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"Advanced Excel with VBA (Macros)" is no longer available

81 Reviews

S R Nagar, Hyderabad

Course ID: 25680

S R Nagar, Hyderabad

81 Reviews

About the Course

Hi, I am Venu Gopal Komaragiri, hereby I would like to introduce myself as a Advanced Excel and VBA(Macros) faculty, I am working for one of the top MNC in Hyderabad as a VBA Developer, I am holding 6 years of experience in MIS Reporting, Data Analysis, Dashboard Development, Database Maintenance and VBA(Excel, PowerPoint, Access) Development. Course duration will be 45 days for both the Advanced Excel and VBA, after course completion I will be provide some useful content to students like Overview on Reports, Report types, MIS and Reporting and Dashboard preparation with real time examples. Apart from this Excel formulas with examples and Short Cut keys, Q&A's, Resume Tips and Sample Resumes will be provided.

Topics Covered

Introduction What is an Excel? Histroy, Versions Opportunities & Career Growth Cell Formatting Format Painter Paste Links Paste Special Cell Alignment Indent Increase/Decrease Wrap Text Merge & Center Number Format Conditional Formatting Convert to Table Cells Insert/Delete Row Height, Column Width Find, Replace & GoTo Tables Create Tables Tables Formatting Convert Tables to Ranges Filters & Adv.Filters PivotTables Pivot Charts Insert Slicers Change Data Source Copy and Move Caluculated Fields Sub Totals, Grand Totals Report Layouts Pivot Styles Charts Pie Chart Line Charts Bar Charts Interactive Charts Sparklines Formulas Logical IF, And, Or, IFError ISBlank, ISError ISNumber,ISText ISFormula,ISNA Text Clean Concatenate Find Left Len Mid Lower Proper Replace Repeat Right Substitute Text Trim Upper Date & Time Day Now Today WeekDay WeekNum Lookup & Reference Lookup Vlookup Hlookup Choose Row Column Match Index Offset Transpose Hyperlink Conditional Sum SumIf Sumifs Count CountA CountIf CountIfs CountBlank Average AverageIf Defined Names Name Manager Define Name Using Names in Formulas & Pivot Tables Data Importing & Exporting Data Creating Connections with other Applications Text to Columns Remove Duplicates Data Validation Scinario Manager Goal Seek Data Table Grouping, Ungrouping, Sub Totals Flash Fill View Removing/Adding Formula Bar Removing/Adding Gridlines Removing/Adding Row Headers Removing/Adding Column Headers Zoom New Window Arange All Freeze Panes Split Text Text Box Word Art Object Shapes & Hyperlinks Advanced Features Hide/Unhide Sheets Hide/Unhide Workbooks Protect/Unprotect Sheets Protect/Unprotect Workbooks Hide/Unhide ScrollBars Hide/Unhide Status Bar Quick Access Tool Bar Customize Ribbon Collapse the Ribbon Creating Symbols with Fonts Watch Window Calculation Options Formula Auditing Short Cuts Introduction What is VBA? How is it Useful? Histroy, Versions Opportunities & Career Growth Recording a Macro Recording Options Absolute References Relative References Different workbooks to store macro What is a Personal Macro Workbook? Viewing,Deleting Working with the Personal Macro Workbook ? Different ways to run a Macro Changing Options Public & Private Procedures Visual Basic Editor (VBA IDE) Project Explorer Excel Objects VBA Objects Userforms Modules Class Modules Object Browser Properties Window Code Window Immediate Window Locals Window Watch Window The VBA Language Data Types Operators Variable Declaration Basic Input & Output Functoins The Active Properties Decision Making Iif, if (single line & multiline),if...elseif ladder, Selectcase Looping For, While & Do While Until Debugging Techniques Excel Object Model Cells Property Bulit-in Functions in VBA Using Ranges (Programmatically) Activate & Select Working with Font Properties Working with color indexs & customized colors Comments : Add, Change, Delete, Count Ranges with cells Single Parameter Reference Offset Property Next & Previous Ranges on Inactive Worksheets Cut & Paste : to same sheet, other sheet & other workbook Copy &Paste Paste Special (Operation, Transpose, Skip Blanks, Type etc,) Resize Range Property of a Range Merge & Unmerge Union & Intesect Current Region Property End Property Calling Worksheet Functions Using Formula Empty Cells Special Cells Last Cell Comments Blanks Conditional Formats Validations Constants (Text values, Numbers, Dates) Visible Cells Rows & Cloumns Properties Insert/Delete rows/columns conditionally Sort (numbers/ numbers stored as text) AutoFilter Advanced Filter Conditional Formatting Arrays : Single, Multi, Dynamic, Variant Working with object variables Working with File System Objects Interacting with Drives Working with Folders & Files Create, Copy & Delete Create & Open text files Write into text files Import data from text files FileDialog FileDialog Filters (Add & Clear) FileDialog Selected Items Working with UsedRange Comparing Worksheets Consolidating Sheets & Workbooks User-Defined Functions & Procedures Creating UDFs What UDFs Cannot Do Calling Procedures Parentheses and Argument Lists Using Names Naming Ranges Working with Names Collection Storing values in Names Hiding Names Searching for a Name Searching for the Name of a Range Getting the Range of a Name Pagesetup & Print Options PrintArea, Margins, FitTo, PrintTitles, Preview, Print etc. The Application Object DisplayAlerts ScreenUpdating InputBox StatusBar SendKeys OnTime OnKey Linking with Scheduled Tasks Auto Open Auto Close Workbooks List of open workbooks Open, Create, Save & Delete Workbooks Overwriting an existing workbook Password & WriteReserve Worksheets List of sheets in a workbook Add, Delete, Hide & Very Hide Copy & Move Grouping (Array & Across) Protect & Unprotect The Window Object Pivottable PivotCache PivotFields Pivot From External Data UserForms Creating Userforms Call Userforms From Procedures Call Procedures From User Forms Label TextBox ListBox ComboBox OptionButton CheckBox Frame ToggleButton Multipage ScrollBar SpinButton RefEdit Calendar Workbook Events Open, Close, Save etc Worksheet Events Selection_change, Change Before_Double_Click etc Automation through other applications Late Binding Early Binding Creating a WORD DOCUMENT, writting & Saving Creating a PRESENTATION Sending a graph fromExcel & Saving A Function to send mails through OUTLOOK Working with Windows API An Overview of ODBC Connections, MS-Query An Overview of ADO The Connections Object The Recordset Object Select, Insert, Update, Delete From : Access & Sql Server MIS and Reporting Overview of MIS and Reporting Report Types Preparing Real Time Reports Why Dashboards required in Operations? Creating Dashboards Creating Data Entry Forms Using UserForms Some Useful Content for Students Excel Formulas File with Real Time Examples Excel Short Cuts Interview Tips Top Interview Q&A Sample Resume's

Who should attend

Who is already working with Excel.


No prior programming knowledge is required.

What you need to bring

Single Note book and Pen

Key Takeaways

Excel Formulas examples Short Cut Keys Overview on MIS and Reporting Top interview Q & A's Sample Resumes

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Venu Gopal Komaragiri picture

4.92 Avg Rating

120 Reviews

135 Students

0 Courses

Venu Gopal Komaragiri

7 years of Experince in VBA Development & Data Analysis

6 Years of Experience

I am a Advanced Excel and VBA(Macros) faculty, I am working for one of the top MNC in Hyderabad as a VBA Developer, I am holding 6 years of experience in MIS Reporting, Data Analysis, Dashboard Development, Database Maintenance and VBA(Excel, PowerPoint, Access) Development.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




M N sravanthi

I joined class in march from day one onwards, he helps to understand each every concept very Easily. He explained every topic in real time Examples.



Venu holds a very good knowledge in Excel and VBA. I like the way he teaches and understanding the subject in simple way. The course goes in step by step with well-mannered contents and will improve your skills in all the way to become expert in MS EXCEL & VBA. Thank you so much! I'm glad to be a part of Venus Student. I strongly recommend him as an efficient trainer in training advance excel with VBA and a very good learning platform for the beginners.



Venu holds a very good knowledge in Excel and VBA. I like the way he teaches and understanding the subject in simple way. The course goes in step by step with well-mannered contents and will improve your skills in all the way to become expert in MS EXCEL & VBA. Thank you so much. I am glad to be a part of Venus Student. I strongly recommend him as an efficient trainer in training advance excel with VBA and a very good learning platform for the beginners.



Venu is right choice for Advance Excel and VBA in Hyderabad and he teach with real time scenario and examples and he never compromise unless you learn the topic.



If you want to learn Advanced excel with VBA, i would suggest Venu Gopal is the Best choice. He has very good knowledge in subject. The way he Teaching/Explaining concepts are very understandable.



Mr. Venu is very experienced trainer and he teaches the subject in a simple manner which can be easily understood.


Ananda Reddy

Being an ex banker and presently working in an audit department, I had to learn advanced excel and VBA to better my self at the work and make my work my easier. With so many institutes and persons offering these courses, I had a great difficulty in choosing among them. I wanted to learn from a person, who is practically coding and working on live projects. When I finally decided to learn it from Mr. Venu, I should admit that I am not at all disappointed. I made the right choice. His knowledge is deep and practical. He covered almost every aspect of VBA programming . What I liked most was his patience in explaining the concepts clearly. He coded as he taught and it helped us in learning Excel VBA better. I would suggest his name to any one interested in learning Excel VBA, be it a student or an employee. I am sure one would largely be benefited by his practical knowledge and method of teaching.



The class was Excellent. He displayed good knowledge and communication is very clear and simple. The training demonstrated with live examples shows his professionalism and real time experience. The materials were well made and I am sure everyone who attends this will surely learn something new in Excel.


Boini sugunakar

Excellent Class and terrific materials. If you are willing to put in the effort, the class is going to do your career wonders.



Venu is expert in Excel and VBA. Every Session is well organized and planned. Good infrastructure, 1-1 interaction. Practice sessions, Resume making, Interview tips etc., Definitely good place to learn real time exposure of MIS Reporting.


Bhrigu Aneja

Venu is a great instructor. He is very patient and extremely easy to understand. Thank you so much!



Great place to learn. The quality of knowledge and the best ways of teaching practices has brought this to the top. If you really have the zeal to learn then this is the only place with no other thought in mind. Venu sir you are like "One Man Army" with profound knowledge in the field. The days spent in the institute were memorable and would really like to connect again in near future. Thank you so for the people who helped me throughout my learning.


Bhaskar Bordoloi

Excellent faculty. Great experience. His method of teaching is easily understandable. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Bhargav govindu

Excellent Place to learn and become skillful at Electrolytic. Faculty are very much experienced with plenty of knowledge,and they provide Class room practice examples, tips and practice sessions also. Its really excellent for our profession, It`s not only worth for profession but growth in career also and one more think is the way they have explained was impressive and the fluency of teaching was pretty good, Really I can suggest the people to come here for learn excel and Macros (vba) also.


Sandeep Kumar Pittampally

I would say this an excellent learning center of Venu Gopal (Very experienced) the way he drives the MS excel and VBA topics with detailed and perfect examples, which helps us to understand easily. As i have 5 years of experience with MS Excel but i learned many new things in Excel after started taking course at Venu Gopal. I would refer to join Venu Gopal Learning center for better coaching on listed courses.



Training sessions were interesting and useful for us to implement in our daily works. This training is helpful to search new job point of view and understanding the concepts easily. Overall training sessions were awesome. Faculty was very good.



It was very good experience with Venu Gopal to learn Excel VBA. The way of teaching is very good and easy to understand. Thank you so much Venu for the support.



Good knowledge. Very explanatory. We had very good experience with the classes.



This is an excellent course.The course is well structured and explanations are thorough that makes it easier to understand, i am really enjoying this course. Excellent, i will highly recommend to join this course.


Vishnu sarva

After talking to multiple trainers, I have decided to join with Venu garu for Excel and VBA training. Firstly, I have impressed by the way he explains the content. As excel is widely used in day to day tasks, he would bring up the practical scenarios when the current topic would fit in. Teaching mode would be completely practical, where he explain every thing with a piece of code. Being a leaner, it helped me a lot to relate the things in my work which can be automated. I'm able to come up with new ideas which can be automated in my work which involves multiple MS Office applications ( excel to DB, excel and Outlook etc). Thank you Venu garu for your commendable training.


Balraj Thatikonda

Venu Gopal has immense knowledge and experience with both Excel and VBA. I learned Excel from him. It is very easy to learn from him. He helps understand everything and explains the subject in a most simple way possible. He is very easy to talk. He will answer any questions the learners may have and will clear the doubts. He knows what he is talking about and can explain things differently to help understand effectively, which is expected only from an efficient professional faculty. I highly recommend students who intend to learn Excel and VBA to learn from Venu Gopal.


AnaghaT Murali

Excellent classes. Initially I had a mental block to attend online classes as we are used to conventional method of institute coaching. Venugopal Sir is highly proficient and takes classes in a proactive manner so that we will be able to know the subject thoroughly. Highly recommended



Sir is very knowledgeable. Provided comprehensive notes that helped in understanding the concepts. He is also willing to help with real time scenarios which is really good. Paces the class per your understanding. Very personalized approach in training.

Raghu Teja

He is crisp, perfect and punctual at his work/teaching. Highly dedicated and the best plus point with his teaching is u learn a concept with an example by which it injects better. I was personally so happy to learn with his examples. And love to advise him in my circle. And I do thank Urbanpro for advising him at the right time. He is capable enough of making understanding the concept for a beginner to an expert. So one need not have a thought in a mind if he has no prerequisite knowledge on the subject, he will take care of it. Once again thanks to Urbanpro.


Chandra Sekhar Reddy

It's a very good time to learn Excel VBA from Venu garu. We will get a very clear explanation for all topics. Thank you.



If you have dream to learn MS-Excel, don't just think. This is best place to learn. Teacher is very professional and experienced. Way of teaching is too good. Highly Recommended!!



The place we can learn with real time example of Excel and Vba Macros and I have satisfied with the training and the best place to upgrade our knowledge in dashboards, all important functions and formulas in excel. Finally we can get joy of learning.

Durgesh M

The training was very good, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. I learned a lot from Trainer experience and insights. The subject-matter is timely, relevant and presents and important and necessary way of looking at justice sector reform. I strongly recommend this Institute to anyone working in, or interested to boost their career.


Manasa Ramayanam

This is awesome institute and best place to learn Advanced Excel with VBA (Macros). Venu Gopal Sir is an excellent trainer,helps in understanding the concepts very easily.He will explains each concept with real time examples.



Sir is very friendly & coming to course he explain very clearly with perfect examples always & encouraging for new openings, also providing certifications. He will teach us in good manner My final suggestion is one of d best institute in hyd for advanced excel,vba


Radhakrishna K

I feel very happy to join in this training.Many trainers might give flexibility to ask doubts and clarify them.But at Venu sir's training clarifying doubts doesn't matter.His main motto is that every trainee should understand every concept.Definitely every trainee will get good path for the job after completion of course.


Anil Reddy

Excellent information. I got good knowledge in excel. Thank you Venu Gopal.



He was exceptional and right away he was upto the task. Recommend those who has complex Vba tasks.


V.sai Vamsi Krishna

First things first, from behind my eyeballs Venu Gopal sir is best -in -class professional for teaching MS Excel(advanced with VBA macros) 1.Builds a session starting from the basics of a topic to its real time applications .Gives multitude of examples too. 2.Never calls it a day without taking a class for an hour as promised.Informs before hand if a session is cancelled (though it occurs only once in a blue moon). 3.Hosts a student-friendly environment with a good student-teacher rapport. 4.No material bloatware, he shares the same file he creates( using which he teaches) for your reference. All in all, he not only has a good command over the subject but a decent set of soft(presentation) skills as well. HOPE THIS HELPS.



He has provided Excellent Training and he provided practical examples in EXCEL as well as VBA Macros , I am satisfied with his Training. Highly Recommended!!!


Excellent Training. I thought learning VBA is too difficult, but Mr.Venu Gopal (Trainer) made it too easy for me. Surprisingly, I could write my first macro in the first class of VBA training. I am very much impressed with the trainer knowledge on Excel and VBA. Very Good institute and right place to learn Excel and VBA. If you want to be Good in Excel & VBA then this is the Correct Place...!!



Amazing work, honest person. Very skilled and technically sound and very strong in all the aspects of work he was in. He thought me vba, sql, access and excel application, his teaching methodology is incredible. Highly Recommended!!!



I am satisfied with the training given by Venu Gopal, i really liked the sessions. He is an expert in VBA .


Srikanth Silamkoti

He is very proficient in explaining the Topics Easy to undertand a Person like me having basic knowledge on Excel Now iam confident in all the Topics Thank you

Bhargav Musunuru

These days Excel became the most widely used tool in operations especially in my profession. I became very comfortable with Excel after attending Advance excel classroom trainings by Venu. His way of training and sharing the informative like creative dashboards, assignments, etc.. is much appreciated. I strongly recommend him as a efficient trainer in training advance excel with VBA(Macros) to all who are looking for the concerned course.


G. Amarnath

I feel Happy that I took Advanced Excel and VBA classes from Venu. The contents were explained clearly. I would strongly recommend you to join Advanced Excel and VBA classes with Venu. The Course can help you immensely with your Career Aspirations, if you can PRACTICE the lessons taught by Venu on the SAME DAY. He has Good Knowledge on Excel and VBA. Wishing you all Good Luck


Koti Reddy

Attended the classes one month back. He can makes us expert in excel with very easiest way of teaching. He is explaining each and every one of excel topic with live scenarios. Blindly i can suggest Venu gopal for MS-excel with VBA.


Jeevan Danthuri

Great Dedication towards work, Redefining Ameerpet coaching centers, Live Examples and writing code in the class by making us involve in the subject for better understanding. Venu works in a corporate company which is a good advantage for students to understand the subject easily and relate it to work. I strongly recommend for students who are really interested to become experts in VBA. Thanks Venu for the support during the entire course. All the Best.


Ravi Kiran

The best thing about Venu is whatever he teaches from a basic excel function to an advanced Macro, he correlates that one to the real-time work profile which will be beneficial and easy to grasp to apply it. Whenever we are not able to understand any concept, he tries to make it clear still we get understood. Thanks for being such a wonderful tutor.


Sridhar Chandaka

Knowledgeable resource, correlates real time experiences with subject, Highly intellectual.


Madhusudhan Vadla

The way of explanation quite good Easy understandable methodology Constructive examples to grasp easily



He is a good teacher expert in excels and macros



Venu sir has good command over the subject and his way of teaching is excellent. He is very friendly in class and creates a healthy environment for learning. His way of explaining subject along with subject is excellent.


Akbar Ali Razvi

I challenge anybody in the whole world to find a better teacher than you. You've set a great example for all of us to follow, you've inspired us to be better people and to always strive to do our personal best. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!


Jafar Mirza

I may not have always shown it, but i m grateful to have had such an awesome instructor like you. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared and setting a great example



Very Good Teaching for VBA


Y. Raghu Ram

Good facuilty.


Sai Kiran

Good knowledge on Excel and VBA. His teaching towards the subject made me in improving strong command on Excel and VBA.


Kalyan Saruvu

Hi sir ,This is kalyan, Awesem teaching.He is having Excellent knowledge about Excel and VBA and he is friendly nature person.AS of my knowledge, i giving rating about you out of 10 i am giving 8.5.



Venu has a good Teaching style, he starts right from very basics and gradually moves indepth into the subject and he engages the students/audience well. He makes the student/audience understand the concepts. However, few things that venu should think about doing is: 1- Concepts are good to know, but give more live examples on where and how the logic is being applied. 2- Give some case studies to the students to prepare and come for the next class, this will help venu in accessing the students knowledge and Student will also be beneficial where he/she is standing in terms of understanding the logic. Overall a satisfactory class to attend! All the best Venu. Thanks, Sangeeth



Venugopal is a very friendly person. His way of explaining the subject is excellent. Thanks for the training Sir. Thanks Phani Kumar


Mahender Singh

Venu hold sound knowledge in Excel and VBA. I like his way of teaching as well but would like to give one suggestion which would improve the training programmes offered in One IT institute. Apart from classroom training please conduct practical classes to work on sample data which would help students to apply the classroom concepts in practice. Thanks



Awesome tutoring.He is having massive knowledge about EXCEL with VBA. very time punctuality to classes. The content of the course is very comprehensive as well and delve a lot deeper into actually useful Excel skills. You bring the information across in a very well, non-rushed and simply explained way. Thank you so much! I've been putting this off for too long and I'm glad I came across your tutorial. I like that you cover from the basics of the excel we would most likely do right as we start using VBA. Thanks for each of your responses.



Awesome tutoring.He is having massive knowledge about EXCEL with VBA. Very time punctuality to classes. The content of the course is very comprehensive as well and delve a lot deeper into actually useful Excel skills. You bring the information across in a very well, non-rushed and simply explained way. Thank you so much! I've been putting this off for too long and I'm glad I came across your tutorial. I like that you cover from the basics of the excel we would most likely do right as we start using VBA. Thanks for each of your responses.



He has very good experience in teaching Advanced Excel with VBA.He had explained MACROS with real time scenarios.He is the best one as a VBA FACULTY.So,who have intrest to learn VBA those persons can prefer him.


Naveen Kumar Mallepula

I am extremely thankful to have such a supportive cooperative trainer like you with whom I have learned so much each day and am improving all the time. The one thing I found very useful is that everything we talked about, we practiced. This opened my mind and gave me a good experience. The program was fun. I have learned new things in a funny way. All those things will help me in all kinds of thinking. I think this is a life changing program that will help many people. I learned countless things from you and had a fun time, and stored many things in my long term memory. The quality of training were excellent The best thing that I liked about your training was live class room videos through which we can never forget even after completion of course. As down the line we may refer to the video which we did in class. Individual attention given by trainer towards its students, regular assignments and feedback. Definitely Prince you are always there to help in our day to day life official queries. Which gives us support to achieve out our task in an easily manner. I completed my course ages ago i.e in the year 2014 but till today I receive full support from you for job hopping. The consultation that you provided from us is to share the knowledge as much as we can and spread the feedback with others about the course. Definitely Prince I took a lot of benefit from the training ,as it changed my career path. I got promotion and hopped job.


Vasanth Raj

He is very good at explaining the VBA and adv excel. Easily understandable notes provided.Explained every thing topic clearly with notes & material provided. Program explained through LED. All over good to join. Thank you Venu.


Kasi Viswanad

He has good knowledge with real time experience and is a very good trainer. He explains each concept with real time scenarios and focus on each individual to understand the concepts better. He responds to our calls and messages even after the completion of course.


Sravanthi Nelluri

The Training was really awesome and everything is explaining in a practical way which will be useful in Real Time



Venu Gopal sir is very good at teaching, having full hands on experience in VBA, full knowledge person in understanding each and every student and making them perfect.



Nice experience.I learned many things in last six weeks. learned Excel, analysis techniques,Pivot Tables, dashboards using pivot and many others. And Venu Gopal explaining the subject (VBA) with real time examples that examples are really helpful to build our logic's in our work.


G Veeru

Venu Gopal is a very good teacher. Due to his real time experience he explains very well with good examples in a very understandable way. People like me with scientific background did not feel any difficulty in grasping to what he taught. I enjoyed his class and was very helpful for me to gain what I needed. I would definitely highly recommend him in the first place as an instructor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my view about Venu Gopal.



Mr.Venugopal is an excellent faculty I have never seen anywhere



Thank you for allowing me to select Mr.Venugopal . He taught me well which is really helpful for my daily operations of my job. His soft skills are excellent and also affordable. I wish him all the best.



Sir, is very cooperative and is very systematic and well organized in terms of how to teach the subject to his students. Is an expert in terms of skills set in vba and advanced excel. Would highly recommend those who would like to seek classes in excel and vba from Venu gopal Sir.



Venu's sessions are very effective as he shows live demonstration of usage of the formulas and codes along with the theory part. He is an excellent tutor.



Venugopal is confident and adept at teaching, he is expert in Advanced EXCEL, he trained around 30 people in a class for two and half days. He received 10% Excellent and 86% Good rating by Participants. I do recommend for Students at colleges and at corporate classes.



He is approachable & creating friendly atmosphere so that we can share our doubts freely with him. He has excellent subject skills, Clarify each and every doubt with his logical approach.


Chanakya S

Regarding Subject explained every thing starting from basics and covered all the topics, clarified all the doubts with in class, and responded for calls & messages if any doubts while practising


Ambala Prakash

I have attended Advance Excel and VBA with Macros classes of K.Venugopal RAo sir in the month of Jan 15. He taught all the theory concepts very well and gave good practical knowledge in depth. So,I would like to attend his classes again and again because he clarifies all the doubts even through phone and I suggest students to attend his classes and he is VBA Expert.


Durga Reddy

A great teacher establishes clear objectives for each lesson and works to meet those specific objectives during each class.He is one of them. Thanks&Regards, Durgareddy, 9959128934.



I feel he is a good teacher because he always tries to his students understand what he want them to understand and for that he gives examples that matches the students understandability and he always builds cooperative relationships and guides regarding interviews, career etc.


Kishore Kumar Kottamas

He has good knowledge with real time experience and is a very good trainer. He explains each concept with real time scenarios and focus on each individual to understand the concepts better.


Subbarao Kari

The Course was very helpful especially because of our teacher Venu Gopal Sir.He gave real time examples and simple short cuts ,each and every topic discussed with simple examples.Finally I am so happy to take this Course. My special Thanks to Our institute and Mr.Venu Gopal Sir.



His teaching is in a good manner. For Understanding the concepts, he is giving Real-Time Examples.


Venkat Ajay Bojedla

Hi, He can teach Excel very well & the way of explanation is very good with very clear & simple examples. He is very good in writing codes in Excel, Access using VBA & good in creating Dashboards, automation reports

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