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Answered on 11 Jun Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language

What is the minimum amount to learn Arabic?

Saqib Tufail

Arabic Trainer

My fee is 1000 per month

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Lesson Posted on 31 May .Net Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language

Good Morning - Sabah alKhair. How are you? - Keif halak? Well, thank you - Balkhair,sukran. How is it?...


Answered on 12 Mar Language/Foreign Language/French Language Tuition/BA Tuition Tuition/BA Tuition/English Language Teaching +9 Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition/Telugu Language/Hindi Language Language/Hindi Language/Grammer and Vocabulary improvement Language/Foreign Language/Italian Language Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition/Spanish Language/Foreign Language/German Language

What is the difference between IGCSE and CBSE ?



CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education whereas IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Both are completely different from each other.

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Answered on 09 Feb Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language

How long it takes to learn (reading, writing & speaking) Arabic language?

Abdul Gaffar Kazi


Hi, Sreenesh , It depends on your hard work. Passion will make you master in Arabic in few days and laziness will take to ages. I have one student in Sandhurst road, she's doing so fine that within 20 lectures, she started chatting in Arabic. Not to perfection but got confidence to talk with Arab people.

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Answered on 23/12/2016 Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language Language/Hindi Language Language/Hindi Language/Grammer and Vocabulary improvement +1 Language/Foreign Language/French Language

Will learning French drain my interest in other languages such as English, Telugu, Hindi, Arabic?



Be careful, you may loose interest in a language or you may get confused if you try to learn 2-3 languages simultaneously. So I would suggest you to learn a single language at a time and concentrate on it. Don't try to mix up French with other languages. Good Luck.

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Lesson Posted on 01/12/2016 Language/Foreign Language/Arabic Language

Dedication is the key to success. When you start learning any foreign language you may face some difficulties...


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