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.NET-C# 10

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Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Course ID: 22592

Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Ravindra V Joshi
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Ravindra V Joshi

M.Tech, Ph.d

About Ravindra V Joshi

Having IT Industry Experience more than 15 years in .NET Technology
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About the Course

Smart-ER Solutions is providing a training course on ?.NET-C# 101?. The training will be provided by professionals who have more than 15 years IT experience. The sessions are specially designed providing clear insight on fundamentals as well as acquiring hands-on skill through programming assignments. The course consists of two parts. First part provides in depth introduction to C# and its interactions with .NET like asynchronous programming, linq, and reflection. In second part, 3-tier application architecture is introduced and it is shown how 3-tier apps can be developed using C#. The student will be made clear that different aspects like Windows Programming, Web Programming etc., are essentially different forms of same three tier app. Course will conclude with a session on how application can be developed both on Windows and Web Platform using WPF and XAML.

Topics Covered

Unit-I: .NET Framework
Windows Operating Systems, Components And Architecture of .NET Framework, Features: Multi-Language Language Support, Memory Management, Metadata and Reflection, Basic Blocks of .NET System ? CTS, CLS, CLR, IL, Framework LibrariesMicrosoft .NET and Versions, Installations & Getting Started
Unit-2: C# .Net Programming:
1. Introduction to C# , Introduction to Linq-pad, Operators, Expressions, Statements And Programs , Constants and Variables , Built-In-Types, Value And Reference Type, Primitive and Non-Primitive (string and arrays), conversions , if, switch, while, for, for-each(intro), break and continue , Map, Reduce And Filter , Methods/Functions , Parameter Passing ? Modifiers ?[in/out/ref] ,Array and Matrix { Magic Square} , Strings.
Unit-3 : Data and OOPS in C#
UDT/ADT , Introduction to OOPS , OOPS vs Structural Programming , Abstraction, Data Hiding, Encapsulation, Inheritance , Classes And Objects , Constructors and Destructors (Garbage Collection??) , Polymorphism-1-Operator and Function OverloadingPolymorphism-2- Virtual Functions, Abstract Classes, Dynamic Binding, Interfaces , Collections And Generics , Lists- Map, Filter And Reduce, CSV/List based CRUD application
Unit-4 :Advanced Concepts in OO
1. Nested Classes, Anonymous Types, Extension Methods, Structs - Boxing and Unboxing, Mutable Structs, Immutable Classes , Serialization , Deep Copy vs Shallow Copy and Properties , Events, Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambdas ,Dynamic Typing;
Unit-5: Linq Linq to XML, Linq to SQL
Unit -6: Multi-Threading, Asynchronous and Parallel Programming.
Unit -7: .NET internals [Theory ]
Metadata And Assemblies, Reflection in Depth, Garbage Collection in .NET Run-Time , Optimizations
Unit - 8: Three Tier Applications
Layer vs Tier, User-App-Database, MVC, Win-Forms , ASPX.NET, WPF-XAML-LINQ

Who should attend

Any Student or IT Professional willing to learn and dive into .NET Technology


They should aware of .NET Technology and what it meant for atleast !

What you need to bring

Resume, Degree Xerox Certificates

Key Takeaways

They will become an Good Programmers equivalent to IT-Professional


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