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Oracle Professional

Oracle Professional

Andhrakesari Nagar, Nellore


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About the Course

It is very use full course those who are doing graduation(B.Tech),MCA and seeking for JOB

Topics Covered

• Introduction to Database
• Database Views
o Internal View
o Conceptual View
o External View
• Data Models
o Hierarchical Model
o Network Model
o Relational Model
o Object Oriented Relational Model
• Introduction to RDBMS
• Types of RDBMS
• Oracle Popularity
• Oracle Products
• Rules for Oracle Database
• Data Types in ORACLE
• Introduction to SQL
o Data Definition Language
o Data Manipulation Language
o Data Control Language
o Transaction Control Language (TCL)
• Operators
o Introduction
o Types of Operators
? Relational Operators
? Arithmetic Operators
? Logical Operators
? Special Operators
o Sorting the Records
• Constraints
o Introduction
o Types of Constraints
? Integrity Constraints
? Referential Integrity Constraints
o Column Constraints , Table Constraints
o List out the Constraints of particular table
o Adding the Constraints for already existing tables
o Disable/Enable Constraints
o Remove the Constraints
o Cascading the table Constraints
o Introduction
? Types of JOINS
? Equi Join
? Self Join
? Outer Join
? Non-Equi Join
• Functions
o Single Row Functions
? String Functions
? Number Functions
? Date Functions
? Conversion Functions
? Special Functions
o Group Functions
• Sub Queries
o Simple Sub Queries
? Sub Query Comparison Test
? Sub Query Membership Test
? Quantified Comparison Test
? Existence Test
o Correlated Sub Queries
• Views, Sequence, Set Operators
• SQL *Plus
PL / SQL (Programming Language for Structured Query Language)
• PL/SQL Introducxtion
o Advantages
o What is Block ?
o Data Typesin PL/SQL
? SQL Data Types
? Composite Data Types
? %type
? %rowtype
o Programming Constructions
• Cursors
o What is Cursor ?
o Types of Cursors
? Implicit Cursors
? Explicit Cursors
• Stored Procedures
o Introduction
o Types of Stored Procedures
? Procedures
? Functions
? Triggers
• Triggers
o Purpose of Triggers
o Types of Triggers
? Statement Level Triggers
? Row Level Triggers
? Trigger Events
? Trigger Parts
• Packages

o Introduction
o Package Specification
o Package Body
o Using the package in anothe PL/SQL Block
• Exception Handling
o Introduction
o Types of Exceptions
? Implicit Exceptions
? Explicit Exceptions
Advanced Concepts
• Objected Oriented Databases
• Collections
• Partitions

Who should attend

Any Graduate


Basing Knowledge in Computers

What you need to bring


Key Takeaways

Able to write any level of Complex Queries

Windows Azzure 2014 Conference at...

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Windows Azzure 2014 Conference at...

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About the Trainer

Phanindra Kumar.O.V.V

Director, Technical Consultant

I have been Taking "Technical Training" Classes at Academic and Corporate Sectors from past 17 Years

Course Id: 12272