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PTE Academic Workshop (Writing)

47 Reviews

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Skype

Course ID: 28594

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Skype

Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 0)

47 Reviews

About the Course

I will teach you the strategies on writing summary and essay in my workshop on PTE Academic Writing.

Topics Covered

1. Summarize written text
2. Write essay

Who should attend

Anyone who needs help to score better in PTE Academic writing.


Basic writing skill

What you need to bring

Your enthusiasm"

Key Takeaways

I am sure, my workshop will help you a lot in improving your writing skill.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Rekha J picture

4.94 Avg Rating

121 Reviews

138 Students

4 Courses

Rekha J

British Council certified IELTS Trainer, DELF certified

8 Years of Experience

I have been teaching IELTS, PTE Academic and French since last 5 years. My many lessons related to vocabulary and essays have been published on & Teaching is my passion.

Student Feedback


Average Rating





After my 3 unsuccessful attempts I went for Rekha mam's online coaching. & I got my desired result in my PTE Academic test, L-90, R-83, S-90 & W-90. Her training is a value for money. I truly appreciate her expertise. She made me so much adjusted to the pattern of the test and maintain my spirit throughout the training. I realised how wrong was my pitch, tone and fluency in speaking. To increase the speed in reading and listening sections she shown me many short cuts and tricks.



What more we want if a trainer is regular, punctual, dedicated and brings excellent result like I got in my PTE Academic test- L-88, R-89, S-90 & W-78. Thank you Rekha mam!



Rekha mam is very punctual, regular and dedicated. On one occasion, when my Skype was not working, she took the session on Google Hangout. She keeps the option of one broadband connection and two 4g connections with her to go the classes smoothly without any interruption. Regarding teaching my PTE score says everything about her. L-85, R-82, S-85, W-90 and overall score 85.


Dr. Murthy

I gave PTE Academic test twice. I thought that I could pass the test as my English proficiency is not too bad & failed with very less score both the times. Every time I was exceeding the time allocated for reading & speaking tasks. I needed to score 79 or above it. Then I came across Rekha mam's profile on Urbanpro & I started her coaching online. She made me friendly with PTE by teaching me the correct tone, pitch, volume for speaking, how to handle the noise around, how to read & find out the answers in reading part, time management etc. The outcome was really great! I wouldn't have managed to get the overall score 88 without her.



There is no easy way to figure out when you search for anything online. Urbanpro is really a great platform and trustworthy. My two friends already succeeded in PTE Academic test by Rekha mam's coaching. So I went for her. Speaking section is very challenging in PTE Academic test. Rekha Mam has created her own materials, some are easy, some very challenging. She gave enough attention and time in all the sections. I am really speechless. My score says everything about her. Overall: 86 / Listening: 90 / Reading: 79 / Speaking: 79 / Writing: 90. I completed this test in 2 hours and 20 minutes.



Good service. She has taken enough pain in making ppt slides with timer. It shows her involvement and dedication towards the subject. She is very creative & convincing. Her systematic teaching method helped me a lot to achieve a score of 88 in PTE Academic.



If you are looking for PTE/IELTS tuitions then look for some other place otherwise you will also loose your money like it did. Firstly, She is very rude, totally unprofessional, always in rush to complete the module, money minded and very short tempered. I had enrolled for PTE exams assuming she would provide good tips to crack the PTE exams but totally disappointed with her attitude and useless tips. She had asked me share the last PTE result so that she can focus on my week areas but from the first day she followed her standard routine and didn't even checked my results. She is not bothered whether you are getting the things or how are you preparing. I only scored good in Writing and I required proper guidance in other 3 modules but to my surprise she completed speaking and writing in 3 classes (3 hours) and When I asked her about the plan of 20 sessions and whether she can focus first on reading and listening instead of Writing she got very angry. Since then I decided to study on my own through online study materials and videos which are way good then what she offers at such a high cost. If you don't want to loose your money and time then look for other options else you will also repent like me.



I feel so great looking at my PTE Academic score- S-85, W-81, R-80, L-84. Thanks to Rekha mam for her online training. Computer based interaction helped me a lot to understand each tasks with screens and strategies because there are so many different tasks in speaking, reading, writing and listening sections. You need a lot of concentration. Some of the practical advices she gave me like if a person next to you is speaking loudly how to remain calm and focused, stay conscious and be confident while solving the paper etc. Supported and prepared my mind so much.



Rekha mam helps you to guide with the PTE exam with the content which is required rather than just explaining the process.Her tricks and techniques she explains during the course really help you to score more marks. For me I am not proficient in English , but still I could manage to get overall score of 72 , with Reading 81 , Writing 69 , speaking 72 and listening 68. Thanks Rekha Mam for your guidance.



I enjoyed my sessions with Rekha mam. She pointed out my mistakes and provided tips to correct them. She is very punctual and systematic.


Ranjith Kumar

I have taken a crash course of PTE before reappearing the exam on 21 nd April' 17. This time my overall score 71( L-70, R-70, S-80, W-66). Her teaching and tips helped me to get my target score. She is very organized, disciplined and always on time on the Skype.


Pinali Das

I have succeeded in accomplishing my PTE Academic target score with the help of Rekha ma'am. The overall score I got is 82. L-87, R-82, S-75, W-84. Her teaching helped me to understand the requirements of the test and her logical approach helped me to score higher. She is a highly organized and disciplined lady. She was always on time on the Skype. All her 20 sessions went very smoothly. Thank you ma'am.



I attended few speaking classes as I had problem in scoring required marks in only that section. The practice sessions were good. After the sessions, I practiced more on the questions that were my weak area. I was able to score the required points after 2 weeks Thanks for your help Mam



Highly recommend for PTE coaching. Her classes help me to achieve good score of speaking 89, listening 75, reading 72, writing 70.



She emphasized a lot on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, typing speed, reading, listening etc. Because my typing speed was very slow and I was not even bothering for grammar while writing. I was so poor in reading and listening skill. So after one month’s training she recommended me to practice a lot and then only to appear for PTE Academic test. I did what she said. I practiced a lot on my own with her given strategies and tips and finally I got a required result- L-67, R-66, S-69, and W-67.



I was in the impression that because I can speak and understand English very well, I can ace the PTE Academic test but I failed in my first attempt and got the score 59 only. After that, I went to Urbanpro website and contacted Rekha mam and realized the truth that the test has to be approached like any other specialized test. One needs to know how to take it in order to conquer it. I had enough materials, but I was not knowing that how to apply it to the test in order to get a good score. Rekha ma'am’s best coaching and invaluable tips help me to get the overall score 87.



Recently I took and passed the PTE Academic test with the following score. Listening – 86, Reading – 83, Speaking – 87, Writing – 80. I would like to express my gratitude to Rekha ma’am for her excellent coaching. I am deeply impressed with her patience and preparation for coaching. The experience was extremely rewarding.She helped me to organize my writing quickly, she helped me to focus on reading and listening tasks, and advised me to remain relax during speaking. This result would never have occurred without her assistance.



Apart from teaching all the skills and strategies of all the sections, she emphasized the importance of concentration, memory and alertness in PTE Academic test because It can ruin your score even if you are prepared well. It is really true. I realized when I appeared for the test. Her guidance was so helpful & practical that ultimately I got the following score: L- 81 S-85 R-79 W-80


Tejal Shah

Rekha madam effectively manages all her classes. She is very punctual about class timings. She completed all the sessions without any break.During all the sessions, she guided me with useful tips and methods to tackle all the sections in a right way. She clarified not only simple doubts but complex sections such as essay writing, reorder paragraphs and summary. With her help, I was able to achieve my PTE Academic score- Speaking: 80, Listening: 68, Reading: 68, Writing: 70. Thanks to her.


Trisha Prabhu

In my previous attempt, I had just 57 each in Writing and Listening, however after taking online PTE Academic training from Rekha ma’am, I improved tremendously and finally I scored 85 and 78 in Writing and Listening respectively. I also scored 80 in Reading this time. My overall score is 81.Thanks to her and I will strongly recommend her coaching for PTE Academic training.



I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to Rekha madam for my PTE Academic overall score 75. Her useful tips and methods to tackle each section had directed me with positive approach to handle the difficult sections. I will strongly recommend her course to other PTE aspirants.



She is totally versed at teaching PTE Academic. I appreciated the simplicity she used in her explanations. She is also very accommodating with her tutoring schedule. My overall score 75 says everything about her. I couldn't have done so well in my PTE Academic test without her.


Rajesh Paul

I found Rekha madam to be an awesome, informative, and honest trainer. PTE Academic test is slightly trickier. I learned a ton and it made the PTE Academic test fairly easy for me. I cleared it with overall score 78. Take her coaching, work hard and you will do well.



It had been a great and rewarding journey for me during Rekha madam’s PTE Academic online coaching. I had a very hard time understanding some of the tasks but her teaching is crystal clear. She actually cares about your success. I am glad that I made the choice to take coaching from her. I am so thankful to her to help me achieve the overall score 76.


Ritesh Balachandran

Rekha ma’am’s writing and speaking training helped me a lot in understanding the key to get a good score. Reading and Listening training were also fantastic and efficient. She gave me a great deal of tips which helped me to get a score of 80 in PTE Academic test.



Rekha ma’am’s teaching is very well structured and it ensured a solid base to answer the most difficult questions and it helped me be oriented on the test day. I could easily deal with all the tasks of PTE Academic and my score 79 says everything about her.


Raghav Shroff

I had a problem in remembering and repeating the sentence in the Repeat Sentence section. While describing graph, my time was running out. I had also difficulty in summarizing written and spoken test. One really needs to be active in PTE Academic Test. She made me accurate and fast and helped me smash my test by 75%.



I am totally shocked! I got the required score! I'm happy to share my PTE-A result: L:73 R:74 S:80 W:80. I am really grateful to Rekha ma’am for my result. Her preparation is very methodological. She is very patient, highly professional, caring and dedicated.



Today I crossed a big hurdle acing my PTE Academic test by getting overall score 80. I would like to thank Rekha ma’am for her intense coaching and making me succeed. She is a disciplined and well organized lady.


Tanveer Sidhu

A great teacher, who really understands your difficulties and your positives, tailors her perspective according to the student. I am so thankful to her for my PTE Academic overall score 79.



After completing all the sessions with Rekha ma’am, I really understood well the different types of PTE Academic tasks and I felt well prepared. My target score was 65 and I scored 72. It was like a bonus for me. I highly recommend her for PTE Academic coaching.



She is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend her coaching for PTE Academic test. My overall score 78 says everything about her. She really cares about her students. She is very organized and helps you to become better.


Vinay Ramani

Rekha ma’am is a great PTE Academic teacher. She will help you understand all the tasks very well and really wants you to succeed. There is a lot that PTE Academic book doesn't explain well. My score 82 proves that she explains the material far better.


Neel Kumar

Some of the PTE Academic tasks are really very difficult, but my score 78 says that you can't go wrong with having Rekha ma’am as your teacher.


Akshar Bhatt

The lessons of PTE Academic coaching with Rekha mam were the best preparation. She minimised all my difficulties. My score 79 speaks everything about the high quality standard of her teaching.


Romesh Banerji

Regarding her service, she is a well organized lady. She considers classes booked only after a student and she agreed about the class timings and days. She only delivers classes after she receives payment. She is very punctual about class timings. She sends email about class timing confirmation, payment confirmation, and at the end of all sessions she sends details of classes against student’s payment. Regarding her teaching, she prepared me well for my PTE Academic test (on Skype). My score 81 shows her sincerity and dedication in teaching. Thanks to her and Urbanpro.


Rajat Sharma

I tried PTE Academic test twice. Even though English was my first language during my education period, my score in PTE Academic did not exceed more than 60. Ultimately I decided to take coaching and there I realized all my errors through Rekha mam. Her coaching gave me a new hope which turned into a great success today with my PTE Academic score 79.


Natasha Jose

I recently achieved score 82 overall in PTE Academic. All credit goes to Rekha. Without her support and training, I would have never achieved it. I really owe her my happiness.


Rajan Ayyar

I contacted Rekha mam after my first attempt to get a desired score failed. I was fortunate to get an online trainer like her. She identified my lot of mistakes which I was doing in summary writing, intonation in speaking, essay writing, describing graph etc. & she corrected all of them. Thanks to her, I have achieved score 79 today.


Anand Rao

I highly recommend Rekha mam’s online classes because she helped me a lot in achieving my target score 80 in the PTE academic examination. She tailored her teaching strategies to the individual needs and weaknesses. Thanks to Rekha mam and UrbanPro too to provide me such a wonderful tutor.


Abhilash Shah

Very good teacher. The way of teaching is really nice.


Elen Fernandes

I would describe my online classes of PTE Academic with Rekha as the best. She minimizes confusion with her explanation and beautiful, convincing slides. I am so happy today to see my result. My PTE Academic scores are L:78, R:82, S:90, W:80. Thank you so much, Rekha!


Srirekha Joshua

PTE Academic is tough but Rekha mam is fair. She goes the extra mile and makes each and every tasks of PTE very easy. She helped me a lot on difficult tasks and finally I achieved the score 81. Definitely, worth my money and time.


Mansh Mamtani

Rekha ma’am has a genuine desire to help her students succeed in PTE test. She strongly encouraged me for self improvement while teaching and gave me tips on different tasks of PTE. Thanks to her, today I have achieved my desired score 80. I highly recommend her class.


Ankit Wankhade

Rekha mam prepares her students well for PTE Academic Test. She cares about the students and wants them to succeed. That’s the reason I scored 82.


Sareeka Rawool

I was not knowing anything about PTE. Rekha Mam trained me for PTE test online very meticulously teaching all modules with all the screenshots of different tasks. It helped me a lot to achieve the score of 75.


Bhaskar Margaj

Rekha mam's online training for PTE was awesome. She explained me all the details of PTE very nicely. She has enough materials of PTE. Summary & essay part was very difficult for me but she made it easy for me. Thanks to her, I scored 79.


Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 0)

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