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Lesson Posted on 02/09/2020 Learn Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training +4 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Affiliate Marketing Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Functional Training/Google Analytics Training Functional Training/Content Writing

Hottest Job Roles in Digital Marketing for Indian Young Graduates

Mudit Nigam

I am a experienced Google Analytics certified Digital marketer with 5+ years of experience in handling...

What's the future for a graduate in digital marketing? This is a common question among people in India. What career path a graduate can choose in digital marketing that can give them the life they deserve. Let's discuss everything about essential jobs for a graduate in digital marketing in India. As... read more

What's the future for a graduate in digital marketing? This is a common question among people in India. What career path a graduate can choose in digital marketing that can give them the life they deserve. Let's discuss everything about essential jobs for a graduate in digital marketing in India.


As time is passing, India is moving firmly into the digital marketing sector. Several digital marketing companies, even offline industries, are getting into digital marketing strategies and hiring several employees to handle their digital marketing part. In India, digital marketing has a tremendous future. Hence, it's a win-win situation for graduates in India.


What is the need for Digital Marketing Jobs?

Digital marketing jobs can be the most exciting jobs to do. Here you can see every aspect of the marketing field. This job is all about creativity. Hence an employee always gets an opportunity to showcase his imagination. Everyone in the digital marketing sector works as a team. There is no individual performance count. This can be a highly satisfying job with higher pay scales.

Let's discuss a few drawbacks of digital marketing job -

Firstly, this is an always improving sector. This keeps on enhancing its techniques to match up today's needs. This can demand higher creativity each time with enhancing processes.

What Are The Sectors For Getting a job in digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a group of several marketing strategies. Companies build their separate digital marketing teams that handle every aspect of marketing. Companies mostly focus on SEO ranking, lead generation, customer conversion, advertising, etc. Advertising also comprises paid and organic. Generally, larger companies believe in paid advertising, and they invest in every platform. For managing those ads and the traffic, they hire other employees like content marketing executives, etc. 


Education/ Experience Required To Get A Digital Marketing Job

Getting digital marketing does not always require a higher degree. Sometimes with an introductory digital marketing course like SEO, Content marketing, and experience in cover, you can get a job in this field. But you have to be a graduate at least. More prominent companies with big repo in the market will require a reasonable degree. These companies hire those with MBA, MCom, other specialization courses.

Tip: To gain experience over digital marketing, join startups and small companies who recruit with no experience.


Different Roles In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast sea of opportunities, with several starts up and established companies are seeking employees. Startups generally look for freshers, maybe with no experience. But more prominent companies prefer graduates to get their job done. Here is a list of roles in a digital marketing company. 

  • Digital analytics
  • Content writers
  • Social media marketing expert/specialist
  • SEO executive
  • Conversion rate optimizer
  • Email marketer
  • YouTube marketer
  • Affiliate marketer

Let's discuss these roles/positions thoroughly.


Digital Analytics:

These are the peoples who are experienced or have knowledge of data interpretation. They analyze the data given to them. They also have a track of leads and traffic that is generated by various processes. They provide statistical inputs to provide information and point out the sectors that need to be worked on.


Candidates must be an undergraduate in statistics, marketing, or fields that deal with statistical analysis. With experience from 1-4 years and analytics, the manager can get up to 10L per annum package.


Content Writers :

Content writing is an excellent role for both students as well as graduates. 

It is one of the most demanding jobs right now in digital marketing. It can be done as full time and part-time. Content writers' job is to write articles, blogs on asked topics, and even graphic designing, and the content writers also do other such stuff. We also call content writers as freelancers. A digital marketing company hires freelancers regularly, as some are part-timers. They submit their works to the content marketing manager.


Content writers don't require much academic experience, they need a good knowledge of grammar, and for graphic designers, they must be good in graphics. Freelancers are not paid a monthly salary. They are paid based on price per word or price per post basis. In a full-time job, an average one can earn 12-25k in a company.


Social media marketing experts/specialists :

This position in digital marketing is the best for social media experts. This process of marketing deals with handling different social media pages and advertising on social media platforms. It can be done by content marketing teams, too, but doing everything with perfection needs social media marketing experts. They handle all different company profiles on various platforms and try to advertise more through social media. 


Social media marketing needs specialization in social media platforms. The average salary of a social media expert is 15-20k per month.


SEO executives :

A most important factor in website management is google search engine rankings. Anyone from any online course can exercise it. SEO executives deal with keeping the ranking high. An SEO expert or SEO executive's job includes works like keyword searching, optimization of users' experience, Webmaster Tools of Google, indexing pages, managing duplicate content, etc. They are also responsible for creating good quality web content.


SEO can be a crucial thing. Its minimum requirement is an undergraduate, and along with that, it needs expertise and SEO course to do such a job. Salary may vary from company to company but generally paid an average wage. The starting salary can be between 10-15 per month depending on your knowledge it can be higher in some companies.


Conversion rate optimizer :

They specialize in checking the conversion rate. They also help in raising the conversion ratio step by step in every aspect of marketing funnels. They can work with any other department of digital marketing. For example, they can be combined with inbound marketing executives, social media marketing executives, etc. 


It is a specialized job; you either have some experience 2-3 years in Digital marketing or have throughout training to understand various aspects of marketing and analytics.

You can get a mid-range salary with this role.


Email marketer :

They are specialized in promoting the product or service by having an email marketing campaign. They are generally tasked to send and ensure the promotional email is delivered to the prospects or not. Also, they are responsible for creating an email list to be used for the follow-up process. They do the follow-ups by sending professionals and triggering emails regularly to their candidates. So for that, they even make sure the email they send is perfect on every behalf.

The least qualification required to get this job is an undergraduate in marketing, business, web designing, or more.  

The salary will be low or mid-range. 

Youtube marketer :

A YouTube marketer is trained in getting engagements and views through youtube videos. They should be familiar with youtube algorithms, and they are tasked to get more organic traffic on YouTube videos. They should have knowledge over Youtube SEO, hashtags, and many such factors that helps to gather traffic. 

To get hired, a candidate must be an undergraduate and should have a little experience on Youtube marketing or should have completed a Youtube marketing course.

Here, you will be paid an average salary.

Affiliate marketing -

Affiliates are mainly responsible for the selling of a company's product. In return, they get a commission for each sale they make. Affiliates are hired by many big companies and also by many small startups. Affiliates require knowledge over the products and sales process and must have good communication skills.

Those affiliates involved in digital affiliate marketing get a higher commission than physical affiliate marketing. 

Here the salary depends on the number of sales you do. 


Whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate, the digital marketing field is much in demand right now. Suppose you are planning to pursue this particular career option that can be great for you. Try out the different categories of job roles that we have discussed above.

I would suggest after having training in digital marketing start a career in any field you like and understand everything else in the corporate world like how things work in an actual professional environment. With time you will find a career of choice and move further in that field only.

Become an expert in one field, that's the thumb rule.

Happy Learning!

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Lesson Posted on 27/04/2020 Learn Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media +3 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Affiliate Marketing IBPS PO/IBPS PO Mains/Computers Knowledge/Internet Tuition/BA Tuition/Internet Technologies

How Earn Money From Fiverr? Fiverr Tutorial & More

Sunil Pratap Singh

Sunil Pratap Singh is experienced, qualified digital marketing trainer with over 8 Years of experience...

Online money making is hot topi now these days. Everyone is looking for scam free online money making ways on Google. Many experts are running training courses on this topic across the web, But very few money making tips and guides are legit and effective for newbies. Today I am going to share a... read more

Online money making is hot topi now these days. Everyone is looking for scam free online money making ways on Google. Many experts are running training courses on this topic across the web, But very few money making tips and guides are legit and effective for newbies.


Today I am going to share a lesson about top website when it comes to make money online using skills and expertise. I am talking about FIVERR.

What is Fiverr.com ?

Fiverr is an online platform and it works are aggregator between skilled people and businesses those are looking for skilled people to do Business/Personal Gigs. 

Gigs means a job usually for a specified time. On Fiverr, people create Gigs ( Services ) based on their skills and needy people buy those gigs and pay.

Understanding of Fiverr 

There are few things you need to know before starting working on fiverr like platforms ( eg- People Per Hours).


  • How to deide rates for your freelancing services
  • How to post Gigs on Fiverr to get maximum exposure
  • How to optimize Your Gigs to get orders
  • How to write title, description of your services to inrease visibility in Fiverr Searches for relevant keywords.
  • How to create Graphics for your services for better CTR ( Click through Rate)
  • How to upsell on Fiverr to Increase your revenue & earn more money on fiverr.


All this Questions need practical approach so i created 2 videos on fiverr tutorial. This video training is long training session but it will help you to understand fiverr algorithms and ways to earn money through fiverr.

Fiverr Tutorial Part -1 


Fiverr Tutorial in Hindi Part 2 


Check this lesson to get all answers related to fiverr money making topic if you have any query please feel free to comment here on urban pro.


Happy learning




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Lesson Posted on 09/02/2020 Learn Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training +1 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Affiliate Marketing

Top 7 Reasons Why People must do a Digital Marketing Course


Seasoned Digital Marketing & Search Engine Marketing Professional 14 Years of Experience. Passionate...

Is there any single day that you don’t use Google for searching information, shopping and emailing? You know the answer better. People love Google because it shows absolute relevant results and everyone is working tirelessly to be on the top of search engine result pages. Who so ever is on top... read more

Is there any single day that you don’t use Google for searching information, shopping and emailing? You know the answer better. People love Google because it shows absolute relevant results and everyone is working tirelessly to be on the top of search engine result pages. Who so ever is on top is getting business and hence making high return on investment.

Google patented algorithm work in a way that it protects not only customers by aligning best results but also advertisers who spend their money on Google Ads (a pay per click platform where advertisers bids for keywords to show up on above SEO or organic search results).

Now if you want to be top on SERP’s (search engine result pages) you need to have sound knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) but results are highly lucrative and worth learning.
This new age but not so old digital marketing technique is helping professional achieving high pay packages in leading digital marketing MNC’s across India.

Now if you are thinking to become a digital marketing expert, you must be aware of the following things first: -

  1. Digital marketing enables you to be skilled and competitive professional by latest techniques like SEO, PPC (pay per click marketing) or SEM (search engine marketing, SMO (social media optimization), content marketing & blogging. Using these you can generate business leads for yourself and for your clients.
  2. Whenever you are searching a digital marketing institute you must look for trainer profile; i.e. how much experience does he have? Take a demo session to get insights about how you can upgrade your skills or knowledge in fast growing industry. For example here is a trainer profile you can refer www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaybishtdigitalmarketingtrainerYou can also work as freelancer and earn from working on clients projects (Indian & overseas). There are number of website from which you can get freelancing work for eg. www.upwork.com & www.freelancer.com
  3. After getting trained one can start managing Google Ads campaigns for client (https://ads.google.com/intl/en_IN/home/) Adzentrix digital marketing training institute at Rohini has trained 25000+ students on pay per click campaigns. Most of the students have been placed in companies like Accenture, Sapient, Bajaj Finance & Samsung
  4. Since 2018 it has seen professionals are more likely start their own online business and earning in millions. They not only earn but also got success in establishing themselves as brand.
  5. Industrial development corporation predicts that by the end of 2020, the digital marketing industry will be worth over $155 billion! and more than 2.5 millions jobs are getting accumulated in the market. Currently there is high shortage of skilled digital marketing professional in the industry.
  6. People who have got digital marketing training in early 2017 are continue to grow and rise their online business ventures to new horizon. Most of the successful entrepreneurs who started their online business are in their early 20’s.
  7. Did you ever noticed that company’s and influencers have strong digital footprint over Internet; they have strong online reputation that’s why they enjoy followers in million along with thousand of reviews which brings more customers for them. So by getting digital marketing certification you will be in position to manage online reputation for yourself and for your clients. High online reputation means you have higher chances of getting hired my top employers not only in Delhi-NCR but also in overseas.

So be prepare to enter into most demanding industry & fulfill your professional goals. Also you can contact our rohini based digital marketing institute or can get number through urbanpro.com

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