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Arabic Countings 1 TO 10
  Arabic - English WAHID       -     ONE ETHNEIN    -     TWO THALATHA -     THREE ARBA'A      -      FOUR KHAMSA...

S.s. Basha | 01/12/2016

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Dedication is the key to success. When you start learning any foreign language you may face some difficulties but we continue with dedication.

Hassan Khan | 01/12/2016

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Clarity of aim
We must get cleared about our reason and intension behind learning any foreign language. 

Hassan Khan | 10/11/2016

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Vikash Gupta | 1 day ago

CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education whereas IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Bishnu Sharma | 1 day ago

IGCSE means international Cambridge secondary board. CBSE means central board of secondary education.


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Karamath Nazeer | 6 days ago

Dear Arabic Language is world easiest Language to learn, Reading, writing and speaking you can learn at the same time, the duration of this learning is purely depends on your interest . As per our current syllabus candidate will starts after 10 classes.

Shadab Jamil | 5 days ago

Language is all about your interest, the more interest you show, the fastest you learn.

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Chhavi Pamnani | 16 Jan

No, It would certainly not. You will feel more confident.

Pragya Das | 05 Feb

Not at all. Its up to you but learning French will not going to drain you interest in other languages. I am a Hindi teacher if you need any help on Hindi. I'll glad to help.

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Vikash Gupta | 28/11/2016

No, that will demotivate the child. Concentrate on few important, then slowly gradually improve the pronunciation.


Adeep Kaur | 28/11/2016

Yes, as a tutor its your duty to correct the child but with full humbleness. While he reads his passage, you pen down the words he misreads and then at the end as a humble tutor notifiy him about the same. Prepare certain words that sounds similar & make him practice it. Because he you don't do this, then main objective of teaching is just half done since in future he will again misread those words which will create problems for your student & a teacher doesn't want that. Right ? Do analysis about what words if misreads, how many words & rectify it as a friend come tutor manner so that he/ she properly understand the difference b\w those words that sounds similar but are not in actual.

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Geetha Venugopal | 27/11/2016

Student literacy improves by reading good books - be it fiction or literature and by listening to some wonderful speeches of great men which simultaneously improves content knowledge and literacy. For school children or adults, my advice would be to read a book without halting to check on the meaning of any difficult word. Underline these words and look for their meanings and then re-read if you have not understood the context. On most occasions, an overall understanding is achieved in the first reading which is fine-tuned when you read understanding the difficult words. Later, one should try to utilize this vocabulary so that the words are not forgotten.

Vikash Gupta | 28/11/2016

Newspaper and academic books.

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