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"Excel Advanced ( VBA Macro Programming ) Level 1" is no longer available

57 Reviews

BTM Layout, Bangalore

Course ID: 20078

BTM Layout, Bangalore

₹ 8,000

Software Professional Trainer with 26+ years of Experience in Software Design and Development

57 Reviews

About the Course

This Advanced Microsoft Excel VBA Macro Programming training class is designed for students to gain the skills necessary to automate your excel vba macro work. Trainees will learn in depth knowledge about excel vba macro programming

Topics Covered

01) Macro
Recording Macro
Running Macro
Modifying Macro
Creating a Short-cut key to macro
Running a Macro with a Shortcut key
Running a Macro from the Macros Dialog Box
Working with Macro Buttons
Running a Macro from Macro Buttons
Assigning a Macro to a Menu or Toolbar
Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
Running a Macro from Menu or Toolbar

02) Understanding The VBA Editor
The Visual Basic Editor
Parts of the VBA Editor
Project Window
Properties Window
Modules and Macros

03) Debugging Code
Compile Errors
Runtime Errors
Logic Errors
Design Time, Runtime, and Break Mode
Setting Breakpoints & Stop
Stepping through Code
Running Selected Parts of Code
Debug Window
Understanding Errors
Using Debugging Tools
Setting Breakpoints

04) Immediate Window
Using the Immediate Window
Using Variables
Object Variables
Displaying data to the user
Obtaining data from the user

05) Constants, Variable
Rules for variables name
Reserved Words
Scope and Life of variables
Declaration and Redeclaration

06) Data Types
Different Data Types
Why do we need Data Types?
User Defined Data Types

07) Running Code
Run mode and Design mode
Running Code from the development environment
Running Code from the host application

08) Arrays
Single Dimentional Array
Two Dimentional Array
Access Array elements
Join & Split

09) Functions
String Functions
Format Function
Date and Time Functions
Conversion Functions

10) MessageBox and Input Box
Using Message Boxes
Using Input Boxes
Using a Set Statement

11) Operators
Is and Like

12) VBA Syntax and Grammar
Objects – The Grammar
Using Properties and Methods
Understanding Parameters
The Object Browser
Understanding object hierarchy
Tools for better coding

13) Procedures
Rules for Procedures name
Subroutines Procedures
Functions Procedures
Creating Custom Functions
Class Procedures
Argument Data Types - ByRef, ByVal, Optional
Argument Data Types - ParamArray - Variable number of arguments
Scope and Visibility

14) Standard Modules
Creating Modules
Writing Functions
Calling Module Functions
Importing Modules
Exporting Modules

15) Class Procedures
Inserting a Class Module
Creating an Object
Creating a Collection

16) Branching & Conditional Statement (Decision Making)
If without Endif
If ... Else Endif
If ... Elseif ... Else ... Endif
Next If
Select ... Case
Nexted Select ... Case

17) Repeatation
With ... End With statement

18) Loops
For ... Next
For Each ... Next
Do While ... Loop
Do Loop ... While
Do Until ... Loop
Do Loop ... Until
While ... Wend
With ... End With

19) Errors and the Error Function
On Error
Error Trapping
Generating Own Errors

20) Excel Object Model
Properties, Methods, Events Explained
Application Object
Windows Object
Workbook Object
Worksheet Object
Range Object
Row Object
Column Object
Cell Object

21) Dialogs, Forms & Control
Creating form
Displaying form
Creating control over form
Label Control
Textbox Control
Combobox Control
Listbox Control
Spin Control
Radio Control
Checkbox Control
Command Button
ListBox control
Date Picker
Setting the Tab Order
Populating a Control

22) Interaction of Excel with
VBA Forms & above Controls
Forms Control & above Activex Controls

23) Interacting with Outlook
Connect to Outlook using VBA
Send email Automatically (From, To and CC address)
Send email Automatically with Attachement

24) Interacting with Database ( MS Access )
Creating a Database ( MS Access )
Connecting Excel with MS Access
ADO and DAO connection
Adding new Data
Deleting Data
Editing and Saving Data

25) Dashboard
Creating simple Dashboard
Automating Dashboard Data
Modifying Dashboard
Dynamic Chart

Who should attend

Anyone who is looking to learn Excel VBA Macro Programming from Basic to Advance. Who wants to automate their company excel work without any further Excel VBA Macro Programming training from their supervisor


1 ) Student should have basic computer knowledge like working in Windows, Just they should know about logon to the system and connect the system to the internet.

2) Experience with Excel Basic (Ribbon, Tabs and Commands) and Intermediate (Formulas and Functions)

Student can contact me 1 or 2 days before the workshop, I will send the link for online teaching software and make his/her system ready to run the class smoothly.

What you need to bring

As It is online class, Students should have good Laptop or Desktop with good internet connection at least 256kbps. Internet Connection should be work continuous.

Laptop or Desktop should have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 OS installed.

Laptop or Desktop should have Ms Office 2007 or 2010 or 2013

If their Internet connection disconnect frequently, there may be chance of missing some sessions.
If they miss some of the sessions / topics, can reach me, I will take separate class to cover the missing sessions.""

Key Takeaways

My training will focus with practical example of Excel VBA Macro Programming.

Students will gather more knowledge about Excel VBA Programming.

Students able to write professional looking excel vba macro automation code independently.

Students able to debug their code and fix the bugs independently.

Students can directly work in their company Excel VBA Macro projects directly without any further excel vba macro Programming training from their supervisor / company

Students can also optimise the code to improve the performance.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Umasankar Natarajan picture

5 Avg Rating

256 Reviews

251 Students

32 Courses

Umasankar Natarajan

B.E., M.B.A., PMP

20 Years of Experience

I have 22 Years experience - 20+ years of software design & development experience and 2 years of Non IT experience.

I have practically worked C, C++ , PHP, MySQL for 18+ years in different software companies like Tata Elxsi, Mphasis, Aricent, Mindtree.

I worked 8+ years as Project Manager, where I worked many excel vba project to create dashboard and automate project reports.

I completed 25+ realtime project in Software Industries. Out of which I have done 21+ C & C++ Real time projects. 15+ Excel Projects for Automation, Dashboard and report generation.

6+ PHP MySQL Real time Projects.

I can teach you Excel VBA Macro Programming in depth with practical examples.

I can teach you C and C++ Programming in depth with practical examples. Also I will teach C & C++ with memory level debugging.

I can teach you PHP - MySQL programming in depth with practical examples.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Krishna Mani

I took VBA training with Mr Umasankar Natarajan sir in the month of Aug 2020 and would like to thank sir for the valuable training. Each concepts are explained with line by line using debug mode. I really enjoyed and appreciate you made it interesting. The quality of the content was very good and nice balance between the theory and practice sessions. The training also was helpful to understand the basic and advanced concepts of VBA which i am able to apply in my work environment. Mr Umasankar sir also will not shy away from answering any out of the syllabus questions. He has got amazing analytical skill and exceeded my expectations. The materials provided also helps me to revise my knowledge during my future. Earlier i had taken MS access training which too was very helpful and would always assist on queries even post the training. The training is worth the money as he covers exhaustively and is never in a hurry to complete the training. If the training needs extra days to complete he would further extend. Thank you so much sir for the knowledge gathering. Hope to take more training from you in future.



The classes conducted by Umasankar sir were very informative. Anyone with zero knowledge can understand his classes. The concepts taught are industry standard. He can clear any doubts any number of times without hesitation. He is also easily gettable person through whatsapp and can also clear doubts through whatsapp. He is one of the best trainer I have seen. Thank you.



I have attended the Advanced Excel corporate training taken by Mr.Umasankar in Storeking, Excellent theories, models and training, the best part was how tailored it was to our particular situation. Umasankar is a living embodiment of how to do it. He pushed us all to exactly the right levels and got the results we needed. A very inspirational course. The content was spot on classroom work balanced with outdoor practice. Umasankar is a very good presenter, very inspirational, approachable, and supportive. The best course I have been taken, now feel energized.


Zakeer Hussain

I have been attended the excel classes being conducted by Mr.Umashankar. I like and love the way he teaches and taking care of each learner. The way he simplifies each and every step to solve any kind of equation/Problem has made him unique among all. He is a continuous learner and welcomes all kind of queries to solve them in a very unique manner. I highly recommend Umashankar in every organization to train the enthusiastic learners. He adds more colors to Your personal skills development.


Shakthi S

I really enjoyed the Excel Course. The content was awesome.Umasankar is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical demonstration. Thank you. The course was presented in an enthusiastic way. Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course.



I Attended Advanced Excel classes in ATI. I would like to recommend students to attend Umashankar sir's class for Advanced Excel. He is really good in making concepts very easy and simple. He is very clear in his teaching. I appreciate his patience.



I have attended the Excel & SQL classes of Mr. Umasankar. He is very knowledgeable and explains the concepts in simple terms. His sessions were more of practicals which help us to build confidence in what we are learning. I also have learned to be punctual and sincere from him.


Lakshmanan R

Mr. Umasankar is a very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics in SQL & Excel classes which appealed to everyone. I feel better equipped to manage my work after completing the course. This was my objective at the beginning. Thank you so much for the knowledgeable sessions and looking forward to attending the session again if given an opportunity.



After attending two days corporate training on VBA for excel that was conducted by Mr. Uma Shankar, I feel that I have learnt something new and have utilized my time properly. He was at his best while teaching and would patiently answer all our questions and makes sure we understand the concept right. He takes the topic step by step with one modification at a time explaining the exact impact of the change in the code. Thanks for all your help in making us understand the concepts well and we had a great time learning and applying them.


Vinod N

As a financial analyst I felt the need for learning VBA Macro for my day to day activities that is when I came across Umasankar sir's Profile on Urbanpro. I decided to meet him and then take my decision, he was very polite and patient enough to understand my requirement and offered couple of demo classes before the start of the batch, post which I decided to take up Level - 1 and Level - 2 of VBA Macro. The learning has been immense from his teaching style and the knowledge he possess about the subject, learning all the topics under debug/error handling mode helps to understand all the dimensions of the subject. The transcripts and notes related to the class are shared through a shared drive access along with exercise questions to practice which is again reviewed in the class the next day. To gain sound understanding of the basic concepts 3 online tests are are conducted and answers are reviewed. To conclude overall it has been a excellent learning experience.


Syed Zuhaib

One of the best tutor I have met in my career. I took Excel VBA training from him and being from non IT background, he ensured I learn all the concepts with his real time examples and exercises helped me to learn VBA in the simplest way.


Manish Bhattar

I have attended the Advanced Excel and VBA corporate training taken by Mr.Umasankar in J.P.Morgan. His step by step explanation style make his session different from others. The best thing I liked about his training is he explain you different methods of doing the same thing and explains those through the example and exercise His keenness to connect with everyone and make sure everyone understand him is his biggest plus point.


Yash Kanchan

It was a wonderful training experience for both Advanced Excel and Excel VBA. The faculty assigned enforced great step by step practices to make the complex problems easy. This has been the finest training experience of my life so far as it just didn't teach what to do but also taught the how's and the why's. Thanks for this wonderful experience and learning.


Vineet Pandey

I have attended corporate training session on Advanced Excel and VBA by Mr.Umasankar. He explained the concepts from the scratch and at the same time simplified the concepts. Both the sessions were quite comprehensive, also relevant exercises were given so that we can learn the execution part as well. Thank you so much sir, I am looking forward to more such sessions.


Sunel Sakile

Mr.Umasankar has taken the sessions on excel and VBA corporate training. The process of decoding a formula into steps has made it easier for me to understand. The training was very helpful.


Gokul Kumar

Mr. Umasankar master has wide knowledge on VBA programming; He explains with real time examples and simple example so that, even the Non-IT students also can understand his teaching. He takes us through step by step programming using the debug mode and explains / make us understand the subject / programming clearly. He gives enough exercise / on line exam on each topic daily; this help us to understand the subject thoroughly; He always goes for an extra mile to understand the topic very clearly and vividly. If you go to a training center, you will be straight away taught about the subject and very simple basic steps and best practices are not taught; But he teaches you with the basic programming and best practices. This is a great plus with Mr. Umasankar master. I will rate him 5 out of 5.


Pavan kumar

I attended advanced Excel program conducted by Uma Shankar Sir. It was went very much interactive and very good knowledge sharing. He got very good teaching skills, communicating skills professionally.


Mohan Sankar

Umasankar took advanced Excel training for a college arranged by me. He is well versed in his subjects. I strongly recommend for the professionals to take classes from this trainer. He is very punctual and teaching methodology is good.


Ramu Are

I attended Excel VBA Macro training by Umasankar sir. His explanation was very good on each topic and in depth. After the class he gives exercises on the topic covered that day and this helps a lot for candidates. He explain each and every concepts in debug mode, which will help to understand each and every line of code in depth. I highly recommend Umasankar sir to anyone who is looking to learn Excel VBA macros.


Prashanth T R

Thank you so much Umasankar sir for helping me to learn Advance Excel. I liked his teaching method. He explained all the concepts from basic level along with examples which was very helpful and easy to understand. He also explained step by step procedure to create complex function using combination of simple functions. Very patience in explaining things in multiple times. I strongly recommend other students/professionals to attend the training programs if you’re looking for. It’s worth to spend time with Umasankar Sir. Appreciated all your support and co-ordination.


Hitish Sethia

The excel VBA training was very helpful, although I think it should be for 4 days instead of 2. The delivery was very clear and concise. I was able to automate many of my daily tasks in excel, after this training, cheers to you sir. Looking forward to gain more knowledge from you.


Rohit garg

Umasankar sir training was very crisp and precise and the course material was upto the mark. Training's were very well explained with lot of examples and it went without any hiccups. Any one interested to learn excel can connect with him, he's very passionate to teach the students in a very friendly manner.



I have attended his Advance Excel training classes. The Classes are excellent. His method of teaching is very much commendable. There is always a right flow on the topics he is training. In addition to that he shares the lecture notes and examples everyday after class which was very helpful for me to practice at home. Thank you so much Sir.


Muhammed Anees

I recently approached Mr. Umasankar for a Project in Excel VBA Macro with MS Access. He assisted me in my project from the scratch to till the completion of it. It was very well executed and implemented. He is very approachable and contactable for any assistance whenever I required. He understands the issues and resolves it. " I deeply thank him for supporting me in my project and making it grand success." Looking at his knowledge level, I surely want to join his classes very soon.



I attended Advanced Excel training by Mr. Umasankar. He has a very good style of teaching. He continuously makes sure that you have understood what he taught along with a causal talk which makes him better from most tutors. He also gives homework which helps to recap on what I learned during the tuition. I strongly recommend him for other students who would like to learn MS Office software like Excel, Access and VBA Macro.


Damodar S

I have attended Advanced Excel training, It was really good. He will go in detail of each and every topic. Once the topic is over he will give some time to glance on the completed topic. If we get any doubts or queries he will just makes clear on the spot. I have gained much knowledge on the same. I am very happy and satisfied with his teaching methodology and would recommend him to any one who is planning to learn advance Excel.



I would like to thank Mr. Uma Sankar Natarajan sir for his amazing training on Advanced Excel course. His way of understanding the requirement of the student is truly appreciable. The best part in his training is his commitment to make us understand the concept rather than finishing the class in hurry. I have never seen or attended any one's class who goes to any length and explain us each and every step with great detail. He would break down any complex function into easy and simple steps and explain us step wise. I would say he is a conceptual genius and can create number of students with better knowledge. He was always available to clear the the doubts no matter what time we call him. Cheers to that! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Nazeer Pasha

I really want to thank uma shanker sir, for making me understand Advanced excel. If you want to learn from scratch, I strongly recommend to take training from him. He will make you understand each and every topic to up to the mark and give individual attention and if you are good and have gained full knowledge on one topic then only he will start with another topic. Good Teacher. Met my expectations and understood the concepts well.


Pradheep Mahalingam

I have completed excel vba macro automation course successfully from Umashankar. I decided to learn advanced excel course also from him. I have been attended advanced excel classes for past 4 weeks and completed. Most of my work at office is in excel. Time spent on manual work is reducing by applying the formulas learnt from Umashankar sir. The advantage of learning excel formulas from him is his ability in step by step explanation of formulas which simplifies the lengthy formulas and get confidence in usage. This method of teaching is the biggest advantage for me to learn excel fast. If anybody is eager to learn excel, Request to join his classes to get the benefit out of it.


Krishna Mani

I undertook 3 Excel VBA Macro Projects from Mr. Umashankar which he completed very efficiently as per my requirements. I had to ask few changes in between and he was very polite to accept the request and made changes accordingly. The best part is you can call him anytime and you would get a response and the project would be delivered on time. I am very eager to learn Excel VBA and MS Access from him considering his busy schedule.



I got the details about Mr. Umashankar from UrbanPro. It was a great pleasure working with him. He had vast knowledge on VAB programming He helped me in VBA project and he clarifies all my doubts with real-time examples which is really very impressive. He trains the students as per the student’s convenient time. He is very polite and patience.It was a great learning experience with Mr Umasankar.



Hi sir I am currently looking for Advanced Excel and VBA Classes in Weekends Can you please tell me the Coaching center and Contact Details I am staying in Maruthinagar. BTM Layout is very near for me



I learned Advanced Excel from Mr. Umasankar. His Teaching is very nice, he teaches hard formulas with step by step so it’s very useful to learn quickly, and he gives more Exercise With real time Scenarios its really useful to understand and memorize the formulas easily. If we ask the doubts so many times he doesn’t irritate and he explains very patiently. He is a Very Good Tutor and well experienced person in Advance excel Training. I planned to learn Excel VBA Macro programming from him.



Topics are covered in detail multiples examples for each topic are provided Classes will be conducted based on individuals capability(Speed and repetion of topics if not understood) Extra hours of classes are taken if individuals are lacking Each topic use cases are provided to ensure the level of understanding in the topic Assignment and Online-test are provided for knowing are level of understanding Projects are given and ensured all the topics are covered in the project. Topics are covered in detail multiples examples for each topic are provided. Classes will be conducted based on individuals capability(Speed and repetion of topics if not understood). Extra hours of classes are taken if individuals are lacking. Each topic use cases are provided to ensure the level of understanding in the topic Assignment and Online-test are provided for knowing are level of understanding. Projects are given and ensured all the topics are covered in the project. Overall training is Excellent-- recommended for other Excel VBA macro learners


Chandramohan Reddy

I know Umasankar Sir past 2 years. I have done Advanced excel and VBA programing course at him. After taking this course my entire career changed drastically. It helped lot to move from BPO industry to IT industry and income also increased a lot. Currently i am working with HP for automation team. Now i would like to take Excel VBA Macro Project to enhance my technical skills. I would recommend other people to join this course for getting job quickly. Taking this course very helpful for the engineers who are working on other skills to minimize their work and to reduce tedious work. Thank you Umasankar sir for you guidance and helping for my doubts.



First of all Umasankar is a real professional. His skills, knowledge and short time project execution impresses deeply. In the VBA project he has done for me everything works just as I imagined it and even those featurers are doubted is possible to execute. He is quick to understand demands, no need to repeat or remind about anything, if once you've told you need some kind of option, you may forget about it but Umasankar will not. When you work with Umasankar on some project it is as if an artist creates a pictural art of your imagination. Pretty easy readable optimised VBA code with comments and no bugs - this is the result of Umasankar work. And be sure, no matter how complicated your project is, Umasankar will make it much more splendid then you imagine it yourself.


Lokanadh K

I learned Advanced Excel from Umasankar sir during Jul - Aug 2015. I was very much satisfication of the Advanced Excel training. So I joined Excel VBA training course, he explains VBA code in details with debug mode so that we can understand complex code also easily. After completing the course i am able to write the vba Macros on my own, and I got job in a MNC.



Umashankar sir is technically strong and competent in excl and vba macro project. He prepared 5 projects for me which is working absolutely fine and I m really thankful to him.


Anupama Choubey

I attended Advanced Excel Corporate training conducted by Umasankar. Advanced Excel training was very good and provided a practical insight and knowledge in-depth for using advanced excel functions in daily professional work. The examples and sheets provided by him are excellent make excel easy and help increase professional competence level. Thank you Sir.


Lokanadh K

Umasankar sir is highly experienced person in excel, he has nice teaching skills, he teaches hard formulas with step by step so that we can understand and write on our own, he conducts online tests based on the topics so we can assess ourselves.



His teaching method is very very good. He teaches everything in excel and can make anybody a master and he he gives a bit of homework based on the topic taught that day. He never shouts and teaches with a lot of effort to make me understand everything. He is one the best teacher's in Bangalore and I feel he is the best.


Rahul Sahu

Umasankar sir is very good in Excel,as he has a vast experience in excel reporting,which he shares through various examples in class, my experience was good, as sir use to take all the concepts used from the 1st day till the course completion.He helped me allot in analyzing output for future inputs,creating different scenarios to have best outcome possible,validating&goal seeking,Dynamic charts,step by step creation & summarizing the Formulas, explains each and every examples with multiple functions,pays individual attentions.



Umasankar sir is technically strong and competent in Excel. He is passionate,flexible and always reachable. I strongly recommend him for anyone who are looking for the best.


Sandeep Kumar

Uma Shankar is very knowledgeable on all the Excel topics. He takes one to one training which will benefit in learning and also clearing doubts. He gives step by step break up in all the formulas. I'm planning to attend VBA classes in April.


Sandeep Kumar

Uma Shankar is very knowledgeable on all the Excel topics. He takes one to one training which will benefit in learning and also clearing doubts. He gives step by step break up in all the formulas. I'm planning to attend VBA classes in April.


Sunil C N

My experience was very good, he explains the concepts from basic , subject was explained clearly and held my attention. Questions were answered , discussion and examples with presentation to clarify materials. Interactive and supportive, the whole process from start to finish was good and will be very helpful to me going forward in my career. Overall the course was excellent.According to me Umashankar Sir is very positive, knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Thank You sir!



If you really want to learn and master advanced learning Excel then Mr. Umasankar is the right person. His method of teaching is unique and easy to understand. The content of the material and quality of teaching is excellent.Moreover you have the option to bring your day to day tasks/Scenarios to make it life simple.He is very encouraging.I learned (excel complex formulas, functions,Pivot Table, Charts,data validation,Conditional formatting,analysis and many more. Real time examples are good.I would strongly recommend him for advanced learning excel.



I came away with loads of practical knowledge(excel complex formulas, functions,Pivot Table, Charts,data validation,Conditional formatting,analysis and many more) that I can use day to day in Excel. The trainer was friendly, confident and knowledgeable. Really well explained and easy to understand. "Many thanks to Mr.Umasankar."


Prashanth A

The Advanced Excel Training was good and I learn lot in this course, the Trainer has the very good knowledge in excel and we can learn in the easiest way.


Banyani Rana

I found him to be very knowledgeable, technically sound and has in depth knowledge,good at fundamentals, conceptually clarity regarding the subject. Doubts were clarified with lot of patience and examples. Material provided was really good in terms of class room sessions and instructor led examples . I would definitely recommend him for VBA and Advanced VBA.


Satya Mellacheruvu

I found him to be knowledgeable, technically sound and has in depth knowledge,good at fundamentals, conceptually clarity regarding the subject. Doubts were clarified with lot of patience. Material provided was really good in terms of class room sessions and instructor led examples . I would definitely recommend him for VBA and Advanced VBA.


Satya Mellacheruvu

I found him to be knowledgeable, technically sound and has in depth knowledge,good at fundamentals, conceptually clarity regarding the subject. Doubts were clarified with lot of patience. Material provided was really good in terms of class room sessions and instructor led examples . I would definitely recommend him for VBA and Advanced VBA.


Ranganath Krishna

Mr.Umashankar is very positive, knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. The subject matter was presented clearly and concisely, and held my attention. The experience was very good. Questions were answered succinctly, discussion and examples were intertwined with presentation to clarify materials.Very interactive, approachable, and supportive. the whole process from start to finish was superb and will be a massive help to me going forward in my career. Overall the course was Excellent. Value for money.


Krishna Kumar

I am excited to dip my toes into Dashboard reporting with Excel, The best thing was the split of lengthy formulas which was downloadable into steps and then use it were ever applicable.I have stayed away from using excel, and now feel much more confident in using it.The teaching was simple & the best from Umasaankar


A.kalyan Chakravarthy

I took Online Training for Advanced excel from Umasankar sir. It was pleasure learning from him, he understands our requirements first and then accordingly give examples while training.He has tremendous knowledge on the subject. I 100% recommend Umasankar sir to other learners.. Kalyan



It was a great learning pleasure from Uma Shankar. I would recommend every one to be taught by Uma Shankar because the way Uma Shankar teaches makes us expert he gives lots of importance towards the students extends more than the class hours and even helps when ever we call up and clarifies the doubts immediately. He never gets angry he is very polite and patience with the students and even very friendly He as great knowledge and experience " He is given training in systematic manner, which is helpful to understand the concept and also he base provide useful materials also.ex:- slides I have completed VBA Course with Uma Sankar, he really a professional in teaching VBA skill.



"He is a great tutor especially for a fresher and also Job Holders, He helped me lot when learning the basics of VBA which I had no idea of, He gave us proper examples more than one to make us understand the concepts and He gave us appropriate projects so that we get hands on experience, He helped me narrow down what I need to learn and do. " ..Thank you Umashankar Sir.


Umasankar Natarajan picture

Umasankar Natarajan

Software Professional Trainer with 26+ years of Experience in Software Design and Development

57 Reviews

₹ 8,000


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