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PTEM Weekend

62 Reviews

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Online via Zoom

Course ID: 29071

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Online via Zoom

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62 Reviews

About the Course

I am a poised professional trader and professional technical analyst course instructor, having more than 14 years of experience in capital market, I have an institute specially designed for advance technical analysis course. My institute is first Indian institute which run online technical analysis course throughout the nation. I do use my own experience while teach, not those idiot like theories which available in market.

Before contacting me please be sure you have at least basic understanding of Indian market and you are able to learn online. Remember, obviously you will choose me whether I am capable to teach you or not but me too will choose you if you are eligible to be my student or not. Remember , neither I do teach in large number batch nor I do teach more than 1 class a day. Class time is 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. You must be available in that time Mon-Fri. As I do not teach in large batch you must wait for next batch after advance booking.

Also note that, I take Rs 25000.00 (Twenty thousand) course fee. A truly professional course along with mentoring deserve it.

You will learn from me and will practice with me for 6 months after completing the course, after then if you not able to make money in stock market then be sure you will not able to make money with anyone else for next ten years at least. if not with me then not with anyone else. My course is such worthy.

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About the Trainer

Narendra Nath Das picture

4.99 Avg Rating

84 Reviews

106 Students

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Narendra Nath Das


14 Years of Experience

Started career in stock market as a dealer in 2004, then become RM, then join portfolio management team, then become research analyst technical and in 2013, left job and started own trading. More than 14 years of experience in stock market in various segment. Right now a professional trader and technical analysis course instructor.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Shrikant Joshi

I got my basics cleared by attending the classes conducted by Narendra Sir. Below are the basics. * To identify the Demand & Supply (Entry & Exit) levels. * Not loosing money in market is another way of earning. * He sets his students apart from the money loosing crowd. * Purely Technical knowledge about Stocks & Market. * No body is perfect in this world but now i believe in me & what i learnt from him, & it is financially benefiting me what else i want ? He has turned entire story of mine from a money looser in market to the Rule base trader. Academics of the Stock Market are simply simplified here. Any lay man to an expert trader can come & learn here a lot in terms of Technical Analysis. A big Thank You Sir for showing the unique aspect of the market.


Indrajit Mukherjee

If anyone want to learn and earn more from share market they must attain classes of Naren Sir. His teaching contents, teaching techniques are fabulous. Not only as a teacher he is grate but also a human being he is great, very much helpful and very kind to everyone. Also at any time if you have any query you can call and talk to sir, all time he is with us (Student). In my opinion he is the god of share market and best teacher in India.


Damodar Kulkarni

Narendranath Das sir is best teacher with excellent knowledge, he is one who can help you to achieve success in stock market. After learning and going through sir classes one can make high ROI from his or her trading, following his strategy and learning. He has lot of knowledge and humble nature to teach and help at every step of trading. One should learn from Naren Sir to enhance knowledge in market. Thank you narendranath sir and I am great full to learn from you.


Rahul Darekar

Naren sir has very in depth knowledge of stock market and true guru of technical analysis. He has unique style of teaching where he insures that students are understanding the subject clearly. Master of demand supply theory, go to person for all sorts of doubts anytime. He is very open and always helpful. Must training if you want to get in professional trading.


Ravi Wadhwani

Mentor, Friend,Guru all are the combination of Naren Sir. I recently did the course from sir and love the energy positivity and the content of this course. Naren sir knowledge about the market is great, Today I am able to analyst the market because of you. I wasn't even think that much deep on stock market before attending this class,Thank you for tremendous support.


Suman Hazra

I have undergone in last 30 days from our beloved, respected and humble Naren Sir. You Will feel like EUREKA after you are done with this Module. If anyone of you in a dilemma either to go for this Course or Not,then don't join this curse. On the other way round if you take the course as a small investment then Return on Investment is infinite within smaller to larger time frame. Sir is having such a wonderful content and Vast knowledge about market action and Market Analysis. Sir will make you understand how to Analyze and Earn from the market and you will get Sir's upper hand in your lifetime. Not to predict the Market unlike others.. If you follow the golden words and theories from Sir's mouth then you will be that 2% people who make money from Secondary Market. Investment , Short Term and Intraday all will be covered in a planned manner. You will be master of everything with Jack of all trade. Sir Behavior and Intellectual level of the Course can't be rated as 5/5. Rather be rated as 10 out of 5. Course will give you the satisfaction in a way as if you are lying on your mother's Lap. I am thankful to God that I find Sir as my Market Mentor/Friend. Thank You Sir and best wishes to new aspirant who wanna Join this Professional Module. The Course is "Better than The Best".



This is a unique module in stock market , basically supply and demand concept. no indicator,no oxilator required, pure price action strategy. overall very simple concept everyone can easily learn. I am very lucky that i found naren sir and one of my best mentor in my life .and i strongly believed that, this is my life changing course. Thank you so much sir for your valuable guidence for life time.


Biswajeet das

After losing a lot in the market initially.I came to know about him.He is excellent in his field of teaching stock market as well as mentoring.I came to know a lot about how a professional trader work in the market.He is one of the best teacher in eastern India for stock market trading and investing.



Naren sir, your knowledge, your experience and teaching methods are at par excellence. The way you handle respectfully everyone, let him be new in the stock market or old experience. Everyone is practically trading in profit. Thanks a lot for your dedication and sincerity.



One of best and rare mentors one can find, who imparts knowledge freely without keeping anything back. One of the best quality that Naren sir has is that he never hesitates to answer your doubts.No matter how much of it you have I, for one, had lots of it. His teachings are worthy enough to make you a Stock market professional (Of course you need to practice rigorously, what he taught). I consider myself to be blessed to have got the guidance in this field from him.



One of the best stock market courses I have attended till date. If you want to earn money in stock market then you need to know demand and supply theory. There is nothing beyond demand and supply. Sir's teaching is very simple and his knowledge about market is incredible. Now I am confident about my trading. Thank you so much sir. You changed my life.


Ahin Sarkar

Naren sir is highly experienced professional stock trader have in dept knowledge about stock market. I am very fortunate that i had found Naren sir on Urbanpro. Naren sir's teaching technique are simple & very easy to understand for a novice trader like me. His continuous mentoring & guidance boost my confidence to trade like a professional. He is my GURU, thank you very much sir for your teachings and guidance.



I was novice in share market but after having regular class by my beloved sir, now i know the insight about the market. Beside this, his regular mentoring are awesome. He is more like a friend than a teacher also. I loved him very much.


Atul Khairnar

Naren Sir is a excellent and talented coach with in-depth knowledge of all the trading analogies. I am lucky enough to get in touch with Sir and with his training and lifetime support I can guarantee that no retail trader will be in loss anymore. Happy Trading.


Amitava Hazra

His learning Strategy is best and he is very helpful after end course still now he always helping me all time. After all he is Great Human its very much appreciated.


Abanindra nath Das

Some times teacher makes the subject much more easier. Thank you Naren sir. Every End of the month I am in profit that is because of you.


Pallab roy

About to graduate from dronakul. It was really a life changing experience for me. Could not knew trading can be so easy with one two odd tools and demand supply theory. The learning is very simple but very effective .pre defined trget ,sl ,risk management is best suited to cope with anxiety.I bet you will learn something unique .Thank you sir for everything. Your always there to guide and clear our doubt.


Ashis Kumar Banerjee

Teaching content, method & support during and after the course is awesome. Leaned new perspectives of analysis. Over-all great experience.


Sourajit Das

I am very happy with his teaching methods. I started off as a novice and they way he explains each and every thing (no matter how stupid the questions are) is remarkable. The best part about his teaching is the simplicity, he teaches only 5-6 handful methods of determining when to enter & exit and how to maximise the returns and these methods have turned to be very effective. Another important part is the assistance & guidance he provides both during and outside the market hours, he doesn't only share his findings (scripts) but also encourages you to do your research and find scripts and he vets them personally.



Thank you sir for sharing your experience and knowledge with me . It was my curiosity for learning stock market which had driven me towards you and you quenched that thirst completely. Now, after the completion of the course I am quite sure that I am going to laugh at my previous investments. Each and every minute of your class was worthy. Looking forward to attend saturday's practice class from now on. Thank you for the support.


Mukesh Singhi

What should i say about sir? The vast knowledge he has about the market is something which very few have and to covert that into teaching is something unimaginable. Before the classes he told me that he is a pro trader and not a pro teacher but after the classes i would like to say he is obviously a pro trader but he is a pro teacher as well. Thank God i got connected with you sir.


Kamaljeet singh

He is the best mentor, One can have in his stock market trading profession, if you cant earn with his strategies, believe me you must exit the market today, and find a good job for you. Here you can fulfill every need of life. He use so much easy language in training sessions that anyone can learn just he should know English language terms only, if you don't know the terms then he will explain In short he is full mentor package.


Kajal Khanna

I belong to a stock market family and I always had an interest in the stock market but I somehow knew that no one will be able to help me with the basics. And that's when I found Naren Sir on Urbanpro. And have been really lucky to have him as a mentor from the very starting. Initially, I was scared whether I'll be able to understand it or not but he supported me like a pillar. So I owe it all to him. Thank you Naren Sir.


Subhra Mukherjee

To start with I was "Zero" in share market. I saw millions trading - some making profits, maximum losses. I was inquisitive - what it is all about. Finally I found Mr. Narendranath Das - who taught me, guided me and enlightened me how to trade through his training program. Today with confidence, I can boost that I may not be an ultimate professional trader but can surely claim that I am well educated about the subject. Well, I have completed my course almost two and a half month back and in this span of time I can analyse well, select proper scripts and trade well. My success percentage is also more than 70% on a weekly basis. I started with a lac of rupees as an investment, and have been successful in multiplying it by few times in this short span of time with proper guidance of Mr. N. Das. In short, no business is better than this on this planet if someone do have a proper knowledge about the subject and for me this is only possible because of Mr. Narendranath Das. Time and again reference to his PPTs and the recordings of the classes are of great advantage. All credit goes to him for a proper training and right guidance and last but not the least - a very big "Thank you" to him. Hope he will always be with me for my success.


Sandip Mukherjee

I would like to thank Naren da for teaching me and taking me through the essentials of stock trading and how to become a professional trader. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and is patient with his students and is always approachable and supporting of queries of his students. He is such a easy person to interact with. He teaches students using a detailed PowerPoint presentation and live scenarios while imparting training. I wish him all the very best in life and highly recommend him to students who want to learn the basics or even polish their skills and knowledge of trading in the stock markets.


Prasun Bhattacharya

Thanks to Naren Sir to make me realize that the Trading in stock market is not gambling , to make me understand that the depth of the huge ocean of stock market can be analyzed, measured & could be sailed on it technically . He the person who make me believe that I also can do trading successfully & in a professional manner as before knowing him I even don't know what is SEBI and NSE. And the thing inspired me the most about him specially as a Bengali guy is that a Bengali guy also can make courage and can gain that much of confidence to kick off his so called secured service (not job)and choose trading as a career only on basis of his knowledge. As a student I can say he not only deliver his knowledge but also deliver his patience level , his discipline , his confidence , his courage. He never wish us the best luck , he always wish us to achieve maximum income tax slab. As a student of Dronakul I truly get the the Drona. Even after completion of the course he is always there for his students. Thanks one again.


Amit Sharma

Sir Narendranath is amazing, he can be called a "Knowledge Bank" literally. The process of his teaching is just awesome. I had a mindblowing experience with his way of teaching. He is not only a marvellous teacher but is a very good human being as well. I feel blessed to have a teacher, guide and friend like him. I wish I had an opportunity to be his student far before I met him. I thank him for every knowledge which his has given me.


Siddhartha Mukherjee

Naren Sir's classes were Simply awesome. The entire funda of trading has been very carefully explained in details and at the end, the trading itself has been made easy using demand and supply. Secondly, the Do's & Don'ts and the common mistakes that an amateur trader commits has been repeatedly explained and cautioned. Finally, he gives an absolutely personal touch to the trades that the trainees undertake. Earlier, I knew nothing about trading & today I am a confident trader after this training. I would like to sincerely thank him for all the invaluable details he has taught and hence enabling me to take confident and profitable trades. During the last few trading sessions I had been constantly making money only due to Sir's training and would be continuing to do the same as a professional trader. Looking forward to remain associated with him in the coming years. My regards to Naren Sir.


Maneesh Tiwari

Awesome understanding analysis and execution. Its really make huge change in my view and market execution. Thanks Narendra sir for your great effort.


Debanjan Chakraborty

Very enriching experience, learnt a lot about price and candle stick patterns and identification of demand & supply levels. His teaching methodology is unparallel, very well paced & he answers all your doubts. Questions without any hesitation. You receive recording of the classes which help you to revise.



The best guide / mentor which I have ever met. He keeps his strategy simple but powerful. I have already recommend him to couple of my friends and they attended training with him. My recommendation is, you go as a clay and he will shape you in such a manner that you can earn as much as you can in share market.


Krishnendu Sen

I am very lucky to getting such kind of Sir. His trading method and guidance is awesome.


Santu paul

Mr. Narendranath is the best of the best teacher from my view. Mr. Narendranath not only teacher he is life time asset for all students. You learn hear different types of technical analysis base of demand and supply. You get best guidelines from Mr. Narendranath.


Sudarshan Kalsulkar

Great experience learning from the Master himself! Narendra sir has extensive experience with hands-on knowledge of how big trade houses trade. And he reveals the secrets of trading like the "Biggies". Probably the only person who practices what he preaches and will show you his ledger and live trades to verify the results of his teachings. He's very helpful and teaching sessions were interactive. Immediate application of the theory in live sessions to guage the understanding of students made it even more interesting. Limited number of students per batch meant proper attention to every individual's queries. Best part is his weekly follow-up training sessions with all his students. This is my first formal education in trading and looking at the wonderful results I don't think I'll need any other classes. I am lucky and honored to have a mentor in Narendra Sir.


Rahul Sachdeva

I have never come across a Mentor like him, he helps each of his student till he becomes a good trader. Thanks a lot Naren sir for your help & support. Wish you great success in your future ventures.


Harinderpal Singh

I have completed my training from sir in last year. Now i am doing trading like a professional trader and i believe that Narendra sir is the best trainer i have ever seen. Here we learn professional trading strategies with solid risk management which are used by institutional traders.



I have taken training from Naren sir. I liked the most as he take care of even after completion which in liked the most.


Surjeet Singh

Sir teaches advance techniques which is applied by institutions along with risk management and position sizing. Not only that he mentors till the time one becomes pro. He personally takes care for everyone so that everyone grow. Excellent.


Anjana Pv

It was an enlightening experience with Naren sir, stock trading principles and i am amazed at the way he trades and invests with discipline.I am lucky to have met him as guide although we are miles away. The next best thing about sir is followup sessions ,doubts clarification,easy access even after the classes get over. He is a true dronacharya. After taking up his classes, i have stopped trading blindly,follow charts religiously,news-based trading above all ,keeping SL-stoploss. Also ,i have stopped bothering about brokerage calls because we are equipped to identify demand and supply zones. I wish I had met him before i got trapped in one of the brokerage packages. Sir loves his students' and i wish this association with him will last forever. I know longer worry about day-to-day volatility and it has worked wonders in many cases. I would wish to continue learning with him all the trading secrets and new tools. After leaving my full-time job as lecturer, i tried brokerage package, it only reduced my hard-earned money and investments but i had not given hope and one fine day God showered his blessings and i could find him on google, i can say i am lucky and confident that i will earn back the lost money and continue to grow my investments. Thank you.


A Rathod

I am one of sir's old students, staying sticky with him for past 4 years. I have never seen a good trader or teacher like him. I do suggest even a professional trader to learn once from Narendra sir else one best category teaching you will miss in your life.


Ajay Kumar

I am in love with Narendra sir's course and trading style. He is my 6th technical analysis instructor but the best. Other all advance technical analysis what I had learnt earlier, all that course together are not compatible with Narendra sir PTEM course. Hats of Demand supply techniques.



Narendra sir is a really good teacher. I am happy with my earning from trading. More than enough I earn from my investment.


S Mamluskar

I was badly needed a second source of income. I have heard people only lose money in stock market. Not quiet sure if start trading or not. But due to my hectic night job there were no other option. Somehow I find narendra sir in urbanpro and called him, he seems so confident that he told me "If not able to make money with me then next 10 years you will not able to make money with anyone else" His confidence was so irony that I had started my class with him. What a guide, mentor, teacher he is! He has never left my hand after course. Actually he never left his student after course. Doing good trade with Narendra sir guide, thinking to left my job and start full time trading. Yes I do mean it.


Amit Kumar

How to explain Narendra sir's teaching skill. Just awesome. I have learnt advance technical analysis course earlier but not able to make money. Almost depressed of trading then one of my office colleague suggest of Narendra sir. I join his course then come to know the real trading strategy. Thanks sir, I have covered all my losses and now in profit.


S Bagla

I have learnt demand supply base technical analysis from Narendra sir, and understood how market really works. He is just phenomenon analyst, trader, teacher and a good and friendly person. I am a beginner and from the beginning making money. I will strongly recommend Narendra sir, he is the best.


Y R Reddy

I was searching in google for a mentor who is a professional trader. And can correct my mistake and guide me. Then I find Narendra sir name in Urbanpro. I called him directly, talked him almost one hour, as I have 9 years of experience in stock market, I understood I have got what I want. What a splendid skill and knowledge. What a trader. Just amazing. Guru of the Gurus. One can try him and get taste of institutional trading techniques.


Mithun Suvarna

I was very much keen in learning stock market. I struggled a lot with YouTube videos but I did not get the exact info which was useful in trading.Then I joined one online class in which I feel I am fooled with their teaching and there was no clear and clarity info regarding stock market, their motive was make money and fool people with some useless videos and strategies. I was disappointed in that stage then my friend referred Mr.Narendranath das. I made up my mind to join for last one and try. I joined with no expectation of return regarding class. As I continuously attended the class I felt its worth and I could understand the things in simple words. His class is really worth and his intention is to spread the knowledge moreover he is not money minded. I dint know anything regarding demand and supply analysis but now I have a good knowledge, got a good hopes that I can become a good professional trader, one more thing regarding sir is that whenever we have doubt he is available in whatsapp to solve for that I am very much grateful to you sir. I love Naren sir very much and his teaching style is tremendous. I recommend all the trade learners to join his class and get a valuable knowledge.“ I challenge no one will teach you as Naren sir who gives his 100% without hiding any secret knowledge". It’s really good online course. “Sir, How much ever I say about you is less”. I am very much happy with your teaching, your the best professional teacher as far as I have seen. Thank you to come into my life as a guide.


Pankaj Shrivastava

Naren Sir is Excellent teacher; the course, tools, techniques he teach exceeds far beyond in terms of value than the fees he charge. He is also patient to answer all the questions and ensure that he never leaves his students not just during the course but for lifetime. A True teacher and a Great mentor. Naren Sir, thank you so much for everything. 10/10 rating sir as i know that he is Best, the industry has to offer. When he talks you can actually see that it's not him but a vast experience is talking who really worked hard to be there where he is right now.



Learning with Narendra sir is just awesome. I have finished my course in June 2016 but still date I do practice with him. What a mentor! Really great. In my IT profession always there was a red alert. Thanks Narendra sir for his great teaching and support. I have left my job and past 7 months I become a fully trader. A professional trader. I do strongly recommend to learn from Narendra sir for his skill knowledge passion of stock market and mostly he is not just a teacher who do teach only, but also he is a real mentor and professional trader. If anyone wish to see a professional trading then he can hardly find anyone better than Narendra sir. Sir thank you for such great support and life changing education.


Prabhakar Dalvi

He is one of the best teacher in I have ever seen. I took trading lessons from many teachers but I can't compare them with Narendranath sir. He is far far better and best in training the real techniques of trading in stock market. His training is from his heart and soul so pure hiding nothing from the students. All the best wishes for his future students. I am fully devoted to him and admires him as one of my no one best Guru. I feel I am the most lucky person to have him as a teacher. I learned from him how to be professional trader. Thank you very much for giving me opportunity to tell about Narendranath Das sir.


Rajesh Kumar

Teaching technique was very good and everything was simple to understand. Sir was very friendly and in such a short span of time, he completed the course and that too very efficiently.



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I felt that you have a very sound knowledge and experience in your subject. The way of your explanation and making us experienced through the practicals is unbeatable. I am confident that your shared experience, knowledge and mentoring will help an additional path in my life to achieve my goal. Thanks a lot.



Naren is our mentor. He has guided us with right direction and always support us even after course is over. Very punctual on the timings and also makes us understand all concepts. We are lucky to have a guru like him. Thanks to God for showing us right guru. Wishing him to have good health and wealth always.



Stock Trading is a serious business and trying to this business without proper skillset is like jumping from a airplane without a parachute. So you need a teacher. You might ask why Naren Sir? What makes him different? My answer is "He is a Practitioner", a Hard-core Professional & Highly Disciplined Stock Trader, he only teaches concept and techniques which he himself practices in his trading.He teaches the Sam Seiden's evolutionary Demand & Supply Technical analysis but with lots of his own innovation and improvement which he developed after testing then in hundreds of his trades.And best of all, he doesn't leaves us on our own after the completion of the course, he keeps on mentoring us through practice session every week.Apart from Stock Trading Technicals, 2 things you should try to learn from Naren Sir is his Discipline & Patience. This two qualities are must for being a successful in this business. Wish Naren sir good health and successful Life always.


Sourav poddar

One of the most smartest teacher I have in my life. Started my classes in March and sir really helped me in every little thing. The way he teaches, you are bound to learn things. Practically speaking started my trade with 50000 in march and now its around 100000. I can guarantee you guys if you take you classes seriously you will definitely be a gainer.


Kamal Krishna

It was really excellent experience. I learned about all aspects of trading and most important I got confidence on market movement. Starting from very basic we learned all concept and applying them on market. Sir is always there to help us or correct us if we are wrong on some point of analysis during market hours or non market hours. Withing short time frame, I got lot of confidence on market. We all are having weekly practice session on Saturday where sir is available to guide us and correct us while applying concepts. Except that if sir found something new, he can share with us. So, better to say. it's not just a coaching class where you learn theories, it's a long term relationship where you will always find a mentor with you who can guide you in any point of time and always help you to apply all theory concepts on live market.



I was really confused at the start with whom should i take the classes and was looking for someone with proven strategy. Luckily I found Narendar Ji. Starting from his demo class, its been a great learning experience. He practices what he preaches. Awesome Trader. Great Knowledge. Always willing to lend his advice. One of the best teachers & Trainer I have come across.


Amol Pimple

Here I would like share my experience with Dronakul and My Guru Mr. Narendra Das. I feel so much lucky to found him and his teaching changed my life. I was trying to find success in trading since last 5 years but with very little technical knowledge and some times getting service from various advisories.I lost my hard earn money. I almost left the hope of getting success in trading which I was thinking as second source of income.but one find day accidentally I found Dronakul and my Guru Mr. Narendra Das. During first conversation with him I feel the faith and decided to go ahead with online classes of Dronakul. I received real knowledge of trading from my Guru which is really helping me to do the profitable trades. You will not believe I earned almost 1,00,000 INR in juts 30 day and it is still going on day by day. It is not so that now I don't have the losses but now my trades are predefined and I do not feel the tension while doing any trades. In addition Mr. Das is always there to support me.throughout my life. If you are struggling to get success in trading and investment in stock market I will highly recommend to please go for knowledge gaining and Dronakul is the best deal for that.


Surjeet Singh

Very advance technical analysis which is institutional traders secret. Advance risk management technique which pro traders follows. Learn to trade with price only no lagging indicators yet very simple. Without Naren Sir i could not be able to learn this. Life changing experience and value for money. Thanks Naren Sir for your teachings.


Nilesh Rajput

Frankly speaking I have attended many technical analysis course, in spite that i have lost lots of money in market, The main reasons for loosing money was i have been amacher trader ,In market there are 95% people who are losing money, But due to Narendra sir i am a professional trader now & confident of recovering all my losses. I would really like to thank's Narendra sir , he has tremendous knowledge of market, & teaching skills are mind blowing, he had taught how you should buy stocks in hole sale price & sell in retail price.


Priti Chandra

I am writing this review long time after getting invitation, because I wanted to be sure that Narendra sir's techniques and theory work properly. I have completed my course in late 2015 and traded for 1 year long and achieve phenomenon result. Yes now I can say he taught me the best thing. I am a professional trader now because of him. I am trading in stock market for last 8 years but never able to trade like this, first time in 8 years I have made money continuously every month. Many many thanks to Narendra sir.


Mukesh Prasad

Learning Demand Supply Theory and Share Trading methodology with Narendra Da is fun. My whole perception of seeing the market,charts,Ups and Downs have changed. I am able to predict the move of market or any stock in well advances as if it was know to me that it is going to happen as compared to earlier days when it was all a blind call. With Dronakul you don't have bug your heads much inside unwanted conventional theories rather it will be price of stock itself will tell you the history and future of it.


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