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Niyati Vora | 01 Jul


What is difference between Indian Abacus Digital and Conventional Abacus?

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Archana Manapragada | 25 Jun

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N. Basheer Ahamed | 28 May

Indian Abacus has launched its newly invented state-of-the-art Indian Abacus devices and the program with international standard course materials to make the children of the age group – 5 to 13 years, benefit much more than ever before. Indian Abacus products and the program are the result of 14 years of background research using which the promoters of the company gained invaluable knowledge and experience. All of these have gone into the development of the devices (Indian Abacus) and the program. We will be happy to serve you with these product-offerings and the program of international standard. The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, more particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such as CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION (PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY) by activating the right brain, the seat of intelligence. The present invention introduces a tool which can display color image representing any value by moving the sliders up and down. Indian Abacus Company is the first one to offer learning of Abacus Program in the on-line mode. The program designed and offered by the company makes the children understand the concepts easier and faster since visual supports are provided to help in understanding. The children learning would really enjoy ‘anywhere & anytime’ option and find that the On-line program is the best alternative for classroom learning. The tool – Indian Abacus-digital used is advanced in design and features to provide easy, faster and stress free learning and practice possible.

N. Basheer Ahamed | 28 May

Abacus is a counting frame, used as a calculating tool. It is a very ancient tool and is used in many schools to develop mental arithmetic skills. particularly, the merchants and traders of Asian and African countries and also in other parts of the world. Abacus and its benefits: 1. Arithmetic functions are done using abacus – moving sliders on column which have specific values 2. It is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 3. Calculation in Mental Arithmetic mode by Image of Abacus 4. Abacus based Arithmetic functions, calculations thereof enhance Concentration levels. 5. Calculations done with Abacus, using the fingers of both the hands stimulate the brain – both the Right and Left Brain. 6. Helps kids learn basic number systems 7. Helps Kids understand combinations of five and ten 8. Helps kids visualize the math and develops mental calculations Why Indian Abacus: The Newly invented Indian Abacus help to improve the students attain the most speed with accuracy and brain skills. Research & Development: Indian Abacus Company with its background in the field of Abacus education has been continuously working to do research in the field and develop products and the supporting-accessories to aid the program benefit the children better and better. Abacus as a tool has had a long history of existence. It metamorphosed itself over hundreds of years from the most primitive stage to the stage it had attained the form that we see it today. Mr. Basheer Ahamed CEO., Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., steady and continuous flow of efforts going into the Research and Development activities in the field of Abacus as a product impacting to enhance the brain skills in children. Indian Abacus Company spearheading the research and development initiative in the last decade focused on the possibilities to enhance the qualitative features of the Abacus today is a tool more for development of brain skills and it also has a strong appeal through the speed & accuracy in mental arithmetic calculations to excite the people more.


Please teach me abacus to solve maths

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Mamata Mund | 06 May

ok please contact me. i provide online also.

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