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Advance Comprehensive Technical Analysis Course

27 Reviews

Jodhpur Village Road Jodhpur, Ahmedabad

Course ID: 26799

Jodhpur Village Road Jodhpur, Ahmedabad

Students Interested 2 (Seats Left 0)

₹ 30,000 onwards

Expert technical analyst of charts & full time trader with experience of more than 15 years

27 Reviews

About the Course

This course will teach you to trade smartly in financial markets. You can trade intraday as well as do swing trades.

System I teach will give you profit of 1% per trade which can be translated to 5% daily on your allocated capital, through power of controlled leverage in cash segment. Even if you maintain 2% average gain per day conservatively, you can make a profit of 40% on your allocated capital per month. Positional trades can translate into another 20% or more in cash trades, and more in F&O. 

(Be realistic in your goals. Do not run after big false claims. What you make everymonth consistently is important. Consistency is the key. Money in the market is not made overnight. Success is a result of consistenty and diligence.)

My system ensures that it safe guards you from false breakouts and consolidations. Get in and get out fast is the key to success. Calculated waiting period allowed, but compulsory waiting period is avoided. You also learn to do extended trades which spans beyond one month, where you can generate better percentage returns.

Topics Covered

Basics of Stock markets, Dow Theory, Indicators, candlesticks, chart patterns, price action in detail. Balanced fund allocation, portfolio management and risk management topics also covered in depth.

Intraday System, Positional Swing system, and System to do long term investment is covered. How to find multibagger stocks is also taught.

Step by step systematic implementation. Learn how to find trading pics for next day, positional & intraday basis & BTST. Also learn how to spot multibagger stocks technically.

Who should attend

Brokers, Students, House Wives, Businessman, Doctors, Investors and Bankers, who want to generate extra monthly income and create wealth.

No Pre-requisites

No Pre-requisites, even a fresher with any basic educational background can join this course.

Requirements for an ONLINE STUDENT

You need to have a broadband internet connection or any internet connection with a speed of more than 2 mbps. Reliance Jio will also do. Computer or laptop with microphone and speakers or head phones with microphone.

Key Takeaways

Material, & essential excel updation sheets given. Video recording provided too.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

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About the Trainer

Ravi Harshad Patel picture

5 Avg Rating

28 Reviews

43 Students

4 Courses

Ravi Harshad Patel

B.Sc, NCFM Certifications

16 Years of Experience

16 years of experience in trading and 14 years of experience in teaching. I am a visiting faculty in NIRMA UNIVERSITY, Ahmedabad, and have taught at MBA institute of kendriya vidhyalaya, vidhyanagar.

Teaching is my passion. Rated Best Teacher of Technical Analysis by students who have completed my course. MY students reviews says it all.

My objective is to empower traders to generate extra monthly income. I also want them to invest with correct knowledge & skills so that they can create wealth in the long run, and I am doing that successfully. Ultimate goal of a person must be to become financially free. I help my student achieve this goal.

Many students have left jobs of 50,000 plus salary, and started trading on their own, and earn more than what they made through job. Those who took this step had adequate capital at hand. My aim is not to make people leave their professions and become full time traders. My goal is to enable people generate extra income and wealth with their current jobs & professions. No need to leave your job and professions for generating extra income.

My course is designed to make you an independent trader and investor. It is not a job oriented course.

Those who want to become financially independent must join my course.

I make sure that all my students earn good money depending on their respective financial capacity and individual circumstances.

I analyse each student separately and advice them accordingly so that they can make the most of the knowledge that they acquire from me.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Vivekanand Jha

A very detailed course, well structured and equally well explained by Ravi Sir. Class tutorial in the form of video is really helpful for future reference and study. Never felt course is being rushed through to complete in stipulated time. In fact my class extended by about 30 days. Ravi sir gave very personal, customized attention to ensure that I was able to digest every bit of what he was explaining. A must do course!


Harsh lalani

It was a great experience for me and it’s very useful to be self dependent in share market . Mr Ravi Patel has many years of experience in the field and decent teaching techniques. You must try of you want to learn or like share market.



I completed this course 3 months back. After practically applying what Ravi sir has taught, I have achieved high success ratio in the system he has taught From first month itself I have been profitable each month. The approach has helped me to make money in any kind of market. The step by step approach and systematic application that he teaches helps me to be consistent in my results. I am glad I took this course.


Vrajkishor Shah

Ravi Sir is the best teacher and his course is according to my experience the best, not only in town, but whole India. I have attended workshops of most prominent trainers, but what Ravi Sir teaches in his course is far more and far better than what the so called experts provide. Do not waste your time and money elsewhere. If you want to learn technical analysis for general knowledge, go to others, but if you want to learn technical analysis to make money, do the course with Ravi Sir.


Dhruva Patel

The Course Ravi Sir conducts is in depth. I have become skilled trader. I have started investments too. He teaches really well. As he takes limited students per batch, he dedicates full attention on each of his students. He does not leave our hand till we become independent traders. I recommend his course to everyone who is serious about making a living or generating extra income through stock market.


Anand Shah

Before Joining this course I know nothing about stock market, I really and heartily thanks to Ravi sir as he gave me in-depth knowledge of stock market & lots of strategies. I got from basic to advance level knowledge of many indicators,Candle-sticks,Moving-Averages, Bottom-fishing,Risk Management,Chart Patterns,different market phases. He gave systematic and disciplined approach of Long term Investment,Swing trade,Intra-day trade. He enabled me to use same indicator dynamically in different market phase. He is having very good personality,extremely good nature along with Extraordinary level knowledge of market. Due to him now I am able to identify market phase when to enter,up-to when stand,when to exit. Teaching is hobby for him he is enjoying a lot in sharing his knowledge. Again sir heartily thanks for giving me such amazing knowledge.


Maulik Shah

The technical analysis course conducted by Ravi Sir has enabled me to trade in a better way in commodity markets. My goal to make good profit on regular basis is fulfilled after taking his course.



I recently completed technical analysis course conducted by Ravi Patel. I joined the course online. Initially I was not sure about joining an online course, but learning with Ravi Sir has been outstanding experience. He teaches very well. He starts from basic, and answers every question very clearly. After doing the course I understand the importance of long term investment along with short term trading. I know how to manage things systematically. I now know how to find short term trading picks, as well as long term investment picks which are good fundamentally as well as technically. His individual guidance has helped me a lot. He takes very few students per batch which enables him to give individual attention on progress of each of his student. He supported me in the beginning when I started trading. I confirmed trades with him and then traded for some time to get confident. Now I trade independently as intended by him. I am lucky to be part of his extended family of students.



What an experience. When I started out I did not have idea that the techniques taught by Ravi Sir are so effective and unique. Don't under estimate him by his simplistic approach. System is very effective. The overall vital knowledge he provides is necessary and very important. A great teacher. I am thankful for all his support and encouragement and advice in right direction, he provided to me.



Ravi Sir's Technical Analysis course is "The best course." His teaching techniques are unique and in depth. He progresses with ease as per the comfort level and pace of student. He provides enough. The knowledge he provides is ultimate. Learn his system, which I believe is one of the best. Follow the rules strictly and trade with discipline as explained by him. As an individual he is wonderful person and tutor. He will always support you when you need him. It has been an excellent experience.


Rishikesh Thaker

My sister, me and wife, have learned Technical analysis from Ravi Patel sir. It was a wonderful experience, for all three of us, as we learn from basics of stock market to advance charting tool, patterns, indicators, moving averages, MACD, RSI and many other charting tool.



I have done many courses before I joined Ravi Sir's course. After completing his course I came to know that his system is outstanding. My goal to successfully trade in commodity market has been achieved.



Ravi Sir's Technical Analysis course is ultimate course. Let me give you a comparison. If I compare it with learning cooking, what others provide is just the ingredients, but Ravi Sir also provides excellent Recipes, i.e. "Trading Systems". Others do not teach technical analysis in detail, and make you dependent on their software to trade, whereas Ravi Sir teaches technical analysis in depth, and provides you tools which makes you independent trader. His post course support is also excellent. He is available for students as and when needed. If you are serious about becoming a successful technical analyst and trader, this course is ultimate.


Saagar Jadeja

Ravi Sir teach very well. I trade confidently now. My result improved after completing course. I recommend him to everyone. Tools and Data he provide are great.


Divya Kumar

I have completed the Technical Analysis Course with Ravi Sir. As per my opinion it is the best technical course in India. I have done many courses before, but the techniques that Ravi Sir teaches is excellent and the best way to trade in market. The course is thorough and you become a tactical trader in true sense after completing his course. I wish I had met him lot earlier, as If I had a lot of my money would be saved. I thank him for his continued Support. I am lucky to be his student.



His course is one of the best technical analysis course in INDIA. I have become a successful trader after attending his course. I had spent thousands of rupees earlier doing many workshops before I joined his course. After doing his course I realised that his course is the best and the fee he charges is negligible compared to the benefits one get after completing his course. I am grateful to him for making me a successful trader.


Jigar Saroliya

Ravi Sir teaching style is unique. His guidance has made me a successful trader & investor. He shares all his new developments with old students free of cost. He is always there for me.


Varun Dave

I live in a small town named Tharad, in Gujarat. I benefited a lot from his course. He is a great teacher. I trade with more confidence and clarity now. His requirement was a broadband connection, but I connected via 3G dongle, through which communication was overall good. He tested the connection first before taking fees. Thank you, sir, for making me a better trader.


Sangam Sadanshivkar

I am an astrologer and a face reader. I met Ravi Sir and I knew that this person is dynamic. My belief got validated, (obviously, as I am a good face reader), after I completed the course. Apart from my main profession, I swing trade with help of strategy taught by Ravi Sir. I am making good money. I do not have time to trade Intraday, so I swing trade and invest. I am doing what suits me, as taught by Ravi Sir, so I am doing good. Ravi sir, must market himself better as he has got huge potential.


Sandip Patel

After I returned from the U.S.A first thing I wanted to do is to learn technical analysis from an expert. I searched for good tutors, and fortunately I came across Ravi Sir. His honesty and practical approach led me to join his Technical analysis course. After I completed his course, due to my weaknesses, the first month was a struggle. I came back to him and he identified the mistakes I made, and I changed those, and from then on, my result has been a lot better. Discipline is the key to success in trading & Investment. No amount of skills and knowledge will help if you do not have the discipline to apply the knowledge systematically. I am glad that I found the right person.


Amita Thakkar

I kept running here and there and spent a fortune on many workshops which turned out to be a waste of my time and money. After I joined Ravi Sir's course I finally made a meaningful investment. Ravi Sir's system works. To maintain the high success ratio, you need to apply it with discipline. I identified my weaknesses and with the help of Ravi Sir, I converted them into strength. I took some time, but after completing his course I am doing better. His continued support and motivation is always there. His course is a worthy investment before you invest a single penny in any kind of market.



I am a businessman. I had taken many workshops conducted by well known people who come on TV before joining Ravi Sir's Course. But I always felt something missing. After I joined Ravi Sir's course my results greatly changed. My whole view about the market changed. I started doing what is suitable for me, and I came to know many finer points about trading & Investments which I earlier did not knew. Ravi Sir is honest. He does not make false claims. He makes you see the reality and enables you to make the most of what is practically possible. The techniques I learned from him are time tested, and versatile which enables you to make money in Up trend as an investor & Down trend too as a trader. After I completed his course I realized that strategy based on fixed parameters can't work successfully market all the time. His method tackles the variations and enables you to take action so that trades are profitable with high success ratio. Free data he provides is priceless. It has saved 10,000 per year cost for me. His videos ensure that I can review the sessions whenever I want to. He updates me with all new developments and I am member of his wide family of students now. He takes care of each students individually and guides them as per their individual situations. He is a wonderful teacher and human being. Best course in India as per my opinion


Siddhant Shah

I took Advance Technical Analysis Course in 2011 after completing my M.B.B.S degree. Ravi Sir is honest, rational minded teacher who teaches every aspect of trading and investment. Apart from criteria, correct thinking & Disciplined approach is a must to succeed in stock market or any financial market. He provides tools, and teaches step by step systematic application of knowledge he provides, so that every trader and Investor can make right decisions with total clarity. He did not use to record sessions when I studied, but after he started recording sessions, he provided me some session recordings for my future reference. He updates old students with all new developments and improvements that occur with time. I am a doctor, so do not have time to trade full time, but I have made a lot of money by investing in stock market.


Sudhir Tayade

Ravi Sir’s course is 1 month course. But he gave me more than 2 months in teaching due to breaks on my side. I could not work immediately after completion of course, but his videos proved to be a boon to me. I watched the session videos again, and all his knowledge was refreshed. Couple of sessions I requested, and he gladly coordinated with me. His support is always there when needed. I am confident now and and am successfully working in stock market. His continued support and compassion is outstanding.


Keyur Shah

You are a great teacher as well as a gifted analyst, and it has been a privilege to learn from you. Very clear road maps and targets with their alternative scenarios with every fine detail explained and evidenced with various indicator signals I would not be nearly this far along in my understanding if I could not associate with you at right time. This is the best teaching one can give. It is comprehensive, clearly, precisely, and brilliantly presented. I want to thank you again for the excellent service you provide.


Alam Khan

It is very practically helpful, useful and educative class. Ravi Sir is absolutely an amazing teacher and making such a positive impact on the student. He is a very gifted teacher and I feel extremely fortunate to have such Mentor (Guru) and very grateful to him for sharing his experiences with us. Ravi Sir is having good enough experience with wonderful teaching abilities. I believe that right knowledge is power and is only way to get success in life or Trading Business. I highly recommend him as Best Mentor for learning trading Business.


A Suraj Kumar

Very comprehensive and teaches in a very simple and understandable way.


Ravi Harshad Patel picture

Ravi Harshad Patel

Expert technical analyst of charts & full time trader with experience of more than 15 years

27 Reviews

Students Interested 2 (Seats Left 0)

₹ 30,000 onwards

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