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Best oracle DBA Training+100% Placement assistance Institute in Bangalore - Bangalore

Koramangala, Bangalore

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About the Course

Oracle DBA:
Oracle DBA- A person who manages the complete database and is wholly owned by DBA. He is responsible for backup, recovery, etc (Those functions which are performed by the DBA)

Topics Covered

Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
Preparing the Database Environment.
Creating an Oracle Database .
Managing the Oracle Instance
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment.
Managing Data and Concurrency.

Managing Undo Data

. Implementing Oracle Database Security.
Database Maintenance.
Performance Management.
Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements.
Backup and Recovery Concepts.
Performing Database Backups.
Performing Database Recovery.
Moving Data.
Managing Database Storage Structures.
Administering User Security
Database Architecture and ASM
[ ] Describe Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
[ ] Set up initialization parameter files for ASM and database instances
[ ] Start up and shut down ASM instances
[ ] Administer ASM disk groups

Configuring for Recoverability
[ ] Configure multiple archive log file destinations to increase availability
[ ] Define, apply and use a retention policy
[ ] Configure the Flash Recovery Area
[ ] Use Flash Recovery Area

Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
[ ] Identify situations that require RMAN recovery catalog
[ ] Create and configure a recovery catalog
[ ] Synchronize the recovery catalog
[ ] Create and Use RMAN stored scripts
[ ] Back up the recovery catalog
[ ] Create and use a virtual private catalog

Configuring Backup Specifications
[ ] Configure backup settings
[ ] Allocate channels to use in backing up
[ ] Configure backup optimization

Using RMAN to Create Backups
[ ] Create image file backups
[ ] Create a whole database backup
[ ] Enable fast incremental backup
[ ] Create duplex backup and back up backup sets
[ ] Create an archival backup for long-term retention
[ ] Create a multisession, compressed and encrypted backup
[ ] Report on and maintain backups
Performing User-Managed Backup and Recovery
[ ] Recover from a lost TEMP file
[ ] Recover from a lost redo log group
[ ] Recover from the loss of password file
[ ] Perform user-managed complete database recovery
[ ] Perform user-managed incomplete database recovery
[ ] Perform user-managed and server managed backups
[ ] Identify the need of backup mode
[ ] Back up and recover a control file

Using RMAN to Perform Recovery
[ ] Perform complete recovery from a critical or noncritical data file loss using RMAN
[ ] Perform incomplete recovery using RMAN
[ ] Recover using incrementally updated backups
[ ] Switch to image copies for fast recovery
[ ] Restore a database onto a new host
[ ] Recover using a backup control file
[ ] Perform Disaster recovery

Using RMAN to Duplicate a Database
[ ] Creating a duplicate database
[ ] Using a duplicate database

Performing Table space Point-in-Time Recovery
[ ] Identify the situations that require TSPITR
[ ] Perform automated TSPITR

Monitoring and Tuning RMAN
[ ] Monitoring RMAN sessions and jobs
[ ] Tuning RMAN
[ ] Configure RMAN for Asynchronous I/O

Using Flashback Technology
[ ] Restore dropped tables from the recycle bin
[ ] Perform Flashback Query
[ ] Use Flashback Transaction

Additional Flashback Operations
[ ] Perform Flashback Table operations
[ ] Configure, Monitor Flashback Database and Perform Flashback Database operations
[ ] Set up and use a Flashback Data Archive

Diagnosing the Database
[ ] Set up Automatic Diagnostic Repository
[ ] Using Support Workbench
[ ] Perform Block Media Recovery

Who should attend

Oracle DBA Course is open to working professionals, recent graduates who have BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree. Its also open to current students in MCA and Engineering. No previous experience is required.
Only requirement is that students have a strong desire to have a career as Oracle DBA and be willing to work hard and have fun learning and doing all assignments.


should have basic knowledge regarding.
sql database creation.

What you need to bring

oracle course materials.

Key Takeaways

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sir/madam how i can try for this course....

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