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Art Therapy For Stress Relief-Using Creativity For Happiness
Today let me share one of the remarkable benefits by any of your artistic work say like a painting. Art is a great medium for stress relief. It is quite amazing to know how much this creativity of us is...

Gurpreet | 01 Mar

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How to be a good Artist?
There are certain basics to become an artist Five basic priciples of learning drawing & painting:- 1. Observation:- You have to be a very good in obeserving things in details any thing around you...

Raju D | 10 Jan

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Who made Indian Art Modern?
The Bengal School of Art emerged in 1950s Bengal, specifically Kolkata and Santiniketan as an avant garde movement, establishing itself along the lines of the Indian freedom struggle and all its basic...

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Apsara Palit | 19 Feb

Certificate from All India Fine Arts will be provided. In case of Job, that too can be given after certain level. Weekly one class. Fees will vary.

Shivani Singhal | 23 Apr

The fee of Art and craft depends on what exactly the criteria you are looking at. You could want to learn charcoal or just do a simple craft activity. The variety under fine art itself is vast. Also, the fee depends on the course chosen, locality and time. I personally don't provide any diploma or degree. My classes are session wise. A course would be 4-5 years approximately.


Is there any place in Delhi where I can buy plexiglass sheets or window films for making faux stained glass paintings?

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Rajat Verma | 12/10/2016

chuna mandi (pahar ganj) market and kotla Mubarak pur market near south ex market for buy plexiglass sheets

Tanushree Verma | 12/10/2016

u'll find it in many shops in Pahar Ganj market

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Craftsman India | 17/12/2016

You can find courses of one month duration where you can get a certificate but according to my opinion you cannot master in any art in one month. But you can learn the process that how it can be done. After that you have to go through constant practice and learning. Keep on practicing and find out your distinct style.

Ashish Sood | 22/12/2016

It depends what you want to learn and how interested you are to learn that particular art. First step is to figure out what you want to learn. I teach calligraphy and you can get basic lessons of Calligraphy in one month but it takes more than that to become pro in it.

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Elaiyaraja Dharmalingam | 27/09/2016

Dear student, Please try to find out what is real potential and passion. please do not work for marks and only for certificate.


Madonna | 05/10/2016

If you want to do something ,just go for it. Life is too short for you to keep postponing your wants and needs. You will never know if you like something unless you try. There are plenty of online courses where you can get certificates. But let me as you, ' why would you need a certificate for learning anything for just a month"?. There are a lot of 'what ifs' in your life. Just go for it gal!!


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Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Acadamy | 13/10/2016

Dear All, For Hindustani Classical you can Contact Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Acadamy. The Acadamy is in VEGA school - Sohna Road. The Guru himself is the disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji. Also, for any other subject - you can also learn an instrument, dance or art in the acadamy. As the name goes - Bharat Ratna "Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji" is the name in Hindustani Classical Music. This is an initiative by his Disciple and his sons to take his legacy forward. Thus if you are looking for a GURU to train you well - This is the right place for you. Thanks

Bilvaa Music | 14/10/2016

You should develop an interest in engineering, or whatever subjects you are learning. Actually the field 'engineering' is one of the most misunderstood concepts and there are different aspects of engineering like some parts of it can be pure mats, some can be purely working with your hands, like assembling, building with very less maths, some parts can be even purely theoretical like physics, if you are inclined towards science, there are evn areas where it can be highly interdisciplinary like 'sound or audio engineering' or even related to agriculture like bio- engineering. You can google for Delhi based art pr music classes or check the particular sections of urbanpro, since their database is very good. Since we are based out of Chennai, I cannot readily recommmend any institute in Delhi, though a few of my professional contacts run their institutes. Since you seem to come out strongly with 'I am not interested in engg' I gave this input, as it is better to involve yourself fully and whole-heartedly in some activity which you have taken up, it will have its benefits. There is not guarantee that you will not say ' I am not interested in art' after joining an art course. I hope this answer will set you thinking a bit, and help in your development and growth.

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