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"German Language Course (A1 Level)" is no longer available

63 Reviews

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: UrbanPro Live

Course ID: 43469

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: UrbanPro Live

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63 Reviews

About the Course


This Course provides a learning framework for the students who are intrested in learning the language. They are designed to provide you with a good idea of what you might cover over a 10-week period, and include typical themes, grammar and vocabulary fields. They are flexible rather than prescriptive, in that our teachers may decide to adapt their learning plans to the specific level, aims and interests of their classes.


  • Students must have a computer or a laptop.

  • They must have a good internet connection.

  • They should have an account on Skype.

Course Contents:

This course has Various Lectures, built around 5 core topics:

1. Basic Grammar

2. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (1): Making social contact

3. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (2): In the City

4. Essentials

5. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (3): Placing your Order and Food

Key takeaways:

After attending the course,the students would be able to :

Understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs.

  • Introduce him/herself and others as well as ask others about themselves e.g. where they live, who they know and what they own â?? and can respond to questions of this nature.

  • Can communicate in a simple manner if the person they are speaking to speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.

Target Audience

  • Anyone wanting to learn German

  • People traveling to Germany

  • People moving to,or living in,Germany


  • We are flexible with the batch timings and students will be provided the timing slots according to their preferences.

  • The course is availiable online also.

Curriculum for this Course

Trainer's Availability

Trainer will work with you to schedule classes, after the course had been paid for. The general availability of the Trainer is given below.

Indian Standard Time(IST)

About the Trainer

Vartika Mishra picture

4.73 Avg Rating

64 Reviews

75 Students

2 Courses

Vartika Mishra

Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.)

5 Years of Experience

I have done my ' C1 Level' of German language from Goethe Institute, Pune.

From last 4 years, I have been teaching German language in various colleges and corporate.

The candidates are taught and prepared according to their requirement. I prepare them for the Goethe Certificate exam being held at Max Mueller Bhavan. Thorough knowledge and tips are provided to the candidates.

Student Feedback


Average Rating





I live in New Zealand and joined Vartika through Skype in February 2017 for A1 and now it's 2018 and I am done with B1. Learning a foreign language is no magic show. Besides coz of difficult work schedules I had to let the classes stretch a lot more than usual, but Vartika has been patient throughout. She never for once lost her cool, many times I had to cancel the classes at the last moment but when you have a determined teacher backing you, you know you're not going to give up. In simple words she's the most AWESOME teacher you'll ever come across. I highly recommend her.



Vartika mam gave me the best gift of all i.e. Believing in me. Strongly recommended to every one for German learner.



Vartika is the greatest German teacher and her teaching skills are exceptional. No matter what level you are on. She is kind and will support you.



Vartika mam is a very patient thoughtful teacher and really understanding. And I am very happy with her and I couldn't ask for more. I would recommend everyone to join her classes.



Vartika ma'am will help you learn with ease and comfort. She is extremely helpful and very cooperative. I recommend all of you to learn German from her.


Ayush Sahu

Vartika is dedicated and really a learned person at what she does. She's patient and really observant. I introduced a friend for her beginner classes, and today my friend who thought a language was impossible to learn really enjoys it and is pursuing it further with Vartika to level A2. Her classes are well organised and rest assured for equal attention irrespective of the number of students in class. She believes that there can never be a bad student if you have a great mentor who guides you from your first step.


Ayush Rajawat

I have never met a teacher who is equal parts fun and strict. She made learning German so much easier. She is extremely patient with you while you make your mistakes a thousand times over the same topic. I couldn't have gotten a better teacher than her. Go join her without a doubt.


Kriti Rastogi

I joined ma'am in March for B1, I did my previous two levels from Mumbai, but since I want to do masters in Germany I wanted to be able to speak German pretty well. I joined her with little to no previous knowledge of the levels but ma'am was so patient with me throughout the learning process of B1. She used to revise articles, grammar topics from A1 and A2. Despite having 6 students in the batch her attention used to be divided equally amongst all the students. I had to go to Mumbai also during the course for 15 days but ma'am was so supportive she used to take extra lectures on Weekends and sit down for 4-5 hours each day so that I can cope up with others. Thank you so much ma'am. I LOVED learning with her. She's a brilliant teacher. I wish I could have continued learning with her but now I've to go to Germany, and going to Germany wouldn't have been possible without you ma'am. Thank you.


Harsh Gupta

I started in November last year 2017 with A1 and finished with B1 in July this year 2018 and I would like to take today as an opportunity to thank an amazing teacher that Vartika ma'am is. I learnt level A1, A2, and B1 from her, I speak German pretty well today. All the credit goes to her. She's a phenomenal teacher. She keeps learning fun and easy. It goes without saying that you need to keep revising and show participation too. It's a language and can't be spoon fed, she makes it a point that you use your ideas well and express them. I got 85% in A1, 83% in A2 and 86% in B1, thanks to her for pushing me every step. I couldn't have reached this far without her. I would also like to thank my other batchmates who were a part of learning German with me from A1 till B1. If you want each every concept of grammar to be absolutely crystal clear, you got to join ma'am, there's nobody better than her when it comes to making German grammar absolutely easy. Truckloads of thank you to her and I obviously highly recommend all to join her.


Rahul Pandey

It has always been an amazing, exciting and a fully engaged process of learning German from Vartika, since she has an effective engaging personality which is full of passion for teaching in a well-planned, properly designed, structured and disciplined teaching style. This all helps Vartika have a strong rapport with students to ensure that they ask their doubts and questions repeatedly without any hesitation and get their German accent corrected instantly by repeatedly practicing the pronunciation of difficult words or sentences in a regular interactions within the classroom itself. Vartika is a subject matter for German Language and thus she keeps a thorough understanding of complete curriculum and its stepwise process and respective standards at every given stage. Therefore, all classes/sessions have a proactively planned topics and objectives for each class/session which makes it easier for a student to be well prepared and have a general understanding & respective questionnaires prepared by self on that topic before attending a session to get maximum understanding out of a teaching session. The classes are well disciplined and properly managed all the way. Wish you a good Luck.


Abhishek Chatterjee

Vartika is a patient teacher and coaches in her own style. It's not just the language that is taught but also the culture and GK about Deutchland. I had been learning from her intermittently and it was a great learning. Although I couldn't complete the course, but I did learn the basics of German Language which shall help me to pursue the course later. All thanks to Vartika for her patient teaching. You can count on her.


Manasi Vaidya

Vartika is very supportive while teaching. No second thought in case to join her class. Her German Vocabulary, Grammar and the way of teaching is excellent and so she tries out the same from her students. She understands where the student is lacking and emphasizes on it until he/she does not learn or understands it. Also, during exam time she tries to give out her whole day just to make us prepare and motivates for the exam. In return you just have to reciprocate by showing your interest and zeal to learn the language rest she takes care off. I too enjoyed and loved my tenure with her because she is very fun loving and also have very flexible timings as per student's requirement.I would highly recommend her class for German language.


Ankit Verma

I took German A1+A2 sessions with Vartika for 4 months. When I started, I could barely pronounce zwanig in German though I have learned it before, and still have a lot of work to do, but in the last 4 months I come a long way, especially pronouncing new words. She always insists to me to speak in session so that am getting accustomed with language easily and correct me again and again until I get pronunciation right. Now I am gaining confident that I will be able to communicate effectively. Vartika breaks down everything and really has patience with me when I pronounce a German word. Classes are generally 4 days a week and in weekend afternoon (if required). She is especially supportive in terms of managing the professional life and simultaneously learning German part time. German is not the easiest language to learn, but Vartika patiently working with me to improve myself at every level. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Vartika. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


Siddhesh Rathi

Excellent Tutor. Vartika ma'am is an excellent and very knowledgeable tutor. She is very supportive and delivers her German knowledge in an easily understandable way. All you need is your willingness and intensity to learn during her lessons. She is very enthusiastic for her subject and will help you in every possible way. Fantastic.



It's been a few months since I started learning German with Vartika. Following are the reasons why I recommend her for German language classes: 1) She is good at teaching. Her students have got marks in the 90's in their standard German tests. 2) Unlike a very standard course with fixed pace and timings, her course is flexible and she tries to teach you according to your pace. She also reschedules missed classes so that you don't miss anything, which I think is great. 3) The fees that she charges is moderate. 4) She gives good focus on speaking skills, which is very important. 5) She tries to make the language more interesting for you; not just a regular course or exam. 6) She is both strict and fun.


Vamsi Ponnekanti

Teaching a language is one thing and doing so with an insight into the the culture and sensitivities is another thing. That's exactly how Vartika taught her German classes. I have taken classes for level A1 German and thoroughly enjoyed it. With a strong focus on fundamentals and a structured approach to assignments in class and at home the learning was continuous. I would also particularly recommend her for her flexibility in accomodating the class given my work schedules. I highly recommend Vartika, and look forward to continuing the German language journey with her myself.


Hitesh Karakoti

It's been a great experience to learn German from Vartika mam. I am currently studying German- level 1 from her. She is very patient while teaching and never rushes out to complete the course. Learning German from her has been more about practical knowledge than theoretical. She never makes learning German boring. Moreover she is flexible with the timings of the class. She's on of the best teacher I have encountered till now and I would be continuing my next level- A2 with her.


Akshay Shrishrimal

Learning German from Vartika ma'am is really helping me to learn it better & clear each and everything is been detailed and taken care of. She has great patience and she makes sure that we learn it right.


Divyanshu Pandey

Vartika ma'am is the teacher who teaches German with all her passion and experience. I've been learning German A-1 level and trust me you'll definitely enjoy as a student learning German with her. The atmosphere is very open and friendly where she teaches. She never hesitates answering your questions. The most important thing about her is that she enjoys teaching German and will never treat you like a student, trust me. She manages time according to our need so that we don't face any discomfort. I am glad to be her student and highly recommend to those who really want learn German language seriously. Thank you so much ma'am.



Vartika Mishar is a big Fraud, Kindly don't trust her. As I was searching for German spoken tuition teacher so come across the website as i was searching on google. I had contacted following teacher and decide to learn German online in June 2016, from her and paid 7000/- to her by depositing cash into her account. But after few days of classes I feel that she is not giving me time for classes as agreed so I send her mail that i am not satisfied with her classes as she not giving me enough time as agreed. She agreed so in her mail (Below forwarded mail and also agreed to refund me the fees after August 2016) but till date I didn't received my refund and she is not replying to my mail and I think she also blocked my whatsapp number too.


Pranay Rawal

Vartika is one of the best German teachers out there. She is super patient with you, she will give time to clear your basics and most of all her classes are fun. I had a great time studying German level A1 with her and she even adjusted timings due to my rigid office timings. So that's the kind of commitment she has for her students. And if you are lucky enough like me then you will also get great morning shakes (between she makes it herself and they are a treat to have) as part of the deal when you visit her for your classes. I would highly recommend her for German classes.


Ashwini Gupta

I got in touch with Vartika for A2 certification. She is well versed with the language and also with the methodology of teaching a language. When I joined her, I was out of practice for almost an year and half. She made sure that I got comfortable with the A1 portion, before we jumped into the A2. She is patient with students and does not rush. As per her, one needs to learn the language and not just focus on being certified. Certification comes automatically in the process of learning. She has been crucial in my progress with learning German.


Ajinkya Sharma

A truly standout teacher because of her sheer dedication to the language and students. Below are the things which makes the learning easy and interesting with her, 1. Especially when explaining , she always make extra sure that one has understood the theory with the help of examples. 2. She identifies and understands the doubts and weak points and makes them simple with practice material. 3. Her positive approach and efforts helps the students to LEARN THE LANGUAGE instead of knowing it as per exam point of view only. 4. Her way to mould one's energy and enthusiasm in order to optimize it in teaching effectively. Finally, a very good teacher who will definitely help you to step up your language knowledge and emphasize your efforts which you put in learning.


Pooja Thorat

I have just appeared HSC Exam and secured 70 marks just because of Vartika miss. It was a difficult task which was to be done in 7 months but Vartika miss made it easy for me. She took lots of efforts to make sure i would do well. Today my parents and myself are really happy with my performance. So Thank you so much miss, you are a great teacher and a great mentor.


Rajkumar Gupta

It's been a great experience for me to study German from vartika ma'am. Got to learn so many new things which I have never learnt before. Always helpful and never get tired to answer the question as many times I ask.


Hamish Francis

Learning German from Vartika ma'am is really helping me to learn it better & clear each and very thing is been detailed and taken care of. She have great patience and she makes sure that we learn it right.



I have been learning German - Level A1 from Vartika for the last 3 months through Skype. It has been a great experience and interesting to learn the language. Vartika has been quite flexible and amidst my tight work schedules and other constraints, I was able to continue German classes mainly because of her being flexible with timings. Vartika is a good teacher and keeps motivating to do much more and is available for any doubts or clarifications any time. She teaches according to one's pace and I'd strongly recommend attending her class for anybody who is looking forward to learning German online and is constrained to attend any language coaching institutes like Goethe because of timings or other constraints.



Vartika helps you learn nuances of German language rather than just focusing on gethe certificate exams. Her teaching helps you gain confidence because at times the tasks of learning a whole new language seems daunting. She encourage you to ask more and more questions and best part is that she is available outside of classroom hours for any query or doubts. I have put two distinguishing aspects of her class: Style of teaching : Personalised for every student and she works on the weakness of each individual. Course content : She uses variety of techniques like videos , handouts which makes you feel close to the way any language especially German should be learnt.



Very good teaching capabilities and much particular at grammar and pronunciation of the words.I am happy that i selected the right tutor. Make sure you be punctual with your assignments. I strongly recommend vartika.


Nidhy Haridas

Vartika is well versed and the way she teaches German is very impressive. You can reach out to her any time for clearing your doubts. I am glad that I choose her as my tutor.



"I have never seen a person with so much of patience going through every small detail while teaching and explains over and over again till you are clear with the concept. Personal attention while learning the language. She is a gem. Highly Recommended!!! "


Shireen Floria Francis

I have never seen a person with so much of patience going through every small detail while teaching and explains over and over again till you are clear with the concept. Personal attention while learning the language. She is a gem. Highly Recommended!!!


Swati Kumari

German is awesome language This is something now I can say when I'm learning it and for that all the credit goes to Vartika Mam. She teaches excellent, even if one will go up to the pace she takes up. It's all done. She makes her student well verse in all the aspects of learning a foreign language i.e. Reading , Writing, Speaking, Listening and everything. She keeps ways to make us in touch with the subject by giving necessary assignment,relevant to what she taught. Further, I'm still learning, right now enrolled for A1 weekend batch. Its really fun learning German from Vartika mam. I love the way she teaches.

Santosh Poojary

Learning a foreign language is never easy unless until you get a motivational teacher. Classes can and should be challenging to students, but teachers should be there to help & teach the subject in an easily understandable way. Vartika is probably one of the best teacher, I have ever had. She is very passionate about her work and is always eager to help, very approachable and what she says is interesting as well. I would definitely recommend Vartika for the enthu level, perfection in utilising class duration and getting the people trained well. Best wishes for her.


Santosh Poojary

Learning a foreign language is never easy unless until you get a motivational teacher. Classes can and should be challenging to students, but teachers should be there to help & teach the subject in an easily understandable way. Vartika is probably one of the best teacher, I have ever had. She is very passionate about her work and is always eager to help, very approachable and what she says is interesting as well. I would definitely recommend Vartika for the enthu level, perfection in utilising class duration and getting the people trained well. Best wishes for her!


Santosh Poojary

Learning a foreign language is never easy unless until you get a motivational teacher. Classes can and should be challenging to students, but teachers should be there to help & teach the subject in an easily understandable way. Vartika is probably one of the best teacher, I have ever had. She is very passionate about her work and is always eager to help, very approachable and what she says is interesting as well. I would definitely recommend Vartika for the enthuse level, perfection in utilizing class duration and getting the people trained well. Best wishes for her.


Sandesh D

I'm from Bangalore and have been learning A2 from Vartika over Skype. The experience has been very good and I find her classes very informative. Best thing I like are the exercises and practise material which help you be thorough with a topic. Being very knowledgeable.. All doubts are cleared. Looking forward to completing this level and also learn further levels with her :)



Currently, I'm staying in Singapore and I got her connection through UrbanPro. We have the classes through Skype, which is really flexible for working professionals. She is good in providing the tips and tricks to understand things in a quicker way. She gives more importance to the way, the pronunciation is delivered from the students. It also makes to learn the language faster during the class itself. The way interactively classes are handled and regular assignments makes us feel the language is easier day by day. Thanks a lot Vartika!!


D'pak M

I was trained for A1 level of German from Vartika recently. Learning german was a necessity for me but turned out to be fun as I found it very interesting. Kudos to Vartika for making german too interesting! She makes sure that my pronunciations are up to mark, ample amount of practice materials are also provided.


Alankar Ghorpade

"I really like the way of mam teaching us the German language.She take care of each and every student space of understanding & accordingly whenever required she repeated some topics till everyone properly understand it. She teaches friendly so that it's get easy to understand.She make really good efforts to ensure that everyone gets there correct pronunciation, which is critical when learning any new language.In future as well I would like to continue this journey for next level.Thank you so much."


Amith Kumar

According to me , the methodology in which the classes are conducted is really remarkable.Instead of only focusing 100% only into the examination point of view , it is made a point that one understands the basics of the language and also minute details such as a word pronunciation and interaction in respective learning languages are also considered of utmost importance . This gives a rookie the proper and concrete base for understanding a foreign language which really makes one task of learning much easier and fun. Overall i am completely satisfied with the teaching and also i would strongly recommend to consider Vartika madam for Training in German Language.

Girish Gumaste

I had completed half of the A1 level at SIFIL and then it got discontinued due to some reasons . Then one of my friend suggested this class at Magarpatta. When I joined this class I met Vartika Mishra who was our German teacher . I liked the way mam teaching us the German Language . All students were getting individual attention and all had freedom of asking as many questions as they want .It helped me to understand language in depth and get my queries cleared. One thing which I really appreciate about mam is ,she took care of every one's pace of understanding and accordingly whenever required she repeated some topics till everyone properly understood it. Many of us were working professionals but mam took care of our timings and showed lot of flexibility so that we can complete our course well within time and that too with a proper pace. The use of audios , different games and notes helped us to understand German in a very natural way ...I really enjoyed that period and I will recommend others to experience learning German in this very creative way ....Thanks Vartika Mam.....:)



Really a good teacher. Cool and explains everything and the best part, she makes sure you pronounce the words right!!! and keeps practicing till you get it right!!!


Ankita G.

She is a very punctual teacher I have ever had.. Her way of teaching is very understandable and also gives personal attention to her students.


Priya Fulwani

Vartika Ma'am is very serious when it comes to teaching. She teaches in a very friendly way. She helped me solve question papers also. Will appear for my exam soon and would go back to her for some serious revision. I definitely recommend her for German language. She knows many other languages as well.


Dhanashree Kulkarni

Vartika Ma’am was extremely friendly though very serious in getting the language well understood by her students. I liked the fact that just apart from teaching us she also made a point that we recite the words aloud to make it clearer. We were also asked to perform a skit to make the German language more familiar. It was absolutely memorable and fun. It is indeed a great pleasure to have a teacher like her. Thanks Ma’am :)


Prince Thapa

I would like to rate her 4 out of 5, she is very good, carrying nice teaching skills with her.


Rupali Worlikar Khose

Ya she is a great teacher. She teaches friendly so that the students can understand the meaning very easily and quickly.



The class was quite friendly she tried to solve all difficulties which we faced,class not only included lecture but also some comedy German videos and songs which helped to understand the language better. She also told few things about German culture which were also important to know.


Mathews Varghese

She has very good grip on the language and she is flexible to accommodate the schedule of a working professional which is really convenient.



I loved how thorough she was while teaching the subject and how she goes out of her way to help her students. Her passion to learn and teach new languages is evident and she makes the entire experience fun! I would definitely recommend her to my friends. :)


Dinesh Reddy

The way she teaches German was very impressive. She always makes us to respond in German for each and every word that we used to speak in English generally. Overall her training programme was excellent as per my experience.


Srujana Patel

Vartika is a very good guide and she teaches in a practical way! She clears all our doubts immediately when we have one! She makes the classes more interactive and friendly.


Tarang Arora

Vartika, one of the best teacher, with vast knowledge and always ready to learn more and more. She is very patient with me. and will make sure, i understand every bit of what she has taught. Not only she is the master in her subject but she also helps in over all growth as an individual. I am glad i did not give upon german because of her.


Varun Pal

I have been learning german since 1 month.. I found her a great teacher really helpful and friendly. She has been clearing all my doubts without any hesitation. She is an amazing teacher i have ever seen. Awesome teaching skills.



She teaches with immense patience. You can almost call German her mother tongue, that is how good she is.

Henna Singh

I always had doubts about learning a new language if i would really be able to grasp the grammar and pronunciation, but Vartika is one amazing teacher who made the learning so easy. She makes sure that i grasp the concept in whole before she moves on the new topic. she gives easy methods and tips to master the difficult pronunciations. She is dedicated and focused teacher who will make sure that student goes satisfied. Would recommend every german aspirant to learn a not-so-easy language in an easy way from her. Thanks a lot Vartika for your efforts!!

Mayur Jadhav

Vertika is strict during lectures and strict regarding homework. That helps me as well as her to catch what actually I am learning. Our classes was held in Magarpatta, in quite surrounding that's really good.


Sonal Kiran

She is a very good teacher and her passion for this field really shows. She makes real efforts to ensure that every kid gets their pronunciation right, which is critical when learning a new language. She is very helpful and does her best to prepare students. She also knows how to make learning fun. I would definitely recommend her to a friend.


Manaza Durga

After almost a gap of 8 years attending classes and learning would have been tough but varthika made it really interesting .The best thing about her is she is very dedicated and tries her best to make language easy for you. I am glad I choose to learn German from her.

Shubham Sharma

You were kind and considerate but played the stickler when you needed to. You have played a key role in molding my German. Thank you so much.


Amol Walunj

Since 1 month I am learning German Language (Level A1) from Vartika Mam. Its my first experience of learning a Foreign Langauge and I feel its a right decision of starting this learning journey with Vartika Mam. The very first thing I liked about Mam is the passion towards teaching and great command over German Language. She took very much efforts over me from Day 1. The specialty of her teaching is, she provides handmade notes which is really helpful to understand each and every chapter. In future as well I would like to continue this Journey for next level. Thank You So much !!



Vartika is very professional and focused teacher.She teaches through standard book and make sure we understand each chapter before proceeding to next. She provides important tips & tricks to help us learn quick. Her course structure is focused towards Goethe institute exams but she makes sure we are comfortable with language as well and not mere pass the exam. This is my first language course outside my schools ( I have done my and have joined the course as my Job requires so) and am finding the course very useful and easy to grasp.


40 Hours of live classes

1-on-1 personal attention

On-the-go learning with Mobile App

100% money back guarantee

₹ 18,000


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