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.Net WCF

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.Net WCF Lessons

Trends in .Net Platform
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written...

Cms | 19 Apr

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Weight required for MMA and how do we reach that weight?

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Suprio Dutta | 17 Feb

.net is software technology and MMA is weight heavy body fighting competition how can we relate the two.

Kaushik Natua | 22 Feb

Dude are you trying to create a website solution on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or you want to join the fight club please clarify otherwise don't waste your and our's time.


You guys are showing 5days training is it possible to complete this course in 5days.

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Raghavendra Prasanna | 25/08/2016

WCF can be done in 5 days but not .NET

Nachiket Inamdar | 26/08/2016

Hi Mohammed, WCF course duration is 24 hours. 5 Day course is corporate training course where participants are taught for 6 hours a day. One day extra if there are some hardware/software issues.


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Pradeep Sharma | 07/01/2016

This is mandatory to learn C# before .NET WCF. C# is a programming Language and For writing WCF application you should know C# language.

Dishaapro | 06/08/2016

Thank You for your question Rajeev....... Yes, because you must have the fundamental knowledge on C# before going for .net WCF. Thank You, Team DishaaPro www.dishaapro.com

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Jaydeep Vekariya | 20/04/2015

What is WCF Service? WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation and is part of .NET 3.0. WCF is a Microsoft platform for building distributed and interoperable applications. WCF supports multiple languages and multiple platforms. Why Should We Use WCF Service? Let’s take these two scenarios: We have two clients and we need to implement a service for them: The first client is using Java Application to interact with our service. So for interoperability, this client wants messages in XML format and the protocol to be HTTP. The second client uses .NET, so for better performance, this client wants messages in binary format and the protocol to be TCP.

Dishaapro | 06/08/2016

Thank You for your questions Anu...... WCF is a tool which is used to implement and deploy a service oriented architecture. Thank You, Team DishaaPro www.dishaapro.com

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Vikram Haibatti | 24/01/2015

Both are different technologies....

Rajeshkumar Sv | 03/06/2016

It has good feature in big data and comparitively salary package also high so learning new things may helpful in feature opening in IT industry

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