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Baner, Pune

Course ID: 41930

Baner, Pune

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About the Course

This course is will cover topics of Basic Java topics with hands-on on Coding, project structure and Industry standards IDE.

Overview Of Programming With Java

1.1     What Is Programming ? Why We Need Programming

1.2     How To Learn Programming & Programming Skills

1.3     How Can I Be A Good/Excellent Programmer

1.4     More details on Java

1.4.1  Platform Independence In Java - WORA & WOCA

1.4.2  Java And Internet - Creating Java Applet

1.4.3  What Is Servlet In Java?

1.4.4  Java Bytecode

1.4.5  Java Buzzwords

1.4.6  JDK JRE JVM JIT - Java Compiler

1.4.7  Java Versions And Changes Done In Every Version

1.4.8  Java Keywords

1.5     Simple Programs and Development environment

1.5.1  Installation Of Java on your PC

1.5.2  Java Sample Program - Simple Hello World Program In Java

1.5.3  How to Compile and Run Java Program In Cmd Prompt

2        Datatypes

2.1     Data Types In Java

2.2     Primitive Datatypes

2.2.1  Primitive Data Types In Java

2.2.2  Integer Data Types In Java

2.2.3  Floating Point Data Types In Java

2.2.4  Java Character

2.2.5  Boolean Data Type In Java

2.2.6  Literals         Java Literals         Integer Literals In Java         Floating Point Literals In Java         Character Literals In Java         String Literal In Java         Boolean Literals In Java

3        Variables

3.1     Java Variables

3.2     Scope Of Variables In Same Block

3.3     Type Conversion In Java

3.4     Type Casting In Java

4        Operators

4.1     Operators In Java

4.2     Java Arithmetic Operators

4.3     Basic Arithmetic Operators In Java

4.4     Increment And Decrement Operators In Java

4.5     Modulus Operator In Java

4.6     Arithmetic Compound Assignment Operators In Java

4.7     Relational Operators In Java

4.8     Boolean Logical Operators In Java

4.9     Short Circuit Logical Operators In Java

4.10   Assignment Operator In Java

4.11   Ternary Operator In Java

4.12   Java Operator Precedence And Associativity

4.13   Temperature Conversion Program In Java

5        Control Statements

5.1     Control Statements In Java

5.2     Selection Statements

5.2.1  Selection Statements In Java

5.2.2  if Condition In Java

5.2.3  Nested if Statements In Java

5.2.4  if else if ladder In Java

5.2.5  switch Statement In Java

5.2.6  if else Vs switch Performance In Java

5.2.7  Nested switch Statements In Java

5.2.8  Fall Through Switch Case Statements In Java

5.3     Blocks of code

5.3.1  Block Of Code In Java

5.3.2  Scope Of Variables In Nested/Multiple Blocks

5.3.3  Lifetime Of Variable In Java

5.3.4  Expressions, Statement, Line & Block In Java

5.4     Iteration statements (Loops)

5.4.1  Iteration Statements Or Loops In Java

5.4.2  while Loop In Java

5.4.3  for Loop In Java

5.4.4  for Vs while Loop In Java

5.4.5  do while Loop In Java

5.4.6  Nested Loops in Java

5.4.7  Nested While Loop In Java

5.4.8  Nested for Loop In Java

5.4.9  for Loop Example Program In Java - Sum Of Numbers

5.4.10 Factorial Program In Java Using for Loop

5.4.11 Factorial Program In Java Using While Loop

5.5     Jump Statements

5.5.1  Jump Statements In Java

5.5.2  Using Break In for Loop To Exit

5.5.3  Using break in switch case Statement

5.5.4  Using Java Break Statements as Java Goto

5.5.5  Using break In Nested Loop Java Program

5.5.6  Java continue Statement

5.5.7  Java return Statement

5.6     Java for loops vs Java while loops vs Java do while loops

6        Methods - Importance

6.1     Basic Java Methods

6.2     Java Methods

6.3     Java Methods - Parameter Passing And Scope

6.4     Java Program To Find Simple Interest Using Methods

6.5     Recursive In Java

7        Array - Overview

7.1     Java Array

7.2     Creation And Declaration Of Array In Java

7.3     Arraylist Access Using Index

7.4     Java Multidimensional Array

7.5     Java Array Initialization

7.6     Learn Arrays And Loops

7.7     Java Code To Print Student Details Using Arrays

7.8     For-each Loop In Core Java Programming

7.9     Command Line Arguments In Core Java Programming

8        Classes

8.1     Java Class

8.2     Java Classes and Java Objects

8.3     Java Objects References

8.4     Member Variable In Java

8.5     Class References And Objects In Java

8.6     To Print Student Details Using Classes In Java

8.7     Create Objects Using Constructors In Java

8.8     Class With Multiple Constructors In Java

8.9     this Keyword In Java

8.10   Behavior Of Java Classes Using Methods

8.11   Java Multiple Methods In One Class

8.12   Calling A Class From Another Class In Java

8.13   Creating A Class For Data Validation

8.14   Java Program To Find Rectangle Area & Perimeter Using Classes

8.15   Java Program to Find Area of Various Shapes Using Classes

8.16   Java Program To Compare Movies

9        Class Inheritance

9.1     Java Class Inheritance

9.2     Is-A Relationship In Java

9.3     Passing Sub Class Object As Super Class Reference

9.4     Assigning Sub Class Object To Super Class Reference In Java

9.5     Assigning Super Class Reference To A Sub Class Reference In Java

9.6     Multilevel Inheritance In Java With Example Program

10      Methods Overriding, Overloading

10.1   Method Overloading In Java

10.2   Is Java Pass by Reference or Pass by Value

10.3   Method Overriding In Java

10.4   Inheritance Example Program To Remove Duplicate Code

10.5   How A Method Can Be Overridden In Different Ways

10.6   Method Overloading Vs Method Overriding

10.7   Super Keyword In Java To Call Super Class Constructor

10.8   Inheritance And Constructors In Java

10.9   Dynamic Method Dispatch - Calling Overridden Methods In Java

10.10 Run Time Polymorphism In Java

11      Abstract Class And Methods

11.1   Java Abstract Class

11.2   Abstract Method In Java

11.3   Rules For Abstract Methods and Abstract Classes

11.4   Creating Array Of Objects In Java

11.5   Java Program To Find Largest Area by Comparing Various Shapes

11.6   Java Program For Cricket Players Using Class Hierarchy

12      Interfaces, Packages and Access Control

12.1   Java Interface

12.2   Difference Between Interfaces And Abstract Classes

12.3   Future Task Java Program Using Interfaces

12.4   Creating Interface In Java With Example Program

12.5   Java Package

12.6   How To Compile Classes in Package

12.7   Using private Keyword In Java For Access Control

12.8   Access Modifiers In Java

12.9   Java Access Modifiers With Example Program

13      final, static and others

13.1   final Keyword In Java

13.2   Static Keyword In Java

13.3   Creating Static Methods In Java Using Static Keyword

13.4   Singleton Design Pattern In Java

13.5   Java Program To Explain Public Static Void Main

13.6   Static and Non Static Variables - Static and Non Static Methods

14      Object Oriented Concepts - Revisited

14.1   Abstraction in Java

14.2   Polymorphism In Java

14.3   Encapsulation In Java

14.4   Inheritance In Java

15      Exceptions

15.1   Why Java Throws Exceptions

15.2   How To Handle An Exception In Java

15.3   Exception Handling In Java with Example Program

15.4   Try Catch Block In Java

15.5   Java Multiple Catch Block With Example Program

15.6   Java Finally Block In Exception Handling

15.7   User Defined Exception In Java

15.8   Java Throw Keyword - Java Throws Keyword

15.9   Difference Between Error and Exception in Java

15.10 Checked Exception Vs Unchecked Exception In Java

15.11 Java Built In Exceptions Checked Exceptions, Unchecked Exceptions

15.12 Exception Handling Syntax In Java Programming

16      Multithreaded Programming

16.1   Thread Concept In Java

16.2   The Java Thread Model

16.2.1 Creation Of Threads In Java

16.2.2 Java Inter Thread Communication With Example

16.3   Synchronization

16.3.1 Thread Synchronization In Java Using 'Synchronized'

16.3.2 static synchronized In Java

16.3.3 Java Synchronized Blocks

16.4   Handling Thread DeadLock In Java

16.5   Java Thread Group

16.6   Modern Ways Of Suspending, Resuming And Stopping Threads In Java

17      Generics

17.1   Java Generics

17.2   A Simple Generics Example

17.2.1 How Generics Improve Type Safety In Java

17.3   A Generic Class With Two Type Parameters In Java

17.4   Java Bounded Type - Bounded Type In Java

17.5   Generics Wildcards In Java With Examples

17.6   Java Generics In Methods And Constructors

17.7   Generic Interface In Java

17.8   Java Type Erasure

18      Strings

18.1   Java String

18.2   Java length() Method | length() Method In Java - StringsCourse can be conducted in Baner as well as Aundh as per Students.

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Nishant Gulhane

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He have work experience for 5.1 years in java technologies in MNC and also work as a project guide for education institute. In addition to development skills he also has good experience in Automation testing using Selenium.


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