Promote Links on your FB Pages, Websites, Blogs, etc...

Promote UrbanPro Links on your
Facebook Pages, Websites, Blogs, etc...

Drive traffic to UrbanPro

Drive traffic to

Earn commission for every registered and approved customers.

Earn commission for every
registered and approved customer.

UrbanPro Affiliate Program

Grow your revenue by becoming an UrbanPro Affiliate Partner


Grow your revenue by becoming an UrbanPro Affiliate Partner is the largest and fastest growing online education marketplace in India. Joining our Affiliate Program, will give you a huge growth opportunity.

The Indian education market is likely to grow to $180 billion by 2020 and the online education market is predicted to reach $40 billion by 2017, which means there is a huge growth potential for education services in India. As an affiliate partner of, you can monetize this huge opportunity by helping customers to register with us.

Within the first few days of launching the UrbanPro Affiliate Program, we’ve seen immense growth in the number of our Affiliate partners. Most of our Affiliate partners are growing at 50% month-on-month.

Whether you own a website, Facebook page, online community, blog or manage an education learners group etc. You can earn high commissions by referring our website to your customers and getting them registered with us.

How does it work?

Choose from over 1,000 subjects to advertise to your customers via banner ads or other means, and earn affiliate remuneration from qualified customer registrations on A systematic tracking system is in place to track referrals and registrations from an Affiliate partner.

You can easily refer via blogs, websites, social networking sites and online groups, helping monetize your site through referrals.

Cost of Joining the Program

It’s simple and absolutely free to join. Join the Affiliate program and create your first affiliate link today.

Affiliate Remuneration

Get up to Rs. 50 per customer approved registration
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