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Calicut, Kozhikode, India- 673001.

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About Us

Our fast growing country, need faster minds with good quality engineers. We contribute quality engineers by providing GATE /IES coaching. For that we have a faculty pool all over India. We are providing national level coaching with national level result in kerala. Apart from GATE and IES,
we are providing SSC/JTO/TTA/UPSC/RRB coaching. We are providing free coaching for financially backward students with good academic performance.

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class rooms

class rooms

class rooms

class rooms






Classes Conducted

GATE Coaching classes

Class Location:

My Institute

Paper for which assistance is provided:

Computer Science & Information Technology;

Engineering Sciences







Production & Industrial

Electronics & Communication

General Aptitude


Sections tutored for:


Fluid mechanics


Solid Mechanics

One-on-One or group:

One on one/ Private Tutions

Group Classes

UPSC Exams Coaching classes


IES (Indian Engineering Service) Exam Coaching

Class Location:

My Institute

BTech Tuition

BTech Branch:

BTech Civil Engineering

BTech Mechantronics Engineering

BTech Chemical Engineering

BTech 1st Year Engineering

Telecom Engineering

BTech Instrumentation Engineering

Industrial Engineering

BTech Electrical & Electronics

BTech Mechanical Engineering

Other Engineering topics

BTech Information Science Engineering

BTech Electrical & Communication Engineering

BTech Computer Science Engineering

BTech Automobile Engineering

Class strength catered to:

One on one/ Private Tutions

Group Classes

Class Location:

My Institute

Type of class:

Crash Course

Regular Classes

BTech 1st Year subjects:

Mechanics Of Solids

Basic Electrical Technology

Basic Electronics

Engineering Physics

Environmental Studies

Advanced Mathematics (M2)

Basic Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics (M1)

Computer science

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Chemistry

Biology For Engineers

BTech Automobile subjects:

Electronics And Microprocessors

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Engineering Mechanics

Composite Structures

Theory Of Machines



Mechanics Of Machines

Strength Of Materials

Fluid Mechanics And Machinery

BTech Chemical subjects:

Energy Engineering & Technology

Fluid & Fluid Particle Systems

Electrochemical Engineering

Mass Transfer

Inorganic And Physical Chemistry


Chemical Engineering

Organic Chemistry

BTech Civil subjects:

Design Of Steel Structures

Structural Analysis

Environmental Engineering & Management

Analysis Of Indeterminate Structures

Railway Engineering And Airport Planning

Remote Sensing And Gis

Mechanics Of Structure

Disaster Management And Mitigation

Design Of Foundation And Earth Retaining Structures

Highway And Traffic Engineering


Engineering Geology

Building Code And Requirements

Hydraulics And Hydraulic Machines

Civil Engineering Materials And Construction

Estimation And Costing

Elements Of Earthquake Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Computer Aided Analysis And Design

Urban Transportation Planning

Applied Soil Engineering

Concrete Design and Technology

Engineering Optimization

Fluid Mechanics

Hydrological Analysis

Coastal Engineering

Strength & Mechanics Of Materials

Air And Noise Pollution And Control

Structural Design And Drawing

Waste Treatment and Management

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Reinforcement And Geosynthetics

Resource Management

Building Science & Technology

BTech Computer Science subjects:

Software Project Management

Network Processors

Programming in C#

Computer Organization & Design

Information Security

Artificial Intelligence

Storage Device and Technology

Compiler Design

Performance Modelling and Analysis

Network security

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Simulation and Modelling

Data Communication

Computer Hardware


Software Engineering and Architecture

Network Management & Design

Database Management Systems

Design Of Digital Systems

Computer Networks

Design and Analysis of Algorithms


Wireless Networks

Types of Database Systems

Number Theory and Cryptography

Object Oriented Programming & Systems

Web Engineering

Internet Technology and Applications

Object Technology

Data Structures and Algorithms

Computer Architecture

Switching Circuits & Logic Design

BTech Electrical & Communication subjects:

Electronic Instrumentation

Signals & Circuits Simulation

Logic Design

Wireless Communication

Optical Fiber Communication

Power Electronics

Electronic Product Design & Packaging

Data Structures and Algorithms

Embedded Networking

Spread Spectrum Communication

Wireless Sensor Networks

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

Soft Computing Techniques

Nanoscience & Technology

Digital System Design

Information Theory and Coding

Linear Systems & Signals

Real Time Systems

Digital Electronics

Communication Networks

Semiconductor Device Physics

System on Chip Design


Satellite Communication

Microwave Integrated Circuits

Processors and Controllers

Embedded System Design

Electromagnetic Waves

Computer Organization and Architecture

Digital Communication

Radar and Navigation Systems

Flexible Electronics

Electronic System Design

Microcontrollers and Applications

Object Oriented Programming

Error Control Coding

Active Filter Design

(MEMS) Microelectromechanical Systems Technology

Network Analysis

(RF) Radio Frequency & Microwave Engineering

Mobile Communication

(RTL) Register Transfer Level Verification using Verilog

Digital Image Processing

Analog Communication

(IC) Integrated Circuit Systems

Electronic Circuit Design

Analog Electronics

Speech and Audio Processing

Linear and Digital Control Systems

(VLSI/ULSI) Very Large Scale Integration Process Technology

Analog Signal Processing

BTech Electrical & Electronics subjects:

Solid State Drives

Finite Element Method And Applications

Energy Management & Auditing

Power Generation And Economics


Fuzzy-Neural Control

Power Electronics

Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation

Discrete Fourier Transforms And Digital Filter Design

Measurements & Instrumentation

Power System Protection, Regulation & Security

Lighting Science: Devices And Systems

Incremental Motion Control

Photovoltaics And Applications

Embedded Processor Architecture

Electromagnetic Theory

Communication Systems

Electric Energy Systems

Computer Control Of Energy Systems

Electric Power Quality

Applications of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Electrical Circuit Analysis

Computer Networks

Algorithms And Data Structures

Database Management Systems

Distribution System Automation, Planning And Control

Sensor Technology And Instrumentation Design

Design Of Intelligent Electronic Devices

System Design & Computer Architecture

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design

Modelling And Simulation Techniques For Dynamic System

Traveling Waves On Transmission System

Linear And Digital Control Theory

Condition Monitoring Techniques For Electrical Equipments

Electrical Machinery

(EMI) Electromagnetic Interference Testing And Design For Compatibility

(Dc- Ac) Direct Current-Alternatiing Current System Interaction

Digital Computer Organization And Architecture

Electric Drives

Building Automation Systems

Linear And Nonlinear Systems

Renewable Energy

Data Structures & Algorithms

Insulation And Testing Engineering

High-Voltage Direct Current (Hvdc) Transmission

Non-Conventional Energy Systems

Network SynthesiS

Signal Processing

Analog And Digital Communication

Power System Engineering

Flexible Ac Transmission Systems

Direct Energy Conversion

High-Voltage Engineering

Digital Control Systems

Neural Networks And Applications

Alternative Energy Sources

Control Systems

Modern Power Converters

Real Time Systems

Circuit Theory

Intel Ia-32 Architecture

Electric Power Stations

Industrial Automation & Control

BTech Information Science subjects:

Internet Tools &Technology

Computer Graphics and Animation

Internet of Things

Software Architecture

Data Structures and Algorithms

Computer Networks

Computer Organization & Microprocessor Systems

Digital Systems

Embedded Systems

Operating Systems

Human Computer Interaction

Software Engineering

Semantic Web

Database Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Object Oriented Programming

Cloud Computing

BTech Instrumentation subjects:

Analytical and Optical Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation & Control

Sensor Technology

Power Electronics

Control System Components and Design

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design

Analog Electronic Circuits

Industrial Automation

Microelectromechanical Systems

Communication Systems

Electrical and Electronics Measurements

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Computational Techniques

Digital Electronics Circuits

Robust Control

Embedded System Design

Robotics Systems & Control

Programmable Logic Controller

Signals And Systems

Industrial Instrumentation

Reliability and Safety Engineering

Electrical Circuit Analysis

Virtual Instrumentation

Computer Networks & Protocol

Digital Signal Processing

Linear Control Theory

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

Sensors And Transducers

Digital System Design

Nonlinear Control Systems

Real Time Embedded Systems

Digital Image Processing

Analog System Design

BTech Mechanical subjects:

Fluid Drives and Control

Fluid Mechanics

Environmental Pollution Control

Plant Layout and Material Handling

Manufacturing Technology

Automotive Fuels and Fuel Sysytems

Engineering Acoustics

Intelligent Systems

Design Engineering

Mechanics of Machines



Dynamics of Machinery

Machine Tool Technology

Modeling and simulation of Engineering Systems

Non-Conventional Energy Sources/ Solar Energy

Machine Design

Energy Engineering and Management

Operations Research

Product Design and Manufacturing


Engineering Drawing & Graphics

Industrial Robotics

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control

Kinematics of Machinery

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems

Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

Micro Machining

Electronic Mesurement & Instrumentation

Mechatronics Engineering

Production and Operations Management

Electro Magnetic Theory

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Robotics: Mechanics Control and Programming

Strength of Materials

Heat & Mass Transfer

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys


Material Science and Metallurgy

Welding Technology

Elasticity & Plasticity

Automobile Engineering

Micro-Electromagnetic Systems(MEMS) and Nano Technology

BTech Mechantronics subjects:

Design of Machine Elements

Design of Mechanical Drives

Digital Integrated Circuits and Applications

Micro- Manufacturing Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Database Management Systems

Programmable Logic Controller

Measurements and Instrumentation

Mechanics of Robotic Systems

Mechanical Vibrations

Manufacturing Technology


Theory of Machines

Strength of Materials

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Design

Electric Drives

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Wireless Sensor Networks

Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications

Microcontroller Based System Design

MTech Tuition


Chemical Engineering

Electronics/Telecom Engineering


Civil Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Other Engineering topics

Class Location:

My Institute

Engineering Diploma Tuition

Engineering Diploma Branch:

Information Technology Engineering Diploma


Mechanical Engineering Diploma

Engineering Diploma 1st Year

Chemical Engineering Diploma

Production Engineering Diploma

Automobile Engineering Diploma

Electrical Engineering Diploma

Civil Engineering Diploma

Computer Engineering Diploma

Class strength catered to:

One on one/ Private Tutions

Group Classes

Class Location:

My Institute

Type of class:

Crash Course

Regular Classes

Engineering Diploma Subject:


Applied Science ( Mechanical & Plastic )

Basic Physics

Communication Skills

Computer Fundamentals

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Mathematics

Basic Chemistry

Engineering Mechanics

Basic Math

Automobile Engineering Diploma Subject:

Theory of Machines & Mechanisms

Automobile Systems

Automobile Transmission Systems

Basic Electrical and Electronics

Hydraulics and Pnumatics

Advanced Automobile Engines

Environmental Pollution and Control

Automotive Electrical and Electronic Syaytems

Automobile component Design

Strength of Materials

Mechanical Engineering Drawing

Automibile Engines

Heat Power Engineering

Applied Math


Vehicle aerodynamics and Design

Automobile Manufacturing Processes

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Computer Programming

Production Engineering Diploma Subjects:

Electrical Technology


Automobile Manufacturing System

Strength of Materials

Production Processes

Measurements And Control

Fundamentals of Electronics

Production Technology

Heat Engineering

Tool Design

Mechanical Engineering Materials

Fluid mechanics and machinery


Applied Mathematics

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Mechanical Engineering Drawing

Manufacturing Processes

Information Technology Engineering Diploma Subject:

Communication Techniques

Computer Networks

Software Engineering

Embedded System

Digital Techniques

Operating System

Data Structure

Management Information Systems

Advanced Web Technology

Microprocessor & Programming

Object Oriented Programming

Computer Architecture & Maintenance

Chemical Engineering Diploma Subject:

Mass Transfer Operation

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Fluid Flow Operation

Heat Transfer Operation

Applied Mathematics

Civil Engineering Diploma Subject:

Estimating & Costing

Design Of Steel Structures


Architectural Practices and Interior Design

Environment Engineering

Transportation Engineering


Highway Engineering

Theory Of Structures

Building Construction

Design of Structures

Building Services And Entrepreneurship Development

Plumbing Services

Applied Mathematics (CE and ME Group)

Building Drawing

Geo Technical Engineering

Concrete Technology

Rural Engineering

Advance Surveying

Computer Aided Drawing

Irrigation Engineering

Mechanics of Structures

Micro Irrigation

Mechanical Engineering Diploma Subject:

Theory of Machines & Mechanisms

Fundamentals of Electronics


Applied Mathematics

Production Technology

Automobile Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Mechanical Engineering Materials

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Industrial Project & Entrepreneurship Development

Power Engineering

Tool Engineering

Refrigeration & AirConditioning

Strength of Materials

Measurements & Control

Manufacturing Technology

Mechanical Engineering Drawing


Thermal Engineering

Production Processes

Electrical Engineering Diploma Subject:

Electrical Measurements And Measuring Instruments

Electric Circuit Theory

Switchgear And Protection

Electronic Devices And Logic Circuit

Electrical Installation

Power Electronics

Electrical Energy Audit And Conservation

Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Power

Electrical Repair And Maintenance

Electrical Engineering Drawing

Control System Components

Micro Hydro Power

Power Stations

Electrical Machines

Electric Drives

Principles Of Management And Costing

Electrical And Electronics Engineering Material

Computer Programming

Computer Aided Design

Basic Electronics

Power System Operation And Maintenance

Civil Construction And Survey

Utilization Of Electrical Energy

Electrical Design, Estimation And Costing

Computer Engineering Diploma Subject:

Embedded System

Computer Network

Digital Techniques

Applied Mathematics

Data Structure Using 'C'

Environmental Studies

Electrical Technology

Basics of C Programming

AMIE Coaching Classes

Class Location:

My Institute

Staff Selection Commission Exam

Class Location:

My Institute

Railway Exam classes

Class Location:

My Institute

Project Work

Project work type:

College Level Project

PSC Exam Coaching classes

PSC state:

Telangana state Public Service Commission (TSPSC)

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)

Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC)

Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC)

Class Location:


2nd floor ,fathima complex,cherooty road

Calicut, Kozhikode, India- 673001. .


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Answers 8 Questions Answered

"Define LED?" in   Railway Exam classes

light emiting diode


"What is feedback control system?" in   Railway Exam classes

the system having corrective measure to get desired output by comparing output with the reference


"What is DAC?" in   Railway Exam classes

digital to analog converter


"What is the purpose of using NAND gate?\" in   Railway Exam classes

to get output except the condition which the inputs are high


"Define n-p-n transistor?" in   Railway Exam classes

semiconductor doping with ntype-ptype-ntype,


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Tecgate conducts classes in AMIE Coaching, BTech Tuition and Engineering Diploma Tuition. It is located in Calicut, Kozhikode. It takes classes Regular Classes- at the Institute.