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Dreamweaver With Wamp Server
In this learning tips i am going to tell you how you can link or connect the WAMP server using Dreamweaver. Please follow the video and learn.   

Gangadhar Mahato | 27/09/2016

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Shibaji Debnath | 13/01/2015

Yes you can create a website on your own on dreamweaver but you cannot publish it on your own by simply develop a website on dreamweaver you will need a domain registrar and a hosting provider to publish your website to the web.

Sathish Balachandran | 17/01/2015

You can develop static or dynamic website in dreamweaver itself [you need database installed / and apache / php installed in your local system also] and publish to server

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Manoj Kumar Chaurasia | 02/02/2015

For this, you have to go to form panel in Dreamweaver. There you will find all the required field.

Srikanth Giddalur | 13/02/2015

In Dreamweaver -->Window --> Insert Panel ---> forms category from here u can work with forms

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Rajwinder Kaur | 07/02/2015

Hello You have quite a few options to create a form in dreamweaver for your website decide the type of form you require for website then using form tag from insert option you can view form field list in the side pane from where you can drag and drop the field needed for your form , you can also stylize it either using css file from templates or creating your own css file

Manoj Kumar Chaurasia | 14/05/2015

Creating form fields and design is easy in Dreamweaver. The tricky part is merging it with database or CGI for direct form input. If you know any of the 2, its only linking the respective fields.

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Amrutha Reddy | 20/02/2015

Yes, you can create website from DW but publishing that to online. You should have domain name and hosting space.

Manoj Kumar Chaurasia | 20/03/2015

Ya. You can make


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Amrutha Reddy | 20/02/2015

You can find in top menus called FORM from there you can drop the HTML code in DW.

Manoj Kumar Chaurasia | 20/03/2015

Get it done from menu option which is available in menu option

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