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80 Reviews

Whitefield, Bangalore

Course ID: 50960

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About the Course

What youâ??ll learn in this course

The Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) v3.0 course teaches you how to install, operate, configure, and verify a basic Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) network, including configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP router, connecting to a WAN, and identifying basic security threats. You will also learn how to perform basic troubleshooting steps in enterprise branch office networks, as well as prepare for Cisco® Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

The course covers the elements of Quality of Service (QoS) and their applicability, explores how virtualized and cloud services interact and impact enterprise networks, and provides an overview of network programmability with the related controller types and tools that are available to support Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architectures. Youâ??ll also gain an understanding of the interactions and network functions of firewalls, wireless controllers, and access points, along with additional focus on IPv6 and basic network security.

This course consists of two courses merged into a single course: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 2 (ICND2).


How youâ??ll benefit

This course will help you:

  • Install, operate, configure, and verify a basic IPv4 and IPv6 network
  • Perform basic troubleshooting steps in enterprise branch office
  • Prepare for the CCNA certifications exams

Who should enroll

  • Network administrators
  • Network support engineers
  • Network engineer associates
  • Network specialists
  • Network analysts



Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

D Shiv Santosh Kumar picture

4.88 Avg Rating

95 Reviews

169 Students

4 Courses

D Shiv Santosh Kumar


5 Years of Experience

3.5 years of industrial experience with corporate training.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Neha Kalshetty

Concept taught were very clear, understandable. Every doubt was cleared. Practicals taught was understandable.


Bhagyashri Ravindra suryawanshi

It was great training. Nice experience. Cleared all theory experience. Thank you. Such great training.


Kajal Prakash randhir

It was very nice experience. Sir cleared all the theory concepts and also done with the practical. Thank you so much sir.



It was quite good. Concepts were clear. Teaching method was also nice, like showing every concepts in details with the help of proper diagram. Practical presentation was also nice.


Nikhil Patil

The experience was very good, because when we have only learned some of the topic and that too only theory part. But in this training, I actually get to know how package are transfer, how the networks are connected and configure and much more. This training was so helpful.


Rucha Upadhye

Experience was Good. Teaching style is good and also good knowledge of networking. Notes are simple and easy to understand.


Pranali Babaso heralge

Teaching method is very good. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organized and focused on practical situations. This course was short but very informative and very helpful.


Rajashree Bhusara

My overall experience was with this training was good. Teaching was very good, understood all the concepts.


Sushama Varma

I really enjoy your way of teaching. At the time of teaching providing the commands and giving the pictures of the same , I first time experience this and its nice way. Thank you so much sir.


Kush Sharma

It was excellent we were able to thoroughly understand the concepts, but still less time for us to revise.


Swapnali Manik shinde

Your teaching style is very simple and you provide the knowledge in minimum word with very lot of skill. Thank you Sir.


Akash Verma

It was a great experience of taking session with Mr. Shiv Santosh. All the topic that was covered seems so smooth to learn. Also the practical sessions were really good. We got a lot of time to complete our practicals. Also he was available any time for the help. So overall experience was awesome.


Pranay Raj

Had a really fun learning. The level of teaching and the time given to to all the lab practicals is so ample. Even helps out if theres any issues while doing labs etc. Overall a very good trainer helps every individual is he/she has issues in the particular course.


Aashish Mali

I have great experience with sir teaching skill and he also solved the problem during the sessions.


Sirigiri Mounika

I have learnt a lot of things from this tranning.you thought many concepts and made us understand very clearly and repated twice or thrice we asked you sir.


Prithwisha Panja

He is a good educator, he guided and helped us throughout. He also cleared our doubts with patience.


Aishwarya S

In this training I learnt a lot about networking and I improved my knowledge on network and I improved skills on hanging some softwares.


Shrinidhi P r

You taught well sir. I gained more information. Follow this way sir. You cleared many doubts. Thank you so much sir.



Subject running classes are under standard but practical thinking is small doubt your experience share or advice. I am improved the skills and knowledge thanks sir.




You explained each and everything Cristal clear, but sometime you were very fast. Apart from that you explained very well.


piduggu ayappa


Santhosh sir teach the course from the beginning to ending in a easy manner and every student can understand the course.


Uttaradi.pavan Kumar

It was very good experience from you sir. Actually we are learnt a lot in CCNA course.we are benefit from this course. It must have been the best training session. Thanks.


Vinay Kumar

I don't know single term about networking today. I learnt something new things about routers and switches how they are connected in a it industry and how will control the network traffic and errors by using some commands. This all credits goes to Santosh sir who gave me good knowledge on networking and required certifications to master in it thank you so much sir.



It was quite good, but he has to be more interactive. And try to use ppts to present a topic rather than moving into notepad and paints. Teach more effectively.


Abdul Khadar thupakula

Your teaching is so good sir and the way you presented was so good. Lab is well and the practicals are excellent.


Abhishek Diliprao ingle

It was a very good experience . Your way of teaching is excellent. I was able to understand everything you taught us. Thank you so much for your support. Highly recommended to all.


chenna kesava reddy


Best teaching, the way of teaching the topics of CCNA is very good and I understand the classes of him was very good. Thank you so much for your teachings sir, hoping it is very useful for my further my future and job.




He is a great teacher, mentor, who is kind, knowledgeable, and of course helpful and I love the way he teach the complex topics in a simple way . It's great experience to collaborate with you sir. I am looking forward to collaborate with you again.




Thank you very much santhosh sir. You helped me a lot to understand the ccna. Your presentation is clear and easy to follow. All the very best for your upcoming endeavors.




Very good at teaching. Explains each and every point in detail, friendly nature, always available to clear doubts.


u ravindra


Best website for home tutors. No third party involved you and only student that leads to more earning. Thank you so much for your support. Highly recommended to all.





prasanna dash



Praveen Kumar






tejasher reddy

The way santosh sir explained all the topics of networking is marvelous. He explained total schedule in a very clean and profound manner.



I really enjoyed this course. You explained all concepts very clear and simple manner. I wish to attend more course from you. Keep going. I feel like I learned a lot.




Good trainer. Having good teaching and technical skills. I am satisfied with his training on CCNA R&S.


bikina sridhar

Good hands on experienced in troubleshooting and configuration the devices and nice way of teaching the course, simply loved it. I strongly recommend this trainer. Excellent subject knowledge.


Aspin Lianel


Really amazing experience. It was a great pleasure to learn CCNA course from santosh , has vast knowledge in this field. Training was excellent with real time examples.




Santhosh helped me lot in CCNA training. He used real time devices for better understanding. Mostly we used to work in a practical way only while configuring the devices.


chandrashekhar reddy

Very well explained the topics you can understand the topics easily can understand very easily you will learn while listening. Thank you so much for your support.


V.S kamesh Babu


Excellent teaching skills and simple way of presenting the things,that anybody can understand the course he teaches. Thank you very much sir.




The training is well planned and my trainer is very interactive, always trying to help with my queries.There was no rush in completing the course which allowed enough time for me to revise and never did I feel overloaded. The provided training materials, videos and everyday training recordings help me to revisit the difficult concepts to my ease of understanding and also prove to be helpful in long run. Overall it was a good experience, I'm very much satisfied with the course.


abhinay reddy



Sai Teja

I am happy to be the part of course. Anyone can understand easily the way of teaching is good with examples and the fee structure is also good.and thanks and great full to him.


Amiya Khansama


Way of teaching is awesome. Any one can easily understand. He is giving Fees relaxation that means half of payment first then rest payment you can give afterwards. It was a super experience with Mr d shiv santosh kumar and i am grateful to him.



I joined as a refreshing my technical knowledge and I learnt all the new features & technology and experiment in online classes conducted by Mr Santosh. I love his way of teaching in practicals giving examples.



Nice teaching. Explanation with examples are very understanding. I got materials to read also. Practical things also good.


Sateesh Kumar r

Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Provided in depth knowledge about the topics. Shown most of the topics practically which help in visualising the topic and Providing training video is a plus and the recording will help in future when we practice it at home. thank you sir.



CCNA course santhosh sir trained each by each topic. Sir trained how to configure the devices. Its very helpful. Thank you sir.



My training experience is very good. Teaching a skill is very understandable and a way of expressing the subject is simple.


Sai K

I had a great experience to be trained under Santosh sir. His experience in teaching complements to the reason to his incredible approach to teaching different concepts. He is clear in his speech and is very attentive and active during the entire session which makes the session interesting.


Azaruddin S

Excellent real time knowledge, friendly and supportive, good explanation in clarifying the doubts learned a lot about CCNA.


Meera D

It was a great pleasure for me to have a trainer like you who guided me in every lecture and cleared my doubts with great patience. Thanks for your guidance sir.



Good instructor comparing to other platform. Thanks for giving me practical and theoretical knowledge for each topic in short time.



He is good instructor. He explained me every topic in deep.I want to refer him who wants to learn deep networking Thanks urbanpro for providing good instructor.



Fantastic trainer and the way of explanation by Santosh is good for beginners as well as experienced people.


Deepak Kumar

You are very good trainer, very friendly and professional. I am thankful to you for teach me.




Santosh has in depth knowledge of Networking and is very friendly in approach. I completed my advance CCNA networking course from him successfully and feel more confident on the subject now. This guy has lot of patience in explaining each topic even you ask him multiple times. He is quite flexible with his timings and is genuine guy which anyone can rely upon. If any one wants to make his career in Networking or wants to learn in depth of Networking concepts ,then this is right guy for you. Thanks Santosh for all your support and guidance, Keep up the good work.


Sanjoy Kundu

Easy to understand and learning method. In-depth discussion and lab practice for each topic. It was a great experience.


Prakash B

Santosh sir is very friendly and has very good knowledge in the domain, He is also helpful and ready to answer any doubts.



Nice guy. Amazing teaching and fucussed trainer. Good teacher with both industrial and theretical knowledgeable. Explains the topics in a crisp way of understanding.



Santosh is very co-operative. Well experienced, friendly in nature, polite. You will never face any timing issue for classes with him, Always he is ready to help. Even after completing your course any time you can ask him your doubt. And the most important thing there is no specific course duration, It's all up to you. How fast you are capturing It can be finished in 1 weak also.



He is simply awesome. The way he explains and the way he approach to the student is very good. His communication in technical terms is too good and in student understandable way that's very brilliant about him.


John Daniel

I studied CCNA course with him last Dec 2019, Within one month I get the job in AGC.



Nice person, he teaches very well, Well experienced person he makes you understand the concept very easily.


Pavana Td

I have done CCNA and Ccnp course by the training guidance of Santosh sir, he really teaches CCNA and Ccnp on professional as well as a friendly way with practicals. The way how he trained us has been respected and we could properly complete the course on time. I have learned well, Thank you, sir.


Kavya T

Santhosh sir is the best and knowledgeable trainer. Sir thought both theoretical and practical concepts briefly in an easy manner which helped everyone to understand the concepts clearly. Thank you, sir, for your valuable teaching.


Kavya K p

Santosh Sir Is having a lot of knowledge. Teaching is very good. Explains each and every concept in depth so that everyone can easily understand. Thank you so much for Teaching us Sir.



One of My friends had a chance to get a better position in his company. This requires to get CCNA to start and possibly continue on with getting a CCNP too. Being into IT & Networking field from several years I understand how important having some certification & Knowledge is! But thinking of going to Institute, spending a Time & Money by subscribing Packages giving by Institutes these days are making him step back. In the time he got to search for the Online teaching experts who really interested sharing in Knowledge keeping commercial businesses aside and he found ZERO to be frank, as they charging per Hour & asking for Huge Upfront to start the classes. However, he had an interaction with a guy named "Santosh Kumar" and surprised that guy asked my friend to join the Online classes not discussing commercial fee & Upfronts at all. With least interest, my friend joined his Online classes, and After 2 Classes My friend understand the subject That Guy has with him and the intention of sharing the knowledge by providing Practical Use cases made my friend to subscribed his slots by Paying him. And now my Friend had done with his both Certifications not attending the Institutes, not falling for the cold callings & offers those institutes giving. I strongly recommend Mr.Santosh Kumar for this Networking Certification, Am sure your first interaction with him makes you understand his professionalism & commitment towards sharing his Knowledge.



It's really a great thing to have the ccna knowledge under you,and by that we emphasis of it, just because of this session's I am almost at a half to reach my goals. Thanks a lot, sontash for Sharing a great knowledge.


Vanaja Puppala

Vast knowledge, excellent communication skills teaching is very good. So responsible and concern, motivative. One can learn a lot many things from him. So active and able to teach or repeat many times. Having lots of patience.


Sudheer Gortha

He is very good at ccna and ccnp. He is transparent and teaches everything very well. His vocabulary and communication are very good so that we will understand very well. He is very responsible for his students if they are learning or not.


Darshan Hegde

Santosh is an exceptional Instructor. He explains concepts in a way that is really easy to understand. Sessions will be interactive and engaging. He always motivates and class will be with lots of real-time examples & fun too. Highlights the important areas/questions for interviews. Regularly takes feedback about the sessions to improve(if any) and shares tips to grow in the networking Industry. He covered many minor details that any other instructors may not explain, which will help to avoid a lot of confusions. It is a great learning experience. I would suggest anyone interested in learning any concepts of Networking should consider him on priority.



I've completed my CCNA course from Santosh Sir. He will explain each and every topic with real time examples.Not only he trains the basics and also provide in depth knowledge about networking.So if anyone looking for a good start in networking then he would be a great trainer.


Sadanand S

Knowledgeable and really good at practicals. He sticks to basics which will help newbies and good knowledge about network infrastructure.


Heena Prakash

Knowledgeable trainer. Your concepts are cleared as he will explain you from basics if you are not from engineering background. Feel confident enough after taking CCNA training from Santosh Sir.



Very good trainer, very good teaching skills and have good knowledge in network field. I have great experience with labs on real routers and switches.



For me Easily understand while he teaching some Big and difficult topics like OSPF & STP. He is one of the best trainer. I am planning to join CCNP also after few month, think how good is teaching.


D Shiv Santosh Kumar picture

D Shiv Santosh Kumar


No Reviews Yet

₹ 8,000


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