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Abacus Lessons

    INTRODUCTION TO NEW AGE MATH OF ABACUS   Number in texts, they do not quantify its original nature of count in texts.Whereas, age old Tool, Abacus has a solution on this representation. Abacus...

Jay Vardhan Rishi | 21/09/2016

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10 Tips to Improve your Learning
Study Tip 1: Underlining. Study Tip 2: Make Your Own Study Notes. Study Tip 3: Mind Mapping. Study Tip 4: Flashcards. Study Tip 5: Case Studies. Study Tip 6: Quizzes. Study Tip 7: Brainstorming. Study...

Prasanth Kumar Das | 15/09/2016

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How to speak English?

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Budhadev Bastaray | 6 days ago

Make your vocabulary strong and try to listen the English news and from different people, practice it yourself and try to know your mistakes, in the beginning you will do several mistake but do not repeat your mistake. Keep trying and practices.

Archana Bhadoria | 1 day ago

if you are a hindi speaker and need guidance for learning English, I have prepared video lectures for English grammar and am in process for conversational English .



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Mamata Mund | 10 Feb

first in unit place , 2 beads up i.e its number 2 then 0 i.e nothing , i.e total you 2 beads up in unit place then come to tens place 1st 1 bead up then next 1 bead up i.e 2 bead up in tens place. then come to hundred place 1st 2 bead up in lower section then down 1 bead i.e number 5 in upper section. total is 7 so total bead shows 1beadi.e 5 (down in upper) 2 bead up in lower / 1bead up 1 bead up / 2 bead up (loer section) total is 722

Anitha Soni | 13 Feb



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Sriram Institute | 21/09/2016


Gsa Educational Council | 29/09/2016

for abacus franchsee FARIDABAD 121002


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Mrs.gnaneshwari | 16/09/2016

hi mamatha .abacus can be taught for children between 5 to 12 years age.

Syed Meraj | 16/09/2016

first step abacus is beats value and abacus theory


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Jay Vardhan Rishi | 07/09/2016

Kindly repost your question as I could see that you are already an Abacus trainer.

Prasanth Kumar Das | 08/09/2016

You can log out of your account and create an account as a tutor

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