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"Hadoop Developer & Admin with Spark, Scala, Kafka, Cassandra" is no longer available

22 Reviews

Mathikere, Bangalore

Course ID: 32049

Mathikere, Bangalore

22 Reviews

About the Course

  1. Understanding Big Data and Hadoop 2hrs +6hrs HDFS LAB

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Big Data, the limitations of the existing solutions for Big Data problem, how Hadoop solves the Big Data problem, the common Hadoop ecosystem components, Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, Anatomy of File Write and Read, how MapReduce Framework works. 


Topics - Big Data, Limitations and Solutions of existing Data Analytics Architecture, Hadoop, Hadoop Features, Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop 2.x core components, Hadoop Storage: HDFS, Hadoop Processing: MapReduce Framework, Hadoop Different Distributions.

  1. Hadoop Architecture and HDFS 2hrs +6hrs Hands On for Cluster Setup

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn the Hadoop Cluster Architecture, Important Configuration files in a Hadoop Cluster, Data Loading Techniques, how to setup single node and multi node hadoop cluster. 


Topics - Hadoop 2.x Cluster Architecture - Federation and High Availability, A Typical Production Hadoop Cluster, Hadoop Cluster Modes, Common Hadoop Shell Commands, Hadoop 2.x Configuration Files, Single node cluster set up Hadoop Administration.


  1. Hadoop MapReduce Framework : 8hrs+4hrs Lab

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Hadoop MapReduce framework and the working of MapReduce on data stored in HDFS. You will understand concepts like Input Splits in MapReduce, Combiner & Partitioner and Demos on MapReduce using different data sets. 


Topics - MapReduce Use Cases, Traditional way Vs MapReduce way, Why MapReduce, Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Architecture, Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Components, YARN MR Application Execution Flow, YARN Workflow, Anatomy of MapReduce Program, Demo on MapReduce. Input Splits, Relation between Input Splits and HDFS Blocks, MapReduce: Combiner & Partitioner.



  1. Pig : 8hrs (5hrs+3hrs ) Lab

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn Pig, types of use case we can use Pig, tight coupling between Pig and MapReduce, and Pig Latin scripting, PIG running modes, PIG UDF, Pig Streaming, Testing PIG Scripts. Demo on healthcare dataset. 


Topics - About Pig, MapReduce Vs Pig, Pig Use Cases, Programming Structure in Pig, Pig Running Modes, Pig components, Pig Execution, Pig Latin Program, Data Models in Pig, Pig Data Types, Shell and Utility Commands, Pig Latin : Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group Operator, COGROUP Operator, Joins and COGROUP, Union, Diagnostic Operators, Specialized joins in Pig, Built In Functions ( Eval Function, Load and Store Functions, Math function, String Function, Date Function, Pig UDF, Piggybank.


  1. Hive : 7hrs+3hrs Lab

Learning Objectives - This module will help you in understanding Hive concepts, Hive Data types, Loading and Querying Data in Hive, running hive scripts and Hive UDF. 


Topics - Hive Background, Hive Use Case, About Hive, Hive Vs Pig, Hive Architecture and Components, Metastore in Hive, Limitations of Hive, Comparison with Traditional Database, Hive Data Types and Data Models, Partitions and Buckets, Hive Tables(Managed Tables and External Tables), Importing Data, Querying Data, Managing Outputs, Hive Script, Hive UDF, Retail use case in Hive, Hive Demo on Healthcare Data set. Advanced Hive concepts such as UDF, Dynamic Partitioning


     Apache Spark - 16-20Hrs  


  1. Introduction to Big Data and Apache Spark

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand what is big data, challenges associated with it and the different frameworks available. The module also includes a first-hand introduction to Spark.


Topics - Introduction to big data, challenges with big data, Batch Vs. Real Time big data analytics, Batch Analytics - Hadoop Ecosystem Overview, Real-time Analytics Options, Streaming Data - Spark, In-memory data - Spark, What is Spark?, Spark Ecosystem, modes of Spark, Spark installation demo, overview of Spark on a cluster, Spark Standalone cluster, Spark Web UI.


  1. Spark Common Operations

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to invoke Spark Shell and use it for various common operations.


Topics - Invoking Spark Shell, creating the Spark Context, loading a file in Shell, performing basic Operations on files in Spark Shell, Overview of SBT, building a Spark project with SBT, running Spark project with SBT, local mode, Spark mode, caching overview, Distributed Persistence.


  1. Playing with RDDs

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn one of the fundamental building blocks of Spark - RDDs and related manipulations for implementing business logics.


Topics - RDDs, transformations in RDD, actions in RDD, loading data in RDD, saving data through RDD, Key-Value Pair RDD, MapReduce and Pair RDD Operations, Spark and Hadoop Integration-HDFS, Spark and Hadoop Integration-Yarn, Handling Sequence Files, Partitioner.

  1. Spark Streaming

Learning Objectives ? In this module, you will learn about the major APIs that Spark offers. You will get an opportunity to work on Spark streaming which makes it easy to build scalable fault-tolerant streaming applications,

Topics ? Spark Streaming Architecture, first Spark Streaming Program, transformations in Spark Streaming, fault tolerance in Spark Streaming, checkpointing, parallelism level,


  1. Spark Machine Library

11 . Spark Hive


Scala Programming  : 15hrs

  1. Introduction to Scala for Apache Spark

  • What is Scala?

  • Why Scala for Spark?

  • Scala in other frameworks,

  • introduction to Scala REPL,

  • basic Scala operations,

  • Variable Types in Scala,

  • Control Structures in Scala,

  • Foreach loop,

  • Functions,

  • Procedures,

  • Collections in Scala- Array, ArrayBuffer, Map, Tuples, Lists, and more.

  • Class in Scala,

  • Getters and Setters,

  • Custom Getters and Setters,

  • Properties with only Getters,

  • Auxiliary Constructor,

  • Primary Constructor,

  • Singletons, Companion Objects,

  • Extending a Class,

  • Overriding Methods,

  • Traits as Interfaces,

  • Layered Traits,

  • Functional Programming,

  • Higher Order Functions,

  • Anonymous Functions, and more.




Apache Cassandra : 8hrs

  1. Fundamental Of Cassandra

  2. Understanding Cassandra Data Model

Topics -  Installing Cassandra, Running the Command-Line Client Interface, Basic CLI Commands, Help, Connecting to a Server, Describing the Environment, Creating and Keyspace and Column Family, Writing and Reading Data, The Relational Data Model, Simple Introduction, Cluster, Keyspaces, Column Families, Column Family Options, Columns, Wide Rows, Skinny Rows, Column Sorting, Super Columns, Composite Keys, Design Differences between RDBMS and CASSANDRA, Query Language, Referential Integrity, Secondary Indexes, Sorting, DeNormalisation, Design Patterns, Materialized Views.

  1. Configuring, Reading and Writing Data in Cassandra

Topics -  Keyspaces, Replicas, Replica Placement Strategy, Replication Factor, Partitioner, Snitches, Creating Clusters, Dynamic Ring Participation, Security, Miscellaneous Settings, Additional Tools, Query differences between RDBMS and Cassandra, Basic Write Properties, Consistency Level, Basic Read Properties, API's, Set Up and Inserting Data, Slice Predicate, Get Range Slices, Multiget Slice, Deleting, Programmatically Defining Keyspaces and Column Families.

  1. CQL

Topics -  Data Definition language(DDL) Statements, Data Manipulation Language (DML), Create and modify Users, User permission, Capture CQL output to a file, Import and export data, CQL scripts from within CQL, CQL Scripts from the command prompt.


Apache Kafka : 12hrs


  1. Introduction to Big Data and Apache Kafka

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Big Data, Kafka and Kafka Architecture.


Topics - Introduction to Big Data, Big Data Customer Scenarios, What is Kafka? Need for Kafka, Core Concepts of Kafka, Kafka Architecture, Where is Kafka Used?

  1. Deep Dive into Kafka Cluster

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will be instructed about the details of Kafka Cluster and you learn all the components of Kafka Cluster in detail.


Topics - Understanding the components of Kafka Cluster, Installation of Kafka Cluster, Configuring Kafka Cluster, Producer of Kafka, Consumer of Kafka, Producer and Consumer in Action.

  1. Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning.


Topics - Offset, Design, Hardware, Kafka Monitoring and Issues, Kafka Performance Tuning, Reading data from Kafka, Demo-Twitter Kafka Producer, Introduction to Scala, Mixed Paradigm-Functional Programming, Scala Installation & Configuration, Scala REPL, Scala Project Using Eclipse.


Date and Time

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About the Trainer

Amit Raj picture

4,86 Avg Rating

196 Reviews

216 Students

4 Courses

Overall total 9.2+ years of Experience years of Experience in Application Design, Development & Deployment of Hadoop Eco System/Java/J2EE systems with good exposure to Enterprise Architectures and also.
Currently Working as Big Data Architect & Developer.
Over 4.2+ years of experience with Hadoop Ecosystem including HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Kafka, YARN, Oozie, Zookeeper, Flume, Sqoop,R ,Spark & Scala,Flink.
I have setup 10 node cluster for the production using Cassandra,Spark,Kafka ,Cdh5.4.
Experienced in Cassandra Admin and Developer role.
I am managing of 6 member team on the current project.
Initially Started Carrier As IT-Trainer Over 3.6 yrs of experience in training field On C,C++,Core Java and Oracle-8i/9i.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Somaning sogalad

Very good guide as per me because I have done many new things from the guidance of the Amit.



Very good faculty for the technologies like hadoop, spark, python, and one well human being who will teach as of patience.



Amit one of the best person under whom we can learn the big data technologies and the way how he gone teach is really not explainable. So i suggest everyone to take the classes.


Devi Balkrishna Iyengar

Hadoop and spark training is very good with Amit Raj. His experience makes clearly understand the concept from basic to advance. His teaching experience also help students. His great patience to listen any number of question and he supports also.



I complete online training with Amit, Hadoop classes. Amit is excellent to hadoop ecosystem along with spark whenever I ping, he helps me always.


Julie T.

In my view, Amit Raj is the best trainer for hadoop, spark, scala, ml. His teaching methodologies and real time use case solution helps everyone to become hadoop expert. He gives his best all the time even after course completion.


Ramesh M

Hadoop and spark training was very good for my career. Amit experience helps me to build my career in hadoop. Amit had great patience for any query and solution. It is really fantastic training delivered by Amit Raj.



I learnt from Hadoop admin,developer and spark module. I thanks to Amit for giving proper guideline to build my career. Course module was delivered exceptionally good.



It was very good experience to learn Hadoop, Spark and Scala with Amit classes. Initially I was from oracle finance background and feared to learn these technologies . When I Joined this classes , Amit supported me from very basic of Big Data ,spark, Scala etc to Advance level by providing some additional time on personal level . i was wondering initially but after completion of course i can say i am very good in this technologies. I joined happly company into Big Data also and working at Hyderabad. I can say Amit experience, knowledge and support for course made my life success. Excellent course and time management. Really Thank Amit for your valuable time.



Thank you Amit. Your teaching is in depth technically. You are giving more time giving individual contribution. Now i feel i am good at bigdata.


Eswara Rao

Class is taken professionally with complete hands on session and full of assignment to do. Amit teaches very nicely with many real time and daily life example so it make easy to learn. Amit covered all the concept in depth with clearly information. I Personally appreciate for his effort in Big Data Industry. I know Big Data due to his support and guide line. His support is superb for any query. He made us with high moral all the time during training hours. Thanks Amit for all your support and time with us. Great course design, Great Course Material, Great Delivery and Great Support.


Powell m

BLC is the best place for working people as well as freshers who wants gain deep understanding on Big data and Analytics. I think this is the only course that teaches both theory and the application of that theory in various domain specific problems to figure out the solutions. It is my great privilege to thank the team at INSOFE for the valuable learning experience within a very short period of time with well-structured and planned course design.



Amit sir practically relates each concept to real case scenarios which is very helpful. Overall I am very much satisfied with his teaching.



He has been proper guide in making me understand the significance of big data and it's growing influence in cross industry platforms.Also, his teaching methodologies are simple and easy to follow as well as he has a good amount of experience in the technologies he teaches.The classes offered here are excellent as it covers good amount of theory and real world practical cases rather than text book classes.


Savitha S

Good for beginners. All basics have been taught easily in an understandable way.



He is excellent in delivering the subject, having great patience and able to provide live examples and scenarios.


Vinod Kumar K

The training on Bigdata/Hadoop by Mr. Amit is very interesting and interactive. Amit helped develop the confidence of my learning ability by using hands on activities and with practical examples to make sure the concepts are understood. Classes are well delivered and engaging, pace is perfect. I would really appreciate his confidence and passion for what he is teaching. He is knowledgeable, supportive and capable of bringing out the best in each participant. Thank you Amit for the coaching sessions, I have found them very interesting and useful. It will be a massive help to me going forward in my profession/career.



I can say that Amit 's Raj teaching is really good and nice course module delivery with full of great support and more than 150hrs session. I was completely new to this area and i got job as Data Analytics after completion course on Hadoop,Spark ,Analytics with Machine learning. I would say simply any one can join this course with amit and can enjoyed with learning.



It was a great learning experience with Amit Raj session. I would recommend everyone to join Hadoop, Spark, Scala, R, Kafka, Flink, Impala with the developer and admin course. I am sure for getting great knowledge from his teaching experience, industry experience and proper depth course material.



It was an amazing experience to train on big data with Amit Raj. This course is very feasible to the beginners and has given me an excellent opportunity to kick start my career in big data from scratch. This program is very well structured and planned to help anyone who wants to understand Big Data and Hadoop, Spark, Scala concepts. I recommend it to everyone who wants to get into the Spark, Hadoop ecosystem.


Powell menezes

I wanted to do a Big Data courses myself, and after coming across a lot of companies I realized that no normal course provider can assure you a placement, but In comparison to Jigsaw, Edureka etc. Bigdata learning center(BLC), Big Data Hadoop Architect Master Program with Amit Raj provides with Specialization not only in Big Data and Hadoop Developer but also Apache Spark and Scala along-with MongoDB Developer and Administrator/ Apache Cassandra.The program also offers additional skills in the form of Storm, Impala, Kafka. Additionally, multi-skilled employees get paid more. From Indeed?s data, I have learned that the multi-skill employees are paid 35 % more. Interestingly, BLC(bigData Learning Center) provides with a unique offering, wherein you pay once and get unlimited access to 7+ batches and we have Amit Raj as the course advisor. Their courses are conducted by International subject matter experts. Also, you get course completion certification along-with 3 months experience Certificate, as they make you work on exhaustive Industry Projects during the course.



Top most institute and the best to best faculty for the Bigdata technologies with his unique teaching and very practical training. Office management is also very good.


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