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DIETDiet plays an important role in the management of diabetes. Being diabetic does not mean that the patient should deviate from the normal diet completely. The aim of the diabetic diet should be to control...

Rachel A Hemraj | 23/11/2016

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Sri Rama Prasad Jeyaraj | 25 Jan

Try LCHF diet, it is working out for me. You need to visit doctor and dietician who can subscribe above diet.

Nazish | 15 Mar

Daily one hour of yoga. Start from warm up then suryanamaskara 15 to 20 times. Along with asanas holding 30 sec. follow proper diet control. Stop eating White rice and nonveg for five days a week. Drink 4 litres of water. After dinner walk for 20 min. Avoid eating after 8 pm at night.


i would like to know if eating white rice make you put weight. i feel eating white rice makes me gain weight. so I stopped eating it. my weight is now stable and same for the past 3 months. So white rice is the cause of weight gain? should one totally void it?

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Riyaz Khan | 27/05/2016

White rice when eaten in limited quantities does not add to your weight. We may eat about 100 gm to 150 gm rice in one meal. That leads to about 130 to 180 calories, which is not very high. Just to compare, one glass of Coke/ juice has 200-300 calories. You have to balance your overall calories consumed in a day. While eating rice best way is to fill up rice in a small katori and then measure and eat. Eat slowly. Take lots of vegetables and dal with it. Chew properly and when you feel nearly full, stop eating. Enjoy rice but measure it before eating.

Soumya Alageri | 18/11/2016

White rice is devoid of fiber. So people do not feel full while eating it. So, actually it's not the rice but the quantity that matters in weight gain.


How to gain weight

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Manu Basavaraju | 18/06/2016

In Yoga, we teach something called Angamardana (the ultimate fitness) which would enhance the overall flexibility and strong muscles along with agility.

Sushuma Jaiswal | 24/06/2016

Do you have other symptoms like tiredness, back pain, headache or as simple as hair fall? This people have very less muscles which is directly proportional to their protein intake. Generally they have lot of nutritional deficiencies, so first goal should be to deal with the nutrient deficit. To gain weight in healthy way, consume balanced diet with more protein rich foods to build muscles. Since your weight is less, the amount of protein you have to take is 1 to 1.25 gm protein / kg of ideal weight. You have to take supplements my dear, you can not get all the nutrients from food now. Soil has become very poor and missing in many nutrients. You can include sprouts, full cream milk & milk products, cheese, paneer frequently, peanut butter etc in your diet. For customised diet plan many things should be considered including dealing with the deficiencies with food supplements - as diet is missing so many important nutrients. To plan optimum diet, deal with deficiencies (nutrient gaps) & other concerns along with healthy weight gain, you can contact me separately. Hail Happy & Healthy!


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Dr Deeptii Patil | 30/03/2016

Weight gain is a slow process n doesn't mean eating anything or everything as people generally say instead it needs good nutrition and physical exercise in perfect combination to increase muscles the fat burning machine

Fitso | 08/07/2016

Since you are asking how and not what to eat, I'll explain that concept here. Now, Understand that any change in weight is closely associated with your diet. Contrary to the popular belief eating junk food etc or anything and everything is not something which helps you gain weight in a healthy way. It may be a shortcut but is very harmful in the future. Although runners around the world eat anything, as their metabolism is so fast that they digest just about everything (the reason why they are so lean). If your physical activity is upto that level, you need to understand the maths below. Lets assume your calorie intake is x and calorie burn is y. To reduce your weight you need your x > y. Simple. When the body gets more calories than those you burn, it will start accumulating it in the areas which are least active. Hence to gain weight properly you will need to eat right and exercise right. Since I don�t have your proper details to suggest what all workouts suits you, I won�t be of much help there but I can surely help you with the means to achieve this. Now appetite has nothing to do with gaining calories. You only need to know the right food. Follow the following steps to gain appetite. a) Drink lots of water. b) Do not drink half an hour before or after your meal. c) Don�t take 3 meals a day. Take 8 meals a day. d) Do not eat to your heart�s content. Lets say you are hungry for 4 rotis, take only 3. This last one will boil your stomach again to eat some more in two hour or so. e) Take karela, aloevera, amla juice etc. Take any one of them, helps a lot in detoxifying the body. f) Start exercises. Contrary to the popular belief, exercises makes you gain weight as well, if done properly. g) Never sit down just after you eat. Roam around for a while to let your body extract all the nutrients from it. h) Start your day with a fruit salad. Helps a lot in gaining various nutrients, also increases appetite. Your food must be high on calories, you also need to take care of micro and macro nutrients. To achieve an overall good body. While following a diet your physical activity should be optimum so that neither you lose weight and neither it gets accumulated in just one place. I would like to suggest you to hire a nutritionist for the same. Options like Fitso, lybrate, healthyfyme can give you these at a much lower rate. I would recommend Fitso, since it has a calorie counter, apart from which they have home workout videos which you can follow (Only those where calorie burn is the least). You can also hire a fitness trainer, who will only provide you with strength training, so that the calorie burn is min. All these at one place. That is why I love their app.

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