define different keywords for different action and add more as and when needed. 4. You can use xunit frameworks like Junit or testng 5. Tenstng give you inbuilt support for reporting 6. If there is no inbuilt reporting you have to use you can customise your reports by adding result in excels or text file etc. 7. For validation purpose assertions are there which can be used. 8. You can maintain your test cases or test suits in the tools like HPQC . If it is not available simple excel aslo can do . This is how you can solve there may be other ways too.

Debarghya Roy | 15/09/2016

Hi pritam, 1. First of all Try to build a framework with a build tool (you can use Gallio ),a unit test framework (you can use XUNIT/NUnit/MbUnit)and Selenium Webdriver 2.Use Unit test framework and create test suite . 3.Create test cases in the suites and run the same. NOTE:All the tools what i mentioned is based on your requirement for .Net Selenium Which is not same Java Selenium. For Java Selenium you need to use JUNIT/TestNg as unit test framework,Maven/Ant as build tool as so on .... Thanks Debarghya Roy


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Quickitdotnet It Training And Development | 13/09/2016

You can go for automation Selenium with corejava . We are providing in depth training on selenium webdriver with corejava in just 6k if you are in viman nagar Pune .Please contact today for registration

Vanitha | 09/11/2016

Hey, It'a an good idea. Start you automation with selenium+Testing, where you can feel good and easy learning. If you understand the concept, you will learn the other tools easily.


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J Manoj Up | 31/08/2016

Hi Shantanu, MySelf from Think-UP Technology solutions from chennai, We are giving class room and online training for Performance testing. All the tutors from Top MNC Company, Having 10+ Years of Experience in the filed, If you are interested you can contact us directly. BY Manoj J

Bee Apprentice | 01/09/2016

Hello shantanu,we provide corporate training in different software technologies

May i know the fees to learn automation tool like Selenium and Jmeter

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Isha Malhotra | 15/07/2016

hi.. we are charging 10500 for selenium and 8000 for jmeter

Bound Tech Solutions | 29/08/2016

Hi we provide training with Case Studies that gives the students a real time experience. our course fees will be communicated after student having interaction with consultant. Bound Tech Solutions

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