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Lesson Posted on 19 Apr .Net/.Net Advanced .Net/.Net MVC .Net/C# .NET +4 .Net .Net/ASP.NET .Net/.Net WCF .Net/.Net WPF

.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It includes a large class library named...


Lesson Posted on 22 Mar .Net/.Net WPF .Net/.Net Advanced .Net +4 .Net/ADO.NET .Net/ASP.NET IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Sharp Tuition/BCA Tuition

Codes to read the CSV data using ODBC Connection- Input File: File's Encoding format should be ANSI...


Answered on 04 Feb .Net/.Net WPF

How much fees for WPF training and what is the duration?

The Sun Technologies

Hai Vaidehi, WPF Training Duration - 20 to 25 days daily 2 hrs fees Rs. 2500. WPF Training Course Prerequisite. Participants must have a good experience in developing applications in .Net 2.0 or later using C#/VB.Net. Knowledge of building GUI applications will also be an advantage. WPF Training Course Objective. Understand the WPF architecture and advantages. Become proficient with the use of XAML. Layout and containers in WPF. Achieve reuse and maintainability with resources, styles, and templates. Build compelling user experiences with custom drawing and animations. Learn how to properly apply the MVVM design pattern via applications of increasing complexity. Introduction to Windows 8 Applications.

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