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200RYT by Yoga Alliance

55 Reviews

Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081

Course ID: 48907

Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081

Students Interested 0 (Seats Left 5)

₹ 38,000

55 Reviews

About the Course

200 Hours Teacher Training Course (Integrated) RYS® 200

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training Course delivers an intimate, comprehensive, theoretical and practical hands-on training program. Trainees emerge from our TTC as confident teachers with a strong and solid teaching skill set ready to begin their career. Alongside developing and perfecting the art of teaching, trainees also gain understanding of the practice of yoga asanas, philosophy, physiology, adjusting, mantra chanting, chakras, anatomy, mudras, pranayama, meditation and other traditional and contemporary yoga techniques.

Our curriculum takes you through the essential elements required to deepen and enrich your own yoga practice and to teach students with confidence. Our expert team of teachers will guide you from the fundamental stages to teaching with ease.

  1. Asana, Pranayama and Meditation Hatha yoga.

    Ashtanga vinyasa (mysure style) Primary series.
    Pranayama: Nadisodhan, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Surya bheda, Chandra bheda ujjai, shitkari, Shitali, Bhramari.
    Different types of meditation.

  2. Teaching Methodology

    Deification, nature, type of education.What is different between teaching & training? Teachings techniques, communication skills. Environment of yoga classes. General points on teaching a class. General principles of sequencing a class. Qualities of yoga teacher.

  3. Anatomy

    Introduction. Systems of Human body. Functions of different systems of human body. Sensory organs. Effect of asanas on human body. Limitation and contra-indications of yoga practices.

  4. Philosophy

    Etymology, definition, history and types of yoga. Objective and purpose of yoga. Introduction on Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

  5. Practicum

    Student will have to lead classes applying what has been taught throughout modules under supervision of teachers.

Batch 1

Date : 01 Jan, 19 - 31 Jan, 19

Timings : 08:00 AM-05:00 PM

Seats Left : 5

Students Interested : 0

Students Attended : 0


About the Trainer

4.91 Avg Rating

67 Reviews

84 Students

5 Courses

Dr Yogi Vinay Rai

Dr and Masters in Yoga therapy

35 years experience. - Founder and CEO of Nirvaana.

Student Feedback


Average Rating





It was really wonderful experience. The problem that I have been facing at least got a solution. And the tutors are very cooperative and helpful.



Its a good experience with nirvana i am benefited regarding my health. Staff is very good and kind enough. Special thanks to vinay sir and sravani who motivated me towards positive way to reduce my health constraints and timings are flexible.



I have been practicing Yoga at Nirvaana since more than a year and it has been a very fruitful experience for me. Its a place where you feel positive energy the moment you enter inside. Dr. Vinay and the team possess vast knowledge in this field and work relentlessly to help the practitioners. Their setup is designed so that practitioners can reap the maximum out of it's customized sequences of Asanas, regular upgrades of sequences and comfortable ambience all encourage you to visit Nirvaana regularly.



We are all aware of benefits of Yoga & meditation. However, the normal perception is that yogic postures & meditation are difficult to learn & practice. This myth has been completely broken and made simpler by NIRVANA Yoga Center. I would like to credit Dr. Vinay & his team for making Yoga & meditation so simple to learn and practice in today's busy life. Ever since I joined NIRVANA Yoga, I have undergone sea change in my behavior as well as have been immensely benefited from the different yoga postures which have helped me to develop inner strength & regain my vitality. I would like to thank wholeheartedly Dr Vinay & the NIRVAANA team for doing a fabulous job of ensuring that all Yoga practitioners learn & practice their routine effectively in a serene environment.



I have been practicing yoga and kundalini from past 6 months. It's a special place for yoga. I use to feel very positive and peaceful as soon as I enter the studio. Kundalini practice turned me into a different person to a new world with full confidence. I struggled a lot in my professional and personal life. After Kundalini practice, slowly everything turning positive. It's not possible to express everything in words. I would recommend it to all. Thanks to Vinay Sir and Nirvaana Team for support and encouragement.


Devas kalai valan

Yoga & meditation gives the relaxation to body & mind. It is very required for anyone to relieve their stress as it is quite common now as the work environment is very much pressurizing. So the stress relief is very much important for everyone. Since this excellent job is carried out in professional manner with experts with care in nirvaana I request all to utilize this opportunity to have stress free peaceful life. My thanks to management & staff of Nirvaana for their wonderful service.


Sumithra Sahu

PCOD cured: Thankful to team Nirvaana madhapur and Gachibowli.was using harmonies for curing PCOD and was putting on weight. Was guided to Nirvaana , madhapur in Nov 17 and shifted to Gachibowli branch as it was near to my office. Got the reports today and found that the cysts have vanished and my gynaec was wondering how it could happen only with yoga minus medicines. Thanks again sravani, Dr Yamini and the team Nirvaana for curing me. Dr Vinay a wonderful therapist and keeps low profile and down to earth. Thanks Guruji.



Nirvaana is the epitome of peace, professionalism and absolute bliss! I started off with Dr Vinay and continued later on with his highly efficient team. Being associated with Nirvaana is an absolute pleasure.


Rajkumar Mayneni

Sinus Cured Thanks to Nirvaana for opening a branch in gachibowli. Many of my friends were Nirvaana students of madhapur branch but as it is far from my office I skipped joining there. Here at gachibowli I was the first. 15 days over and my sinus issue solved. Thanks Nirvaana. Thanks Guruji.


Subhangi Poddar

Sinus Cured Thanks to Nirvaana for opening a branch in gachibowli. Many of my friends were nirvaana students of madhapur branch but as it is far from my office I skipped joining there. Here at gachibowli I was the first. 15 days over and my sinus issue solved. Thanks Nirvaana. Thanks Guruji.


Pradeep chauhan

The ambiance. The experienced teachers. The methodology of Teaching. The therapy postures made to practice are awesome and very useful. Thanking Nirvaana for opening a branch in Gachibowli and Miyapur.


Sharat chandra

Was a Nirvaanik since an year at Madhapur and today Nirvaana opened. A branch in Miyapur. My family has joined. We are happy no more health issues. As I benefited the same way my family too will. Thanks Dr Vinay for expanding. God bless you sir.


Ramakrishna Pillay

I was suffering from PCOS since last 3 years. Tried all ways. One lucky day got the address of Nirvaana and reached and met the therapist. Dr Vinay explained me the way how yoga can cure PCOS i was not convinced but just wanted to give a try and joined his therapy sessions. I was regular and they too were dedicated and sure of curing it. Yoga was a saviour and slowly my cycle became regular and today when I got it tested I was astonished there were no signs of PCOS. Thanks Nirvaana. Thanks sir and madam.


Pratibha Marwah

I joined Nirvaan's prenatal yoga class when I was 3 months pregnant. The prenatal poses designed by Dr Yogi Vinay Rai helped me stay calm and positive. In just 2 weeks, I noticed considerable changes; improved energy and strength to do my routine work. I never had any cramps. My blood pressure was very much in control. My mood swings were very normal. Dr Vinay has an inspiring and positive personality, with an infectious energy, that motivated me to attend each class with passion. Nirvaana not just provides yoga lessons, but also gives important tips on healthy diet and lifestyle. I followed all his advice and got the desired results. Post nine months, I had a short labor (4 houurs), normal delivery and my baby was healthy. Thanks Sravani mam for the smooth pregnancy and easy delivery. I would highly recommend Nirvaana's prenatal yoga classes.


Akanshaji Mittal

At the age of 32 becoming a mother was a dream. Through a friend of mine came to know about Dr Vinay Rai founder of Rai Yoga and Taanz Yoga. After a search on Google found out that he is the one who has started Nirvaana. Rest was a dream come true and now I am a proud mother of a baby girl (10 days old and Healthy). I never believed yoga does miracles too. No medication was used by me. Only under HIS guidance practiced Yoga Pranayama and Meditation religiously. The whole life me and my family will be grateful to Nirvaana and it's wonderful, polite and decent team of Balram, Sharat, Sravani and Dr Yamini. A big Thanks to Nirvaana.


Samyukta panigrahi

If you live in Hyderabad and tired of many sounds of city so this yoga lesson will be like oasis of silents. I had a lot of thoughts in my head and I feel pain in it. But after morning yoga at Nirvaana yoga studio I started feeling more better. It is the best place to relax and learn Yoga I am grateful to all teachers specailly Dr Vinay Rai the philosopher and guide, Yogini Sravani, Yogi Balram and Dr Yamini Rani for clarifications of each asana. Detailed instructions. And pleasant voice who will guide us the whole time.


Nicora John

I have practiced yoga for over 12 years and in many studios around the world. During my time in Mumbai, India. I was pleased to find Nirvaana Hyderabad, Dr Yogi Vinay and his staff are the most knowledgeable yoga teachers that I found in India. Their classes are challenging but in all of the right ways. Sravani will push you to reach the next level in your practice. If you have time and are looking for a great place for meditation, yoga practice, or Massage treatment then please do yourself a favor and go to Nirvaana at Hyderabad India.


Shesha Reddy

The best yoga studio ever visited. Yoga teachers are very good with personal care with personalized yoga and the best is meditation teaching by Dr Vinay. l can say best yoga studio in Hyderabad.



The best yoga studio in town. Simple style of teaching. Good ambiance. Flexible timings. I love it.



Yoga was the last thing I have attempted after trying out Gym, Zumba, Aerobics, Cricket and Tennis. I felt, why I took so much of time to practice yoga. Without undermining the benefits which other fitness programs have; I feel one should make yoga part of their life. I am sure you would gain more than what you have expected. Now, Why Nirvaana? It’s the place where you will get customized postures designed for each practitioner based on his/her health condition, age, need etc. You will find a clean and enticing infrastructure which encourages you to come and practice daily. The timings are also so flexible which ensures that you never miss any class. Price is also economical. You would find a new friend and Guru in the name of Dr.Vinay. He is very passionate about his work and always available for any support required. I do want to give some suggestions for improvement for Nirvaana but right now I don’t have any; but in case you got any valid feedback, then Dr.Vinay would be the first person to put those things in place without further delay. I recommend you all to start practicing yoga and lead a healthy and blissful life.



It's a great effort doing by Nirvaana Team to make there students strengthen and healthy. Specially for people having struggling and rigid lifestyle.



Classes go good and trainers personally take care of each and every joinee. The only thing is that trainers should teach for perfection of postures.


Nupur Waghmare

Best place for yoga, meditation. Teachers are well trained and there are customized postures for everyone. Guruji's guidance is very helpful.


Ragini nikkam

It is very good experience in Nirvaana and service is good. Thanks sir for providing good service and environment.



Personal training to each member. Flexible timings. Yoga Guru can be reachable at any point of time for any sort of clarifications needed. Overall I experienced the use of yoga and it's daily practice.



It's a good experience to join Nirvaana, they give priority individually, suggest the yogasanas based on the person's interest and to overcome any existing disabilities.



The ambiance of Nirvana is very calming and soothing. It really helped me stay fit and calm at the same time.


Prerna mathur

I have Joined 3 months back and yoga classes helped me a lot to reduce stress hypertension and also i feel fit. I felt positive changes from inside. I believe Yoga should be a part of everyone daily routine. Guruji and yoga trainers are so good friendly and caring.We get individual attention too. Also they have great knowledge so that is so useful for us to understand what we are practicing and why. I am happy to be a Nirvanna.



Good experience and good at taking care for individual aspects of teaching.



I would like to refer Nirvaana as a temple of learning and experience. It makes you feel at home always. Needless to say about our Guruji' teaching. I developed a keen interest towards yoga and started feeling good about myself, all credit to Nirvaana and Nirvaaniks under the esteemed guidance of Guruji.



Would be great if Nirvana reduce fee according market standards.


Saurabh Shandilya

I am learning yoga and meditation at this peaceful place and that has brought a lot of positive differences in me. I am more energetic, peaceful, healthy and happy and I would give full credit to Nirvana. Thanks Guru jee and team for being there.


Nishant Agarwal

One of the best decisions of my life to be part of Nirvaana. It gave me a new perspective on yoga and meditation. Wish it could be there in every city across India.


Ranjit Madala

The facility is awesome with all the facilities and infrastructure and is very well maintained and you would feel very energetic here. The teachers are knowledgeable and help you in the yoga poses and are very positive. There is a separate meditation room. In this facility, Guruji focuses on body, mind and soul and experience has been very good to me. The yoga poses are personalized based on your physical and health needs.


Javaji Tejeswini

Great ambiance, customized training. Over all very great place to learn yoga.


Rasika Kapare

The best yoga class I must say. Very peaceful environment in the class and the trainers are also very good and they pay attention to each and everyone.


VS Raju

It's totally a different experience altogether. From Giving personalized advise and guidance to designing a customized yoga asanas. Dr. Vinay is helping immensely in keeping ourselves fit and calm. Great job by Dr. Vinay. Very Happy to be part of his Nirvana group. Thank you.



Customized yoga schedules to individual students and open at very flexible timings. Overall a very satisfactory experience.



The overall experience was great. Could learn lot from Vinay sir about Yoga.


Santosh Srikar

I feel very happy while writing this review. Nirvaana is one gem of a place. A place to learn yoga and overcome all your problems. I was suffering from chronic back pain for last 8 months. However after joining Nirvaana in just two months of time I feel 100% fit and relaxed. Dr. Vinay is an awesome person and he has the power to understand the problems of the people and guide them in the right direction. I personally thank both Dr.Vinay and Sravani as well who helped me to learn Asanas.



Overall I am extremely happy to be part of Nirvana and I would definitely suggest to my friends.



It really helped me overcome stress . One of the best yoga teachers in the town who teaches systematically and has individual focus on making life simple for us. The flexibility of timings is another boon for corporate professional who want to rejuvenate from the busy schedules.


Praveen Kumar

This is my first yoga and meditation centre, trainer explains each yoga postures and makes us practice with individual attention. Customized postures for each. Flexible timings, vehicle parking is so spacious. Good and friendly teachers. The place is clean and neat.


Pranathi Maringanti

I have found Nirvaana Yoga as a best institute. Helped me change a lot. I have become more positive, learned a lot from this Institute. It helps me enjoy yoga. Changed my personality Overall. Highly Recommended!!


Pooja Neeraganti

Awesome yoga center with experienced faculties and guruji. You will get nice experience with yoga, meditation and pranayama. As guruji is yoga therapist all asanas will be very effective. Highly Recommended!!



Its a great experience to learn yoga from Vinay Sir, especially doing all yoga postures along with breathing exercise which gives a great relaxation to body and mind.


Rajesh Kumar Panchbhai

Awesome place to practice yoga. Faculty is so good that people will actually love to do yoga.



The best yoga studio in town with experienced therapist and more over flexible timings. I would have been happy if NIRVAANA opens it's branches in BANGLORE too. My parents stay there and they need a good yoga studio with an experienced master as in NIRVAANA. Thanks Vinay sir. Thanks NIRVAANA


Gaurav Sikroria

It is a great centre and more over is our instructor who teaches us the relevance of yoga in day to day life in a seamless manner with individual attention . They also emphasis on the regularity of attending the session and keep you reminding that do take time little bit of time from daily hectic schedule for yoga.



NIRVAANA is one stop solution for most of our health issues with guidance of well experienced trainer. I am attending the class from last 1 month and enjoying it.

Shuba Agarwal

In my teacher training sessions ASAN PRANAYAMA and DHYANA the three limbs of ASHTANG YOG along with the remaining limbs such as YAMA (ethical standards ) NIYAMA(self-discipline) PRATYAHARA (sensory transcendence) DHARANA(concentration) are taught and explained through easy examples by the Yoga Counsellor at NIRVAANA thereby making the world a better place to live. Thanks NIRVAANA



Its been 20 days since I started learning yoga here. Its a great experience to learn yoga from Masterji, especially doing all yoga postures along with breathing exercise which gives a great relaxation to body and mind. And also Interacting with Masterji always enlightens spirituality and humanity. Its a great place to learn yoga.


Greesha Sabnekar

Nirvaana Yoga Studio has been very helpful in overall improvement of fitness. The tutors expertise and experience has been very beneficial and the results could be felt within few days of joining. We are given customized postures and individual attention is paid during the class which is very effective in getting the yoga postures correct . I would definitely recommend Nirvana Yoga center for health and fitness.


T Subhash Reddy

Thanks guruji for setting up a institute for yoga pranayama and meditation in this area. we are very happy to be a NIRVAANIK


Ajmanunissa Begum

Dr Vinay takes keen interest in each and every student and if the student misses the batch in which they are registered then he sends a messages and asks them to attend the next batch or any batch in the evening. The flexible timings of the institute 5 AM morning till night 11PM helps us to attend the classes on regular basis. Thanks Sir for the studio in our area.


Students Interested 0 (Seats Left 5)

₹ 38,000


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