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Why Should You Learn Java ! - UrbanPro

Java is the most famous programming language till date. 20 years is a big time for any programming language to survive and gain strength. Java has been proved to be one of the most reliable programming languages for networked computers.

Java Programming


Java was developed to pertain over the Internet. Over the last 2 decades, Java’s popularity in the internet domain has increased enormously. Java also has a major share in the Mobile Application Development. This is due to its portability and platform independence.

Do you know?
The ever growing user base of BlackBerry, Android and Symbian is also supported by the Java platform. The applications for these mobile operating systems are developed using Java programming.

History of Java

Java was developed at the Sun Microsystems by a developer named James Gosling. Gosling began working on the Java project in 1991 and Java was officially released in 1995. Java has released 8 versions till date. The latest version is Java SE 7 which was released in 2011. Today, major companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Samsung, Amazon and other IT biggies are using Java.

Why learn Java?

Java’s official website claims that more than 1 billion computer systems and 3 billion mobile phones worldwide operate using Java programming. Though there are many programming languages to learn but Java’s popularity and features outscore every other language. Apart from the fact that Java is free, features like platform independence, robustness, better garbage collection and exception handling separate it from the rest.

Requirements for Learning Java

Let us rule out 2 common misconceptions regarding learning Java:

  • Some people think that to learn Java, they need to have at least some prior knowledge of programming (or languages like C and C++). This is not true. Having some prior knowledge of C/C++ or programming might help learning Java relatively faster but this is not mandatory. Like any other programming language, Java too could be learnt from the scratch.
Java Programmer


  • Another misconception is that learning Java is tougher than learning any other programming language. This again doesn’t make sense. Learning any programming language takes some time and it’s the same with Java. But this doesn’t make it tough to learn. In fact some Java programmers even feel that learning Java is easier than learning other programming languages.

Thus anybody who is interested in learning Java can go for it. It doesn’t require any prior programming experience or any specific qualification. 


After you have got hands on Java, you can look forward to get some valuable certifications in the same. Here are some Java programming certifications provided by Sun Microsystems:

  • Sun Certified Java Programme
  • Sun Certified Java Developer
  • Sun Certified Java Associate
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)
  • Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD)

Future Scope

Java is almost everywhere. It has a tremendous potential to grow in a lot of domains, especially in computer and enterprise applications. The latest version of Java (Java 8) was supposed to be released in September this year but has been re-scheduled to release in early 2014. Since the future of Information Technology is being influenced by the Internet, Java still has a long way to go. If you’re keen about learning the most popular language of the decade, join a Java training class near you.


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Harsh 01/06/2014

THis is indeed very informative and useful for young programmers. Keep up the good work.


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SHARAN KUMAR 12/11/2013

thank u for your information.

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java's importance is correctly explained.

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