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Hello all, 

Please help me, after completing  b.tech in 2016 in Electronics and communication Engineering,  I joined BPO sector as I was not good at practical also my teachers do not even have knowledge how to run any program, they only provided bookish knowledge which only helped me to pass the exam.

Now I am completely messed up in my life, my father passed away in 2017 and mother also left me in 2010.You can also raise questions about my decisions but I am writing this with lot of hope.

Now, I want to switch this BPO job as I am just an associate for about 4 years, Only upgraded to senior associate but still an associate. Initially I thought it is because I have lack of skills but later I realised it's not about skill but my passion is not inclined with this job.

For some days I got motivated and do amazing work and after that my motivation goes down.

It is very hard time for me to find out my passion but I actually able to realize that I am good at research skills, like if you given me anything and want me to check the details about it, I find my interest in it. I also can relate too much to the finance sector but don't know what should I do? 

Please share what should I do at this time, what are the available options for me to switch my career or if I can do any course to get the Job. The only concern for me, companies will treat me as a fresher and may give me less package. I am currently 29 years old and unmarried so I don't have any responsibility. 


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