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Excel Training

61 Reviews

Course type: Instructor led Course

Platform: Online

Course ID: 28456

Course type: Instructor led Course

Platform: Online

Students Interested 3 (Seats Left 0)

₹ 9,000

Experienced IT Corporate Trainer/Coach, Counsellor

61 Reviews

About the Course

Advanced Excel Training which provides new features added to the Excel.

Topics Covered

  1. Working With Formulas:
    1. Cell Addressing Or Referencing Methods
    2. Absolute, Relative & Mixed Referencing
    3. Naming References and Range
    4. Referring To Other Sheets & Workbooks


  1. Working With Functions:
  2. Basic : Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count
  3. Statistical: CountA, Countblank, Sumif, SumIfs, AverageIf, AverageIfs, CountIf and CountIfs
  4. Logical: Working With If, IfError, IsNa, And, Or, Not, NestIfs Functions
  5. Look Up & Reference: VLookup, HLookup, Match, Index, INDIRECT, Choose
  6. Text Function
  7. DateTime



  1. Database Management In Excel
    1. Building An Excel Database, Basic Database Concepts
    2. Performing Single / Multi-Level Sorts
    3. Filters – Auto, Custom and Advanced
    4. Subtotals
    5. Text to Column
    6. Remove Duplicates
    7. Import and Export data
    8. Flash fill



  1. Working With Charts
    1. Creating Excel Charts
    2. Working With Different Types
    3. Formatting Charts
    4. Working With Design And Layout Of The Chart
    5. Creating And Applying & Removing Chart Template
    6. Pivot chart
    7. Sparkline
    8. Dynamic charts



  1. Speed Up Your Day To Day Work In Excel Using Keyboard Short Cuts


  1. Working With Pivot Tables
    1. Creating and Editing Pivot table
    2. Formatting A Pivot Table
    3. Working With Summary Functions
    4. Sorting Items In A Pivot Table
    5. Grouping Data
    6. Working With Field Settings
    7. Creating Calculated Field and A Calculated Item
    8. Working with Slicer and Timeline



  1. Cell And Workbook Protections
    1. Protecting Cells, Protecting Sheets, Protecting Workbooks


  1. Working With More Formatting Features
    1. Conditional Formatting
    2. Formatting Data as table


  1. Data Validation
    1. Creating Data Validation
    2. Working With List & Dependent List
    3. Creating List with Dynamic Ranges
    4. Creating Custom Validation
    5. Handling Input And Error Alerts


  1. Excel Dashboard
    1. Dashboard Overview
    2. Dashboard Layout
    3. Dashboard Designing
    4. Examples

Who should attend

Any one interested to learn Excel Advanced feature. Ideal for the Working Professionals.


Internet Connection with Good Band Width

What you need to bring


Key Takeaways

How to use Excel features effectively in the Day to Day Work Life.


Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Vijayalakshmi G M picture

4.87 Avg Rating

191 Reviews

228 Students

17 Courses

Vijayalakshmi G M

M.Sc [Computer Science]

15 Years of Experience

IT Trainer/Coach with 20+ Years Experience in IT Training Industry.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Akshay Badarayani

The way of explaining every minute detail, the pace of teaching, logic buliding exercises, etc are something I've never experienced before in my student life. It was a very unique experience. Totally worth everything!


Deepti Garg

Very good caring focused. Excellent knowledge and grip over Subject. Insist on Doubt solving and practice more. I strongly recommend this trainer. Excellent subject knowledge.


Maninder Kaur

Very professional and goes extra mile to teach the students. Notes are very precise and gives practical exposure for better understanding of concepts. Mam is also very polite in nature, so you won't hesitate in asking any questions.


Pavithra B r

I am glad that I found a teacher like this,Even though it was online classes I felt more comfortable and the class was so interactive and the assingments given by her made this much perfect and clarifies all the doubts whenever I required even after the classes.Right place to learn things "Highly recommend"



Ma’am is an excellent tutor. Ma’am is patient and eager to help. Calm and thoughtful tutor. Highly recommended.


Liya Paul

Vijayalakshmi ma'am was the only reason why I was able learn c language. As a person who had no prior knowledge in coding, I was unsure if I will ever be able to learn the language well. But ma'am was wiling to put as much effort and time in helping me understand the subject. She was very flexible with the timings of the classes and was extremely patient and clarified even the smallest of doubts. She made the subject very interesting to learn.



Ma'am is one of the best coaches for c language. I have attended c programming classes before but nobody taught which such detail and patience as ma'am.


Himanshu Saini

I consider myself blessed to my taught by such a great teacher. I was pursing a Data concept course From Canada which is being done online. I have no background knowledge of any of computer software programmes, And SQL was a big part of that course. I lost all my hopes for that subject. Then Iuckeyly I Contacted Vijayalakshmi mam for the teaching me SQL. Her continuous effort was amazing and she was did not rush though the syllabus. Her teaching style was so effective as she broke down complex concepts into basic steps. Further in my degree I will have courses where I will be required to learn software’s like python and R. After my learning Expireence with Vijayalakshmi mam I will take classes from her in future courses of my degree. Highly highly recommend.



The way of teaching is excellent ,vijaylakshmi ma'am taught the concepts very well and ma'am made the subject very easy for me to understand. Highly recommended for students who wants to learn programming in C language .


Girija Neel

If you would like to learn SQL, You have come to the right place. Vijayalakshmi madam comes with a lot of experience and puts in her 100% effort and make sure the student learns. She is very prompt and never late for the class. f you have questions or doubts she always answers and responds. She will pace according to students learning and never pushy. Her notes and resources she shares during the class is highly valuable. A teacher who genuine cares about her students. Vijayalakshmi madam also teaches other subjects and I’m sure all of them are excellent. Total value for money. If you don’t believe take a trial class and check it out.



Committed to Ethics & Excellence, Passionate about Excel, Ready go extra mile, Experienced and Transformational Trainer! Vijayalakshmi Mam has distinguishing ability to make composite and advanced tasks of Excel training appears simple. I have had the privilege to being trained under her for 2 months. She created a customized training program based on my background and requirements in my organization. Her commitment to continuous learning and perfection helps her to deliver multifaceted requirement in a calm and composed manner. Additionally, she has a great patience and ability to transfer knowledge to students in a seamless manner. She understands her audience well and explain complex concepts in a laymen’s terms and which are easy to apply in real-life scenarios related to work. Her training has upskilled and help me perform better in my roles and responsibilities. Her steady and effective rhythm of imparting training, easygoing approach, upfront acceptance of errors if any and being modest about her capabilities makes her stand out as a trainer. As a teacher she has created a lasting impact on me. Thank you Vijayalakshmi Mam for your continuous support.


Sourav Jana b

The way she explained has helped me understanding the concepts clearly. Every explanation was given with a example which made it more easier to understand.


Goutham Gopi

Excellent Training. Mam is very patient and amiable towards learners of any level and educational background. She explains concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and follow by anyone. Highly benefited from her comprehensive, well paced/structured python course, aided with rich content and materials. She has an extensive knowledge of the subject and is always ready to answer any queries. The classes are flexible and tailored to our knowledge and availability. Highly recommend this course!!


Viswak Ggautham

I was little upset when she disconnected the course for my 15 year old son just because she feel I was getting involved in the class too much. I don't want to judge here but felt sad when I called her just twice in 15 days to give some suggestion considering my fact that I knew where my son is lagging. I wish any Teacher to always encourage the parents to discuss with them. She has refunded the amount after deducting required amount where I have no issue.



Online coaching was good. Very Informative and interactive classes. The concepts are taught well with many examples.



Teaching was very helpful. The way of teaching is extremely good. Also, doubt clearing sessions are very effective.


Anannya Guha

I am so happy to be under her wings. Being a non-CS/IT student programming is always challenging for me. Vijayalakshmi ma'am is the guru of programming. I would definitely recommend her for every programming language. This is my 2nd language learning session under her wings. I will always be blessed to have guided by such a knowledgeable person. I will contact her again for I want to learn other languages. Anyone can learn from her. She is the real gem.


Hamsaveena S

It's an amazing experience to be guided by Vijaylakshmi mam. Thank you mam. I like the way you explain programs.



Vijaya Lakshmi Mam has the knowledge and patience for teaching students. She was kind and answered all my questions. I took up an excel course and really like her teaching style. She is very knowledgeable and helpful.


Veena R

Awesome teacher i have ever seen.The one with no knowledge in any programming skills can be a master.Teaching level and way she explains the concepts is too good.



Thank you mam.It helps me lot.Now I have confidence that I can write programs.In our college I used to sleep in their classes but your training helps me lot.



I would highly recommend Vijayalakshmi not only for the content knowledge but the dedication and the smart drive toward making sure a person understands a topic/course. I have used Excel for so many years and this course was a good refresher and really helped me to re-look at my approach towards dashboards reporting using the various features in excel. I look forward to more interaction and learning where the true value of 1-1 attention is actually enforced and not thrown around as a sales pitch. Thank you Ma'am for your help and continue to look forward to your guidance and help.



Vijayalakshmi Mam is very co-operative and very supportive. Even if its a silly doubt she will clarify it in a very calm and composed way.


Hetal Lakhani

Vijaylakshmi Mam has thought us from the basics and helped in understanding all the key concepts. The notes provided by her were very useful and all the concepts were very clear.


Krutika Vastrad

Vijayalakshmi Madam is very professional but the pace was bit high for me as a fresher.Excel and SQL training was very good and i am happy with the way of teaching.As i was never exposed to java language it was little difficult for me to follow.Overall i liked the way of teaching and i will surely recommend my friends to get trained from Vijayalakshmi Madam.



I was very much interested in learning python. But as I was just 10 year old, no one was ready to teach me. But ma'am thought me python with love and patience. Ma'am loves her students a lot. She is a very good teacher and I will be very happy to learn more languages from her. Thank you ma'am for being my teacher.



Its been 3 years since i took the training. Back then i wasn't aware whats the right approach to learn coding. I asked her she said to learn C programming. Even after i told that i have idea about C since i am a CS student. I asked her to teach me oops concepts which is c++or java. She said again learn C. She told me that she would be teaching advanced concepts, but unfortunately it was just a regular theory class and she made me do coding in turbo c ide, which is totally outdated. Now being in a software company i realised it wasn't worth spending 6k on just a C programming training. But she was friendly human being. Talks nicely. Overall it wasn't worth my money spent.



An absolute professional, Ms. Vijaylaxmi was a fantastic teacher. As I was an absolute beginner, she put me at ease and started extremely patiently from scratch. She really believes in proceeding at your pace and will take as long as necessary for you to feel confident. She is very flexible with scheduling the class, which was very helpful in undertaking other commitments. Her classes are one on one and very student focused. She is not rigid in her approach at all. Crucially, she is extremely knowledgeable about the softwares at hand, having decades of experience. She's really a very approachable, tolerant and humble person, and full of interesting facts! My house was quite far from her class, but it was definitely worth the long journey, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you Ms. Vijaylaxmi.



Excellent coaching in sql and excel in just 1 week and we could master both the things. Clears all the doubts and very punctual and systematic way of teaching. Plenty of examples were solved in the class which helped us to explore industry level problems. Lots of assignment questions given which made us strong in basics and lots of examples were covered in wide range and lot of inputs were given in terms of interview preparation and many documents were given for further exploration of subjects and interview preparation.



I was very much satisfied by the training provided by her. She has vast knowledge about the subjects and is ready to help the students at any point even after the training gets completed.



Quality Training in short duration helped upskill my knowledge in Excel, Macros and SQL. The training and Study material are really helpful and the Assignments and Surprise Tests conducted by Vijayalakshmi ma'am helped us study regularly and helped build confidence.


Varun P

I am very happy to have opted the C programming course taught by Vijayalakshmi Mam. It was a rewarding experience and her style of teaching involves briefing a programming concept, followed by an example program to get familiar with the concept. She made sure I understood the concept by paying attention on how I tried the code, thus I was built confidence as I learnt more concepts. She does give Home Work programs to try and does not forget to enquire if I had tried/completed it in the next class. A good balance between practice and theory in her teaching methodology makes it a worthwhile course to opt for. She does emphasize on important concepts specific to programming interviews and thus I didn't feel nervous while facing questions based on pointers or bubble sort or linear search. Apart from the course, Vijayalakshmi Mam is very much approachable even after I completed the course. Once I had to understand a C++ program relevant to an IC during my internship and having rough knowledge in Object Oriented Programming, I went to Mam with the program. She provided me an overview of it and taught me the concept of Classes right then. Joining her classes has been a good decision I made. Thank you Mam. I look up to you.



She was really a thorough professional and not just money minded, she used to give lot of examples which made us to work harder and understand the language better. Thanks ma'am for sharing it expertise in with us.



My experience overall was wonderful. Learnt basic and advanced Python. Vijayalakshmi is a wonderful teacher. She explains every topic clearly.


Ashwini R Nair

Ma'am has a very beautiful teaching method. Though limited days were provided she made sure she finished all the topics and all the students understood what she taught. Study materials provided by ma'am were very helpful. We enjoyed your class ma'am. Thanks for making class so interesting :)


Arvind Jayaprakash

Thank you for the classes. Very good classes. We got hands on practical experience. Really good study material too.


Nikhil Aivalli

The way of teaching was different ,the session was never boring. Full of practicals and study materials provided are very good and needful.



VIjayalakshmi is very good trainer, she has very good knowledge on the process, she tried her best to download the require knowledge to Triness. All the best Madam.


Joseph isaiah

She is loud and the entire classroom resonates with her voice, she moves on with the topics with the right pace, her teaching methodologies are well suited to learn technologies like excel, VBA , macros, SQL etc.


Gayathri G

One of the best teacher I've had in my life! She was very cooperative and understanding. The concepts were explained very well using innovative examples. If your looking for a good understanding of the subject as well as practical applications then she is the one you will have to contact. I had a wonderful experience learning with you madam. Thank you so much for everything.


Vishnu Bhat

Very interactive and conceptual trainer. Adapts to the pace of the students. Gives individual attention to every student, and makes sure everyone is carried with the ongoing topic. Provides real time examples through out the course. Very helpful course materials and provides a lot of mini projects, which will be very helpful. Overall the best trainer for any computer language course.


Yashwant Moger

Good teaching with lot of examples for each and every topics. I would recommend to all.



Class is very intresting and interactive, found the comfortable zone for learning. Hands on session help me out too understand and improve my knowledge. I found it very helpful and loved the course.


Sai jyothi u v

Sessions were very good and interesting. Always found a comfortable zone while learning. I enjoyed learning new things and the sessions were very interactive and main point hands on sessions helped me out a lot and programs given to solve helped me to improve my skills.




She is very good trainer with a great technique of teaching skills. I am really happy for getting such a great trainer.


First she understand the ability of learner and teach with her Unique style of teaching depending upon the student requirements with good examples. The study materials is excellent and easy to learn with good exercise. Hearty I recommend to join for training.


Vidhya R

I took excel training from Vijayalakshmi madam. Recently, madam was very helpful making me to understand excel from basics. Thanks for your patience madam. I felt mam's training was very useful as she was explaining the concepts with effective examples and kind enough to repeat difficult scenarios. Now i am confident that i would apply for jobs. I would sure recommend her for other students as well. Thanks.



She is very good at her knowledge and has a good tactics of covering the concepts. Every concept is covered with right example and things are made simple. She is patient and is attentive to the student's issues and she makes sure every student in class understands the subject. The pace of the program is also very rightly placed and overall you find it worth shelling out the money.


Vinitha s bhat

The course helped me in acquiring better knowledge about python, all my doubts were cleared. Online studies wouldn't be this effectively as our doubts and queries will be cleared with live examples. Many ideas regarding Coding discipline and many more general coding skills were taught. I was satisfied with this coaching. Highly recommended.


Praveen C

Vijayalakshmi G was very good at getting me to participate and know the Python Language content really well. I really didn't realize how many mistakes I've been making. The exercises were brilliant and Vijayalakshmi G was knowledgeable, interesting and shared many tips with me. The course content was easily understandable and informative and I really enjoyed this course and would like to do some further training with Vijayalakshmi G.


Abhishek Kumar Singh

Vijayalakshmi Madam makes the concepts easy to understand. Her notes are really very helpful for me . She gives guidance even after the course completion and this is very grateful thing for any student.She is always friendly to her student and she is very down to earth. Thank you, Madam for all your help and support.



Helped me a lot in acquiring basic skills in C programming and filled confidence in me



Learning Python with Vijayalakshmi ma'am was interesting because she teaches in a very simple and easy-to-understand method. She provides complete set of materials related to the subject and gives relevant assignments. At the end of each class she lets you go through what you learnt, and is ever-welcoming on the most silliest doubts. She builds your confidence in the subject by motivating and guiding at each step. Most of all, i found her to be a very down to earth and a genuine person. She has good industry knowledge and is always willing to guide you. Thank you Ma'am, it was a wonderful experience getting to learn with you.


Rahul Krishna

One of the best, patient and qualified tutor in the city to get in line with strong basics.


Shruthi S

Vijayalakshmi Mam is an amazing tutor with a great level patience. She makes you very comfortable with the subject and has extensive knowledge about various technologies. I am very happy and satisfied with her teaching methodology and would recommend her to any one who is planning to join a technical courses



She is just Amazing in training people. Had a great experience.

Nikhil Sharma

Good Teacher. Met my expectations and understood the concepts well.



Vijayalakshmi Mam gave more practical knowledge rather than just the theoretical examples. She gave personal attention and proceeded further only if the previous topics were completely understood. I would strongly recommend the training in Core Jave and Unix.


Rohith Nair

I went to Mrs Vijayalakshmi for a crash course on Core Java.Even though, it was a crash course, she was able to cover all the topics thoroughly and even cleared all the doubts that I had related to the topic. The classes were really far away from my place, but I am happy that I chose her as my trainer. She also provides offline assistance after the completion of the course. I, would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn any technical course from the scratch. Thank you, Ma'am for all your help and support.



Very good trainer. Very helpful and always available to clear the douts. Style of teaching is also good. I am happy to find such a trainer.


I am tester, I thought to learn selenium tool and before doing the course I survey myself about the course, after survey with people and Google I came to know in selenium 80% is Java and 25% is tool. When I was searching in google for JAVA course, i came across UrbanPro site and found excellent Reviews by Vijayalakshmi Trainer. Immediately I reached trainer and started my Java course........you believe are not, I didn't get such a patience and cool trainer with excellent knowledge in my carrier, before that I was not knowing about the coding ......now i am feeling coding is very easy and understandable easily. For good coaching 1. Every day she will revise what we did in the last class. 2. Each and every program execution should be done by our selves and need to explain every line of coding and reason behind it. 3. More real time and day to day examples to understand better. 4. More assignments to get programming knowledge 5. Covers Interview questions and also inform tricky questions abt interview 6. For selenium perceptive will cover all the syllabus.


Vijayalakshmi G M picture

Vijayalakshmi G M

Experienced IT Corporate Trainer/Coach, Counsellor

No Reviews Yet

Students Interested 3 (Seats Left 0)

₹ 9,000


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